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She loves writing about the north woods of Minnesota where she lives with her husband Bruce. His beloved wife died giving birth to their only son and he was left to care for and feed his five children, but how could he do that when he needed to get back to the lumber camps to earn some money? Now this lumberjacka€™s murder was being pinned on him as well as the recent robberies in town.A Why was he being framed? And why did the only person who seemed to believe in him have to be a preacher who dogged his steps and kept a running sermon going in his ear?A Mercy Crane had been jilted by a man once and vowed to never let it happen again, but seeing the five motherless children in need meant involving herself not only with them, but also with their father.
Learn with her about God's love for her despite the dangers and hardships she encounters. And this next generation discovers that to do so they need to find themselves some wives.Tyler Newly has big plans for the new town.
He envisions his lumber business booming and sees wealth and prestige in his future, so he wants nothing to do with the whole idea of advertising for brides. Once a wealthy Chicago socialite, Jade follows God's leading and becomes a maid for an elderly friend.

When a young lumberjack from Minnesota arrives for a visit, she becomes suspicious of his motives.
Then news arrives about an accident involving her father, and suddenly Emma finds herself in an adventure that takes her across Minnesota toBoston on an undercover mission. With her is a man she has just met, a man who is a mystery to her, a man to whom she has pledged her life.
But can she trust him?A Simon Chase doesna€™t need the complication of having a woman around when hea€™s on a case, especially a woman with a temper. And who is Sophia Barlow, the woman who keeps showing up in the most unexpected places?A Emmaa€™s Marriage Secret is the third book in A Newly Weds Series. It follows the second generation of the Newly family in a romantic mystery novel that will keep you guessing until the final secret is revealed.
So Irena sets off filled with trepidation and uncertainty but also filled with hopea€” hope that she can leave behind her life of loneliness and servitude and finally have a place she can call her own.
While she was sleeping, an irate preacher had done what he considered his duty and married her off to some stranger.

She does not learn the identity of her husbandA until she runs into him in Sand Creek.Mattie recognizes Abel Newly. Instead, hea€™s eager to marry Delphinia Digby and to begin setting up his medical practice. He considers the wedding ceremony an elaborate hoax.A Abela€™s seemingly single state concerns the townspeople.
But what is it about her that seems so familiar?A Margo Hansena€™s fifth book, Mattiea€™s Unspoken Vow, completes her series about the Newly family and sets the stage once again for romance, mystery, and adventure in the north.

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