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A San Francisco fashion rental-subscription hybrid applies sharing economy principles to twentysomething shoppers who crave a constant fix of trendy, commitment-free style. Instead of giving young, female shoppers yet another way to buy or sell, Northart and Tondon decided to experiment with a subscription solution that’s much closer in spirit to Airbnb and Netflix than it is to, say, Shoedazzle or Stylemint. With the sharing economy never more in vogue and secondhand quickly divesting itself of stigma, the idea of paying to wear clothes for a short period of time before returning them to be cleaned and sent off to the next willing wearer is one that could really only gain traction in the here and now.
Aiming to satisfy its core audience of 18- to 28-year-olds with affection for the sort of style touted by Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, Le Tote focuses on the kinds of casual tops, statement necklaces, skirts, and dresses that twentysomething shoppers routinely scoop up on quickie shopping missions in preparation for the weekend ahead instead of luxury brands and cocktail-appropriate attire. To keep quality in check, Northart and Tondon say their team strives to buy durable garments (this is not the place to go for a chiffon top layered in sequins) from its wholesalers at the outset and subjects returned totes to a rigorous inspection process. Paul Rust talks Love, the TV series that grew out of his own relationship and takes the Netflix model to the next level. The bingeing possibilities of Netflix mean that viewers can check in with the cinematic unfolding of Gus and Mickey’s relationship at a pace of their choosing. Rust and Arfin's actual relationship may have been the original blueprint for the show, but once they started writing, Love quickly became something different.
While part of Lesley Arfin's personal life is literally an open book, Rust had never taken the opportunity to write about himself or for himself before. The demands of a life in show business crashed directly into the newlyweds' matrimonial bliss, however. Complicating matters further, Netflix is currently testing a variety of new interfaces, rolling out variations on its iconic queue to small groups of users.
Directed by and starring Cornel Wilde, a heady, almost surrealistic vision of the brutality of combat, set during World War II but clearly intended to comment on the Vietnam War. Early and mid-period social realism from the great Ken Loach, the latter otherwise unavailable in the U.S. Legendary theatre director Peter Brook works behind the camera, adapting his celebrated stage version of Peter Weiss’s play. No relation to Nathaniel Rich’s widely reviewed new novel, this is a taut heist thriller with gripping performances by Robert Ryan, Shelley Winters, Gloria Grahame, Ed Begley and Harry Belafonte.

Sam Adams writes for the Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and Indiewire.
At the time, he and cofounder Brett Northart were prepping to launch Le Tote, which sends its subscribers a personalized tote stocked with an assortment of five apparel items and accessories that can be worn, enjoyed, and exchanged for new ones for $49 a month. Many offer new ways for women to discover and buy trendy apparel and accessories and, later, let them unload merchandise in secondhand marketplaces.
At its best, the service offer subscribers the fast fashion fix they want, but at a price that’s easily less per month than what one might spend for the equivalent number of items in a store. New York-based Rent the Runway stands as the reigning queen of the fashion rental model, but Northart says that his company is different. When items pass their prime, they’re pulled out of the rotation and saved for end-of-season sample sales or donated. It’s a seduction aid at first, and then a binge-able backdrop for couples in nesting mode. For another, the autobiographical element ultimately become diluted into a small chunk of the show’s DNA.
There is still a cool girl with a past and a nice funny guy from the Midwest, but Gus and Mickey are now more like funhouse mirror versions of their originators, with shades of their friends and the show's other writers laced in as well. Most of the material he'd written in recent years had been absurdist, freewheeling humor for shows like the IFC series Comedy Bang Bang. To judge from this discussion thread, the only thing these new options share is that Netflix’s customers loathe them. But Russell’s eccentric take on the genre is a delight for those not inclined to take it seriously.
He also notes that many of the movies expiring at midnight were part of a deal Netflix had with Epix. And when the romance is gone, whether that’s a few days or a few weeks later, so are the items, shipped for free in their tote back to the company. And what separates the show from any seemingly similar titles is that it’s the closest any project has come yet to depicting how a relationship forms in real time.

Although that project never ended up in production, Apatow remembered Rust when it came time to find a cowriter for the Pee-Wee Herman movie he was producing. Getting away from the realm of autobiography freed the writers to infuse the show more with the messiness of life and, paradoxically, made it feel more real. Writing in a more realistic vein allowed Rust to draw from his own observations, behaviors, and motives.
How I Won the War is best remembered for featuring John Lennon in a small role, but the film centers on Michael Crawford as an inept officer who survives repeated attempts at fragging. In contrast, Le Tote offers an alternative to actually owning anything outright in the first place. No?) The streaming platform loomed much larger, however, over Paul Rust and Lesley Arfin's love lives than most. Love unfolds at an even more compressed pace than Breaking Bad, which spanned just two years over the course of its five seasons. Out of that relationship, and just being around the same office a lot, the two organically began to work together on the project Rust had conceived with Arfin. Also, writing with Arfin, with whom he'd never collaborated before, meant that even during downtime, he was never fully off the clock.
The pair had to plan their wedding during the production of their new series, Love, which they created partly based on their own relationship. The show they ended up making, with Judd Apatow on board, was not only different from how they’d originally conceived it, but different from any love story told on TV or in film. But Apatow was the one who suggested that the characters Gus and Mickey (played by Rust himself and Gillian Jacobs) get more room to breathe than the real estate offered by a two-hour movie.
Considering the kind of story the creators wanted to tell, the show was a natural fit for Netflix.

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