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Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedInI kept the documentation that identified me as a Special Education Reading and Writing Student. My book, How to Find Your Passion, was downloaded on Amazon more than 3,000 times in the first couple months.
Increasing my productivity and performance during intense work sessions (especially the writing sessions). The authority position, leadership status, partnership deals, speaking gigs, blogging, and podcast opportunities you’ll receive after writing a book can be overwhelming. Now, let’s imagine you joined my new Self Publishing System and have a book ready for a go-to market strategy.
It can be scary to tell this story, in part because it requires you to become vulnerable and be authentic. Some points to cover in this single page of writing include the following: Start this story with the arch (plop your readers in the most intense part). Then move into a vulnerable sharing in order to bring depth to the relationship you’re establishing with the reader. From there you move into motivation, expressing the 3-5 benefits that readers will gain from reading your book. Finally, inspire readers by showing your vision and allowing them to feel like they are a part of this mission. There are only a few announcements needed before you launch your book, or for any project for that matter. If you have uploaded your book more than five days before your release date, press Save as Draft. After your book is published, you will be sending a PDF copy of your book to 15 close family and friends.
Ask them to read your book, and in return for the sneak peek, ask them to write you a short review.
One unique scenario where you wouldn’t want do this is when you have a strong enough following to provide you with the juice needed to rise through the ranks and sell thousands of book in the first week, in which case I recommend the pre-order promotion for that.

This would include not needing to have your final version complete until 10 days before the release date.
I recommend the following formula, but of course you are entitled to choose any pricing plan you want. Tom AylingSocial media start-up marketing expert and Author of the #1 best seller "How to Find Your Passion". Good Afternoon Tom, I was unable to download your book off of Amazon “This title is not currently available for purchase” is there another way to purchase it?
AboutOur mission at Addicted2Success is to empower and inspire people by spreading knowledge of self development and life changing stories to the world. My education came from the mentorship I received from top-level executives in corporate America and start-up founders from around the world. However, what has stayed the same is the way we pass on knowledge, which is through storytelling. Do this by creating a single webpage that contains a space for visitors to enter their email address. The promotion is best used at the launch of your book, and is the quickest pathway to the bestseller list.
This strategy is fairly new to Amazon, and is best used if you’re confident that your reach is already in the thousands. If you choose to do a free promotion strategy, you will have two options to optimize sales.
Two factors in your favor are urgency to download by giving a shorter timeline, and also that Tuesday, statistically speaking, is the best day for a launch.
Mistakes do happen, and with the 2-3 day launch strategy, there’s very little wiggle room for mistakes! This will show you the relationship between the optimal price, past sales, and author earnings for KDP books similar to yours. Tom is an emerging thought leader on the exciting combination of passion and purpose for performance.

With new motivational videos, interviews, audio and more with your favourite entrepreneurs, life coaches, celebrities and inspirational people from all over the world.
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After high school I graduated from my dream college (Penn State), and three months later I wrote a book. Please note that skipping any of the steps will unnecessarily complicate things, so stick with the plan.
Storytelling is how we tell our friends about a new product, a favorite athlete, a great meal, or a favorite vacation spot. But life does happen, so expect at least several of them to not follow through as you hoped they would. Once you publish them, then you have to learn how to promo them and network them.This books hopes to help you do that. Roger James Hamilton illustrates this wonderfully: “Searching for customer is chasing after butterflies with a net.
With the support of a community, your book will reach more people than you ever thought possible.
After all, if I can go from being a Special Education Reading and Writing student to being a #1 Bestselling Author by age 22 with my books being bought by readers across the global on a daily basis, you can do it too. Then connect an email service with the landing page such as MailChimp to collect the emails.

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