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I’ve been seeing shadow people now for over fifty years and I know they are real beings. I never believed in ghosts till about 6 months ago when I was driving to a friends place at around 11pm and as I made a left turn down an alley, my cars HID headlights lit up the off-white brick wall bright as day and out of nowhere came a pitch black shadow which was running from left to right across in front of my car. Long story short, it took about 5 seconds to realize what I saw, followed by that rush of fear and adrenaline. That doesn’t change the fact that those shadow people can be pretty annoying at times. The Strangest Monsters Of All Nick Pope a€“ The Final UK UFO Files a€“ June 24, 2103 UFOs over Stonehenge and other UK landmarks Conference Update! I slammed the brakes, completely startled and looking for the person who cast the shadow… but nobody was there.

And the reason why more people are seeing them is because modern high-definition electronic media has gradually trained our eyes to see them. The reason I so swiftly conclude this is because an angel wouldn’t beat around the bush and constantly show up without letting you know something important. It was if a person ran between my cars head lights and the wall, casting a very dark shadow on the wall….
These shadow people just show up and leave you to question what they are and what they are up to. I only have and need one reason I believe this photograph is fake and you brought that reason up for me. When I felt it again I just laid there, but when I felt it again, I quickly turned around and saw a shadow.

They are demons and you need to rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ and pray that you be delivered from these beings because they are of Satan and they are not good beings. Demons like you said are sneaky and silent meaning they would not want to show up on camera meaning that this is obviously a fake. If they were good beings, they would be clear about what they are doing, instead they are being secretive and sneaky and silent.
Demons would not even let you live if you saw them and took a picture of them if what I know of demons is true.

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