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For those who are asking: Yes, as of March 2015, Smart Communications still has an on-going Free Facebook promo that subscribers can enjoy. And what's great is that you don't have to worry that your load will be touched or diminished whenever you visit this version of FB using your mobile device.
As a free low-data site, this version of Facebook won't allow you to view photos by friends and pages you follow. In fact, thanks to the company's partnership and close collaboration with Facebook and, there are now at least two ways that you can access the social networking site for free using your mobile connection from the MVP-company.

This will lead you to a text-only version of the site where you can view and post status updates as well as send messages to your friends -- even without WiFi connection. I believe the company utilizes an innovation that allows it to isolate services and even websites that subscribers can avail of and visit and that's what makes Smart Load Protect possible.
Nonetheless, if you want to able to access such content as well as other websites, you will be given an option by Smart to subscribe to a Big Byte promo that meets your requirements. And let me know your thoughts about this cool freebie from Smart Communications in our comments section.

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