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Neco mezi kolem a motorkou je tenhle choper od specialisty na tato kola, americke firmy Electra. Electra Hell Billy and straight 8 - Mam Electra Hell Billy model 2007 a jsem velice spokojenej,konstrukcne stejny jak cerna 8ka,krom ty predni vidle.
Advanced Helix design uses the same premium materials found in the Rhapsody S interconnect.
Crescendo II features ultra pure, certified, compressed copper conductors in an advanced helix design. In the absence of "Red Flags" the patient’s age, prior activity level, general health and the presence of radiculopathy best set the expected recovery timeline.
In the absence of serious problems, the H&P differentiates an activity problem from a pain problem. Patient's can respond to inquiries about "Red Flags" on questionnaire to set a specific history taking path.
Guided by a pain drawing, ask the patient to prioritize from worst to least the areas involving Pain, Weakness, Numbness, Stiffness.
2) Severity according to Limitations provide insight into the subjective Severity of the symptoms described. Responses of less than 20 lbs or 20 minutes are extreme (which is less than an invalid) and deserve further probing. Should a patient later decline recommended normal activity after assurance and recommendations, these early question responses about sitting, standing, walking and lifting, provide the clinician with a strong reference point for negotiating limited daily activity (See  extremely conservative basis for work recommendations). Knowing when and how limitations began helps you determine when the patient becomes one of the slowest 10% to recover (limited by symptoms longer than 4 weeks). 3) Prior Spine History, musculoskeletal or other reasons that may have resulted in a debilitating period of limited activity and was surgery required?
4) The Patient's Goal is attained by asking, "What brings you here and specifically what do you want me to do for you today?"  Answers offer important clues as to whether the patient is seeking facts, assurance, a specific remedy or just came because someone demanded he or she come. The sensory examination is subjective but can be augmented by having the patient look away while traveling with a tapping motion or touch from areas of normal sensation to where sensation seem altered. Straight leg raising for sciatic tension is not objective - relying upon the patients response.
Figure Sitting knee extension during the knee or foot examination helps qualify the nerve root tension (Waddell Embellishment 3 -distraction). There is no need to pull or push to see if the spinal range of motion is full beyond the patient's volition. Between 30-70o you gain the greatest hint nerve root irritation when symptoms below the knee are elicited. Check for Augmentation of nerve root irritation with straight leg raising at the level where pain is realized. Determine significant nerve root irritation by noting the response to Straight Leg Raising with the above maneuvers that both increase and decrease tension on the lumbar nerve roots relative to the response to a similar but less obvious stretch sitting knee extension (Fig.

In the presence of neck symptoms evaluate neck motion for guarding, then upper extremities joints stability, muscle wasting (atrophy), and neurologic integrity as assessed in motor, sensory, and reflex examination (always to include seeking Babinski sign in response to eliciting Plantar reflex).
After a two-year hiatus, the Dodge Durango returned in 2012 as a proper, 21st-century, midsized crossover. Because of its high-priced upbringing, the Dodge is priced at the high-end of a gaggle of midsized three-row seating crossovers like the Ford Explorer and Honda Pilot. To showcase the very best in the Land of Durango, my tester was a fully loaded, six-passenger 2014 Dodge Durango Citadel.
One reason the Dodge should be considered as an alternative to pricier luxury crossovers is its luxuriously appointed interior. Another way the Dodge separates itself from its plebeian rivals is by offering Chrysler’s famous 5.7-litre V8 — a class-exclusive.
Whether driving in town or out, the Durango is arguably the best-driving crossover in its class. As much as I liked the Durango from the driver’s seat, there are compromises if you’re only looking for an AWD minivan. In the end, if you love to drive and haul and people and their stuff, the 2014 Dodge Durango Citadel rises above its mainstream competition and makes for an excellent alternative to more expensive large luxury crossovers.
Caring for patients with back problems usually hinges upon a safe, efficient search for serious conditions.
While 25-40% of back patients have some symptoms below the gluteal fold that does not change expectations significantly, but in the approximately 5% with some neurologic findings recovery can be slower. Assure the patient by sharing our relief that nothing serious seems to be causing symptoms. A basic pain paradigm is more appropriate for those either unlimited, those who refuse activity or the true invalids and should not be confused with those seeking care for reduced activity tolerance due to back or related leg symptoms.
Either hints of something serious conditions are further explored or the back problem can be further categorized in the activity problem as neurologic, (Neuro-Positive) or non-neurologic (Neuro-Negative).
Specific History: A poignant History of Present Illness (HPI) illuminates symptom Quality, and Severity according to Limitations, Prior back health and activity issues and the patient's Goals. The potential for damage with reasonable use of the symptomatic back in much higher ranges is unfounded. The most important issue is the perceived activity level at which the patient fears structural damage.
Yet sciatic tension signs are the most reproducible finding of the physical examination maneuvers(See Guide Table 1 Estimated Accuracy). Circumferential measurements more than 1-2 cm at an equal distance above and below the knee signify possible atrophy. Extending the knee in the sitting position during the knee or foot examination can help qualify nerve root tension signs of Straight leg raising as noted in fig. As symptoms retreat, pain tends to be noticed less distally and numbness less proximally, allowing a greater leg raising angle.

A reproduction of symptoms in the symptomatic limb when raising the unaffected limb is the strongest predictor of potential anatomic lesion with imaging.
Whether you’re shopping for nuts at the hardware store, picking up the offspring at the local rink or ordering a double-double at the drive thru, big crossovers have replaced minivans as the new mode of Canadian family transport. As one of the last co-op projects between Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz, the Durango ditched its predecessor’s archaic body-on-frame (truck-based) chassis for a lighter and more space-efficient unibody (car-based) platform that also underpins the Mercedes-Benz ML and GL-Classes and the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Prices start at $41,690 (including freight and PDI) for the seven-passenger Durango SXT with all-wheel-drive and a 3.6-litre gas six-cylinder engine that makes 290 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. Along with some new-for-2014 exterior LED lighting (including Dodge’s so-called “racetrack” rear tail lights) the Durango’s cockpit has been upgraded as well.
Its long wheelbase smothers road imperfections and mitigates the float associated with rivals.
The addition of a Pain Drawing with a Visual Analog Scale can save time and improve the quality of information you gather to determine if symptoms are due to something serious. Back extension, falling back or complaints of discomfort into the limb with knee extension should be found in the sitting position. Please tell me to stop if this bothers you – say, "Stop!" Note the approximate angle and ask "Where is the pain?" back? As such, with tight fit-and-finish throughout and the use of higher-quality materials, my 2014 Durango Citadel was a very nice place to spend some time. And for passengers, Dodge has done a good job creating access to the Durango’s extra rear seats, with large rear doors and second-row seating that flops forward with hydraulic assistance. That not only makes the V6 Ford and Honda rivals seems a bit wimpy, but also boosts the Dodge’s towing capacity to a class-leading 2,812 kilograms; more that three times that of the Explorer’s 907 kg capacity. Even during a week that saw primarily snowy and cold driving conditions, the highlight for me was the Durango’s steering.
But neither can offer the Dodge’s refined road manners, sports wagon handling and steering that give away its German roots. The initial diagnostic approach hinges upon time honored history and physical examination combined with "Red Flags". It starts with a thick, buttery-smooth leather-covered steering wheel, which delivers real, live feedback from the road. Without neck or shoulder complaints, it is reasonable to at least check the biceps, triceps and brachioradialis reflexes and gross grip and arm strength.
And at turn-in, the Dodge reacts immediately, with its near 50:50 weight distribution allowing it to go through corners with a shockingly balanced attitude. Another augmentation technique for seeking nerve root irritation is knee straightening in the sitting position, to further help differentiate neurological from non-neurological issues (See below figure Sitting Knee Extension).

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