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I saw the movie on Monday and knew the plot and the ultimate villain going in, but that did nothing to reduce my enjoyment of the movie and story. So, read on, or go see the movie and then come back to read and discuss!*****We were crouching under the big picture window in our living room.
And what we were watching was the culmination of a plan that had started days or weeks ago, when the police knocked on our door and asked if they could use our house as a stake out.
And now we were watching as they raided the house and handcuffed the occupants, putting the bad guys in jail.There is a lot of self-examination and critical thinking to be done when you grow up thinking minorities + poverty + drugs = bad guys.
The possibility of drugs itself affecting the population of Zootopia doesn’t even occur to her. Because when the peaceful harmony of diversity breaks down, Judy assumes it is because of biology. It’s about race and humans and whiteness and implicit bias, and even the police and the carceral system.

But as heavy-handed as it could sometimes be, it wasn’t completely obvious to my kids, the younger ones especially, that this movie has real world implications. This movie is about animals!”I thought Zootopia did a good job of introducing systemic racism.
The fear and hysteria overtake everyone.And there was individual racism too, and of course it comes complete with white tears.
But before that, there’s a great scene where Judy is confronted with the fact that she has implicit bias against the predators. There is a movie that lets us bring up a hard to describe topic like implicit bias with our kids.
They don’t really make a big deal about Judy handing out hundreds of parking tickets. And like Gene said, at the end they show Bunny Judy and her Fox partner Nick in a military-style police car, with no commentary about it.But I think there is a case to be made that this movie is critical of bad policing, albeit in a subtle way.

There would be a boycott so fast Disney would think it was the 90s all over again.)The point of the movie is that people are not defined by their skin color (or fur). But as Judy Hopps says, (in a saccharine-heavy voice-over ending), “Try to make the world a better place.
She is pursuing a degree in American Studies and Public History, and while she can often be found with a book in her face and a coffee in hand, she also spends some of her time homeschooling her 5 kids. After living in small town downtowns for the past 11 years, she is adjusting to life in the mountains (no cell service!

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