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Briefly, this is a software database that uses past results to find bets for upcoming fixtures.
For Form Labs Lite, I tested the “Game Notes” of the software – this  led to one bet per match which I believe any user could also find. Form Labs Black costs ?150 a month, ?300 a quarter or ?1,000 for 12 months after your initial FREE 28 days. By the way, I also said in the Intro that I would report the results from the Daily Reports, available in the “Lite” version. Interestingly the results for Form Labs Black held up in the final weeks – which makes sense, as it is based upon what is actually happening in the match at the 60 minute mark.
It is obvious that I would need more skill for the half-time queries to be more profitable.
So the recommendation is to take the obvious bet from the game notes and only back it if the odds are under 2.0.

With such a vast amount of data available, it is hardly surprising that some of my experimental systems were less profitable. Tags: Football Form Analysis, Football Form Labs, Form Labs, Form Labs Black, Form Labs Lite, Form Labs Pro, Form Labs Review.
There are an almost infinite number of possible queries you could ask the software database. I have to say that instinctively I thought it was a mistake to continue the testing after about week 8.
I would recommend using them after the first three or four games of the new season, when form is established and stop using them in the final three or four weeks of the season. I think this is the last review that I will be doing – I hope my reviews and the newsletters have helped some of you make a profit from your betting. To make it possible for our readers to copy I consulted the Live Logic at the 60th minute of the match and placed a bet based upon the statistical prediction given at that time.

The last few weeks of the major leagues are very unpredictable – too many teams have nothing to lose or nothing to play for and form becomes much more unpredictable (as it does at the start of the season). The 2.5 goals selections were doing OK until the last 2 or 3 weeks, probably for the reason above.
Throughout the review usng this filter has been more profitable than taking all the selections and much better than taking only the 2.5 goal selections.
In order to test a system that you, the reader, can replicate, I tested a half-time query, where I entered the half-time match situation and chose as my bet, a “value” bet that is indicated, given the half-time situation. Further experimentation would be needed to use the in-play queries of the Pro version (but you could paper trade your experiments while you profited on the Game Notes).

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