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In the Side Hustle Show archives, we’ve heard from successful self-published authors like Steve Scott, Nick Stephenson, Chandler Bolt, and Lise Cartwright. As the game has changed, she’s shifted her focus to produce more quality products and less quantity, admitting that the rapid-release of lower quality books can be a viable strategy in the short-term, but is tough to build a business and a brand on in the long-run. Her book Job Escape Plan has done very well since its release this spring, and Jyotsna and her business partner Ani (a best-selling fiction author) have started their own done-for-you publishing service. I think this conversation is a testament to just getting started, because you never know what opportunities will come up once you’re in motion.
Why her strategy has shifted away from ghostwritten content and toward building her own brand. How she’s leveraging her freelancer network, business process systems, and experience with Kindle (good, bad, and ugly) into building a publishing company to help other authors get their work on Amazon. Join today and download the free report The 5 Fastest Ways to Make More Money, plus get actionable tips and insight to advance your side hustle each week. I also know of some people that usually package some of their older posts to an ebook or kindle and then, start selling it. So for someone who does not know what to write about, putting together a collection of a few blogs posts can really serve.
However, I don’t want to write on the Internet marketing niche as I see it as over saturated because there have been so many noise out there on how to make money on the Internet.
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They are overconfident that their title will easily outshine the 300,000 new titles published each year. To become a best selling author you’ll need to get educated about literary agents, book proposals, book size options, pricing, cover design, interior layout, proof editing, distribution and how to work with major retail chains.
You can also check with a publishing insider who makes a living in this complex marketplace.

If you want to tap into the market in the most effective way, you’re probably going to need some help reaching the buyers for those retail and corporate markets. Whenever possible, publish your book non-exclusively so you can reap royalties from a wider variety of platforms. Even after you choose to self-publish, you can hire an agency to help sell your book into retail markets nationwide and around the world.
By Tom Corson-Knowles Comments If you want to be more successful, get more done and achieve higher levels of income, you have to start scheduling your success.
Instead, you must invest the time on a consistent, daily basis to do the work that will help you achieve your goals. If you don’t actively fill up your daily schedule with your highest priority and most important work, it’s going to automatically get filled up with less important work. When you spend most of your time doing tasks that you don’t enjoy, or that you’re not good at, or that are not leading you where you want to go, your work and life becomes a struggle to succeed. Oh sure, you’d love to spend more time with your family and friends, work more on your dream projects and goals, and enjoy more vacations, but you’re just too busy. The world of book publishing is changing more rapidly now than at any time since Gutenburg invented the printing press.
Amazon is constantly changing the rules and rewards for authors, and more and more writers are entering the fold.
I even shared the tactics I used to reach the top of the Amazon charts with my launch last summer. She shares candidly how she built her Kindle empire to more than 50 titles in less than 2 years, primarily with ghost-written content. You know, I’ve been planning to write a kindle book for over a year now but has never made up my mind to actually start it.
Getting Started with Private Labeling and Amazon FBAHow to Make a Full-Time Living on CraigslistStuck in the Rat Race?
A quick discussion will reveal the areas where your book is strong and where your tactics need to change.
Keep in mind that Amazon sells more digital books than print books, but both formats remain popular. Even in the Digital Age of do-it-yourself , having a publisher is a big help with this task. A legacy publisher has no qualm about taking control of your manuscript, paying you a pittance for it, then burying it in a warehouse after 90 days on the market – literally sinking your project until your contract expires years from now. Using an assisted self-publishing model can help you navigate these waters more safely and effectively.

He works with bestselling authors and consultants which have included the late Zig Ziglar, Donald Trump and John C.
If a goal is important enough for you to write down and dream about, it’s far too important to just hope you’ll find the time to get it done. For most of us, that means we have to schedule these high priority activities into our calendar on a daily basis.
I can’t tell you what that other stuff will be for you, but I can tell you it probably won’t be the work you need to do to achieve your most important goals in life. The simple solution is to schedule your most important activities on a daily basis and ensure that you’re doing your most important work first and foremost. They don’t realize the simple fact that writing their book is only 5% of the work involved in selling books.
You can go to author events, survey a variety of publishing blogs, or talk with your friends and colleagues who are successful published authors. Consider that having a hard copy of your book can boost your credibility as an author and give your audience something to remember you by. There are literally hundreds book retailers – along with special companies whose purchases far exceed Amazon for certain books. Otherwise, other distractions and habits will take over and keep us from achieving what is most important to us. When low priority activities take up too much of your time, you end up feeling like you’re just too busy to make real progress. It’ll help you identify the low priority activities that are sucking your time and energy and keeping you from achieving the success you desire. I’ll also provide assistance and guidance for you to have success in your indie publishing journey. And then I noticed a common theme in what I was reading: life extension and aging research. Bryan is the author of Conversion Marketing, a marketing book on converting website visitors into paying customers. So I changed the title of my blog to a more niche one and started focusing on this part specifically.
After several blog posts, I notice that some of them could be developed further but I was hesitant in posting very long articles.

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