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Last June, Barclays – which was still reeling from the fallout from the LIBOR rate fixing scandal and the resignation of its CEO Bob Diamond – embarked on a new campaign on their Facebook page. But the campaign was quickly pulled when the bank’s PR team realised the page was being used as a forum for customers to express their outrage over LIBOR, with ironic (not to mention hilarious) put-downs.
McDonalds was no less fortunate when it launched a Twitter campaign in January of 2012 in an attempt to rebrand its image. That any company could demonstrate such insensitivity following a storm which had claimed 253 lives and caused approximately $65 billion in damage was obviously something many of the company’s followers on Twitter found difficult to fathom.

As we revealed in Treasury Insights last year, sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have been increasingly embraced in a professional capacity by the corporate treasurer in recent years. The social media campaign was led by a fictional punter named Dan who wanted advice from the bank to save money for a ticket to a classic car festival.
But – perhaps predictably – the burger franchise’s attempt to engage with the public through Twitter did not play out as was intended. The company later issued an apology on their timeline in addition to a $1m donation made to the American Red Cross.

A financial advisor from Barclay’s provided him with a few basic money-saving tips, such as bringing a packed lunch to work. Soon after the hash-tag made its first appearance, the microblogging site was flooded with customer stories that were of a distinctly negative nature, including food poisoning accusations, obesity concerns, as well as complaints regarding animal cruelty.

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