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Mix the sliced chicken pieces with turmeric powder,chilly powder,ginger garlic paste,curd,lime juice,curry masala powder and salt.
This three hours marination will help you to soften the chicken and the ingredients will be passed into it. PON CAD® is a professional BIM-oriented tool which has been conceived for designers and working teams (technical offices of any dimension) to make the designing phases easier and more effective and to fastly manage scaffolding, stages, stands and covers. This versatility derives from the choice of using the powerful CAD design engine and of adopting open standard formats (dwg) which ensures a complete integration with technical collaborators and with other softwares. The designer, whatever his nationality, will be able to freely draw the scaffold solution and to apply the existing regulations: PON CAD does not interfere in his decisions.
4D design is a technology which combines the standard CAD drawing in 3D with time-related information. This allows our software users to fully control and plan building sites progress and material movements. With PON CAD it is possible to design setting working phases; this method allows to plan and optimise the transportation, assembling phases and material quantities needed.

SMART interface: more intuitive, this configuration is tailored for less experienced users who may find easier to work with less buttons and tabs.
With PON CAD it is possible to draw starting from a plan or from a conveniently elaborated image.
The designer can easily create volumetric modules that represent scaffolding encumbrance, by tracing the plan or the image, or by freely drawing. After modules development, it is possible to move and rotate them, and to change their specifics (for instance height, starting point, scaffolding parameters, etc.).
After finding the optimal solution, thanks to a simple command the designer can determine every feature of the scaffolding and develop it in the most detailed way.
After scaffolding development, it is possible to change and integrate any particular by using both original CAD commands and PON CAD commands.
PON CAD creates precise bills of materials and provides accurate reports which are useful to manage warehouse, transportation and construction site. Bills of materials are produced in open standard formats; this facilitates integration with other softwares.

All technical records (general drafts, sections, assembling schemes) can be created in few clicks thanks to powerful commands.
All above-mentioned features are saved in pure dwg; thus everything is available for more modifications with other softwares (BIM, rendering softwares). Two different solutions and two different configurations can be implemented depending on user’s assets and skills.
Concerning system of measurement, both imperial units (inches, feet) and metric ones (mm, cm) are supported.
This allows to easily create commercial reports and presentations and facilitates commercial promotion and technical comprehension.

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