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Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice, and the hundreds or thousands of other job boards online, and consolidation sites like Indeed and SimplyHired are great resources to find potential openings in your field. There’s the obvious benefit of finding appropriate jobs that are posted on them, however, some of the not so obvious ways to look at them are rarely pursued.
If a company has several positions posted on a job board, yet none of them seem to fit your background well. Compare job descriptions to confirm what portions are part of a template, and what’s important.
It’s very common to use their clients wording from their own job description in the description they post themselves. Viewing job boards from a broader perspective will help you get more information and better results.
If you want to hire a Queen's student, why not post on our online job boards (called MyCareer)? Steve Jobs’ Dutch-built superyacht has been impounded in Amsterdam because of a dispute between the late Apple founder’s estate and designer Philippe Starck over an unpaid bill. Amsterdam court bailiffs seized the 70-metre (230-foot) long yacht following a request from Starck’s lawyer. The Venus reportedly cost over 100 million euros ($130 million) to build and was only unveiled in October, just over a year after Jobs died. Jobs’ estate says Starck should be paid a percentage of the overall cost of the project, which took over five years to complete.
Klaassen said he was in contact with a Dutch lawyer representing the Jobs estate, Gerard Moussault.
Starck confirmed the seizure to AFP and said he had “no doubt the situation will be quickly resolved,” declining to comment further. Jobs’ family, including widow Laurene Powell Jobs and their three children Reed, Erin and Eve, was supposed to take charge of the yacht in the United States.
Klaassen said he had seen documents that show Jobs and Starck were “very close” in the period that the design was made and the building proceeded. The aluminium-hulled yacht was built by Royal De Vries shipbuilders in Aalsmeer, just south of Amsterdam, with interiors designed by Starck.

Starck said last year that he was working on the yacht, which was mentioned in Walter Isaacson’s biography of Jobs, who died on October 5, last year.
Most job seekers, however, don’t use them as effectively as they could for their job search. It generally costs companies money to post positions on job boards, and the largest ones are the most expensive.
There’s a good chance they may have additional openings too, some of which may be a better fit.
Use LinkedIn to find contacts and call several people to ask who they know within the organization that might be looking for someone with your background. Some of the most effective job search strategies involve targeting companies, not just ads that are posted. Most companies use standard templates for most of their job descriptions and only change details in the Requirements section. Like the employers themselves, recruiters generally only post some of their openings online. While a recruiter can be a great ally in obtaining a position, there are times when it may be better to approach the company on your own. Cut and paste a unique sentence or paragraph from their job description and paste it into Google. Read job postings from a more objective point of view to learn areas that are in great demand. I think many job seekers, particularly the younger generation, use job boards to skim for opportunities and as a way to apply to large numbers of job postings fairly quickly. Because of security issues, we would greatly appreciate if you could use an associated email address.
Starck says he should be paid a fixed nine million euros for his contribution, Klaassen said. Once an ad is posted online, hundreds or thousands of people see it and a great many apply. Comparing multiple job descriptions from the same company across various fields can help you determine what wording is part of their template, and what is unique about a specific job.

Searching through job descriptions in your field or industry, whether they are a fit or not, can help you find Recruiters, and Firms that specialize in your field. The recruiters client is the company, and their role is to find the best person they can for the position. You may find where the company has the same job description on their own website or in some other spot.
Often, job seekers only read job descriptions quickly to determine if a position fits their skills or not.
However, as your article points out, there are many other ways to use job boards to your advantage, and much more effectively. A If you cannot provide an address with your organization, please feel free to contact us and we can work with you to make the necessary changes to your registration.
Focusing on those unique aspects will help you stand out from other candidates that miss those important points.
Those recruiters will likely have other positions that have not been posted and some of those may fit your background. You can then pursue the position on your own when you weren’t able to learn who the company was from the recruiter. It’s important to add that there are many different types of job boards as well, and more targeted job boards, or niche boards, can be that much more helpful when used in the various ways you describe. Building relationships with companies that interest you, however, enables you to be in the right place at the right time when an appropriate opportunity arises. Are there specific tools, processes, or other skills or certifications that come up consistently that seem to exclude you from consideration? Check out sites that are targeted for specific industries to find the jobs that are most applicable to you. Keep track to see how often they really appear and consider how likely it would help you in qualifying for some of those roles.

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