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The best leg exercises are the ones thoroughly explained to you by your physical therapist. Often in home health care, many exercises for the elderly are "canned." Canned meaning that everyone with a specific diagnosis gets them. I've covered for many vacationing physical therapists who still have their 2 month post-op patients doing the total knee replacement exercises they were doing when they first came home. Following the mission of this website, to protect, respect and serve, I've put together several videos outlining the specifics of certain exercises so that you will know how to do them and what to be aware of.
These are the classic leg exercises (and more are on the way), but they are the best leg exercises because I've explained them, the does and donts and hopefully given you the tips you need for ultimate home health rehab success! Knee replacement surgery is a very successful option for restoring function and reducing pain in a knee joint that has been severely damaged by arthritis. But in order to reap the benefits of your new knee, you need to dedicate yourself to a rehabilitation program after surgery. After a knee replacement, you can expect to be given a rehabilitation program to help you strengthen your new knee.
The exercises below focus on helping you strengthen your quadriceps muscle in the front of the thigh, often referred to as your quads.
It’s usually recommended that these exercises be done with 10 or 15 repetitions a few times a day.

Lie on your back with your legs extended and a rolled up towel under your new knee, which is slightly bent.
Straighten your new knee so you heel lifts off the floor or bed, but your knee stays on the towel.
Bend your new knee until your foot is flat on the floor or bed, then slide your foot straight back toward your body. You may need several weeks of healing after a knee replacement before you can do straight leg lifts. This exercise is the most challenging in this list and may not be doable until a few weeks after knee replacement surgery, when the muscle tissue has had time to heal.
Lie on your back, with your new knee leg straight and your other leg bent, with the foot flat on the ground or bed.
Here’s one more exercise—one that strengthens your calf and shin muscles rather than your quads, but is still very beneficial after knee replacement surgery. These are just a small portion of the many exercises that your doctor or physical therapist may recommend for you after knee replacement in order to strengthen the joint and maintain range of motion.
To differentiate this pain from hamstring pain, slightly flex the knee and then dorsiflex the foot.
Radicular pain possibly caused by disc herniation affecting the nerve, intraspinal lesion, and meningismus, among others.

That is not necessarily the problem, however, the problem starts when your physical therapist has not explained them specifically to you, watched and re-watched you do them over several visits with no progressive upgrade to meet your new strength levels. Poor quality as like enabling a loved one to keep drinking by giving them more money when they are broke. Always check with your doctor to make sure specific exercises are appropriate for your condition and situation first, and stop immediately any exercise that causes sharp pain.
If the pain is similar to the pain elicited by the straight leg raise, then patient is experiencing sciatic pain.
Anyone can do a Short Arc Quad, Heel Slide or Straight Leg Raise but to understand why there are specific ways to improve the quality of each is to succeed and move ahead of the pack!
I have the privilege of experience as a personal trainer and a physical therapist which helps my mindset to be thorough and progressive as I treat my patients. Performing an exercise poorly allows the muscles that really need to work to sneak out the back door while everyone else does the work they should be doing.
There are several reason why this happens, the most un-nerving may be the way a physical therapist is paid; you would be surprised how it can affect your care!

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