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Montreal, October 21, 2014 — First studio album in English in the past 12 years, Roch Voisine’s Movin’ on Maybe includes 12 new original country, folk, pop and rock songs. This time, the songwriter-composer-singer hooked up with his renowned friends and partners, travelling between recording studios in London, Nashville and Montreal.
Among those partners are his Nashville buddies including, of course, producer Chad Carlson (Americana and Confidences) who won two Grammy Awards in 2010 for his work with American country singer Taylor Swift.
He also worked with songwriter-composer-singer Alan Frew of Glass Tiger and Nashville star singer Katie Armiger, who both add their voice to Voisine’s on I Will Remain and The Gift, respectively.
The first single released from this new album is Catch Me, that Roch Voisine wrote along with his longstanding music friends Ali Thomson (Kissing Rain) and Marc Jordan. Roch Voisine is in a cross-Canada tour including stops in Calgary- October 21, Edmonton- October 22, Gatineau- December 3, Montreal- December 5 and 6, and Toronto- December 19. Tickets for these two shows at the Montreal Olympia are available at the Olympia ticket office and all Admission ticket offices.
We also provide special campaigns and limited novelty with multiple payment & delivery options for our customer’s satisfaction! Finally, let us mentioned the precious collaboration of Quebec producers Marc Perusse, Jay Lefebvre, Guy Tourville and sound engineer Ghislain-Luc Lavigne. In a special acoustic formula, the singer will be accompanied by three musicians to sing many of his major hit songs in English, some of his unavoidable French hits and, of course, all the news songs from his Movin’ on Maybe. They eventually ended up in Seattle, where they hooked up with drummer Dan Peters, then a tender lad of fifteen and a half. I am the third generation follower of Bhagawan Baba as my grand mother (father's mother) was in Puttaparthi and she spent her old age days in Divine Presence. After the original guitarist Jeff Hopper quit the band to pursue a degree in computer science at Western WA University, Jamie Lane met Kurt in a UW poetry workshop and stepped in on guitar.
Swami used to call her as 'Palamoor Kistamma'.My mother received the black and white photo shown in the above image from our beloved Bhagawan when I was 5 years old and we have the same in our pooja room in Hyderabad and more actively worked in the Organisation from 1976 onwards when I received one week Sevadal Training (conducted by Shivam-Hyderabad) in my place Kollapur-Mahabubnagar District. The band started practicing at Dan's Seattle Green Lake garret bedroom, from which they could hear Lloyd, the geriatric neighbor, yelling at them to turn down the damned drums!
After one week training in various wings of the Organisation, exams were conducted and I got First Prize in Spirituality and received Three Books from Sri BV Ramana Rao, then State Sevadal Convener of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-Andhra Pradesh.
Jon Poneman and Bruce Pavitt, were at that time starting a label called Sub Pop, named after Bruce's column which used to appear in the Rocket.
BOH included Tad in his first and last show in June 1988; shortly before the show Jamie abruptly quit to pursue a graduate degree in English. Worked in South Indian Canteen where coffee,Tea & Curd Rice were prepared from 18th to 24th Nov during free meals time. Had wonderful Darshan of Bhagawan's Divya Sannidhi and on 1st Sept I had a rare opportunity of offering (placing) a flower at the divine Lotus Feet of Divya Sannidhi.
We know that both bands served as Sub Pop's flagship artists; we also know that both bands moved on to the majors to varying degrees of acclaim.
When the Seattle hype machine tilted and flew into a manic phase, it produced propaganda at a staggering rate, influenced pop culture on a global scale, and catapulted some bands to the top of the charts.
The "Seattle Sound" became a viable niche market.Bundle of Hiss recorded a lot of material which was never released, except for a few isolated tracks included on obscure compilations. These unreleased recordings document the development of a heavy punk sound that many bands worldwide would later copy, not directly from Bundle of Hiss, but via their contemporaries, with whom BOH shared influences and musical elements.BOH played gigs at the original Fabulous Rainbow for Jon Penman's KCMU night, the UCT Hall (with Feast and Pure Joy), the Lincoln Arts Center (with Room Nine), and at Gesco in Olympia (with Feast). Bundle of Hiss also played with the Vandals, Tales of Terror, March of Crimes, Soundgarden, Malfunkshun, Green River, Skin Yard, Nimbus, Crypt Kicker Five, Chemistry Set, Vexed, Roger Miller and Napalm Beach. BOH also began a long tradition of practicing at the Dutchman, using a room that they shared with Feast and which Tad would later share with Mudhoney, Nirvana, Love Battery, and others. However, even more important than similarities BOH shared with various bands that emerged from Seattle at that time were the facets of Bundle of Hiss that distinguished them from any other Seattle rock act of that era. For one thing, Bundle of Hiss incorporated more postpunk influences into their unique song stylings than did their cohorts, creating spare and minimalist soundscapes that had as much in common with Gang of Four and Joy Division as they did with the Stooges, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, or Black Sabbath.

Kurt and Dan shamelessly contributed to the growing BOH mythology whenever they got a chance to mention BOH in Mudhoney and Tad interviews.
THE CELTIC HISTORIAN AND HIGH PRIEST GILDAS RECORDS THAT BRITAIN RECEIVED THE GOSPEL IN THE `LATTER-PART OF THE REIGN OF THE EMPEROR TIBERIAS`.THIS IS THE SAME `EMPEROR TIBERIAS CAESAR ` THAT WE READ OF IN ST. Only a sound document can prove that Bundle of Hiss is not a myth, that it is real, that Kurt and Dan have not been inventing and inflating the bogus history of a bogus band all these years. And not only that, but that the music of the legendary Bundle of Hiss is worth more than just a cursory listen. When Bundle of Hiss broke up, spawning Mudhoney and Tad, they had yet to release any of the many songs they had recorded. THE VENERABLE BEDE ENGLISH HISTORIAN AND THEOLOGIAN (AD 673- 735) RECORDS AN EARLY APOSTOLIC MISSION TO BRITAIN, DATING FROM AD 37 AND WROTE THAT THE CHRISTIAN CELTS OF NORTHERN BRITAIN (EARLY SCOTS) `HAVE BEEN CELEBRATING THE JEWISH PASSOVER ON THE 14TH DAY OF THE JEWISH MONTH OF NISAN FOR OVER 600 YEARS`. That prevented them from selling millions of records--or from even having any kind of release available in stores.
These tunes feature a heavier edge melding of postpunk, hard rock, and acid pop with strychnine melodies.
OUT OF THEM, BY GOD`S GRACE, WITH THE COUNCIL OF YOUR REALM, TAKE YE A LAW THAT CAN, THROUGH GOD`S CONSENT, RULE YOUR KINGDOM OF BRITAIN".A 10. The band spent almost an entire year recording and re-recording these songs, trying to get exactly what they wanted.
They felt like they succeeded when Tad Doyle, a friend who had played drums in H-Hour (with whom BOH had played many shows), joined Bundle of Hiss on guitar.
One of three multitrack master tapes--containing some tracks featuring Doyle and also some of what all the band members believe to be their hottest tunes--was sadly lost sometime after this session was completed, never to be recovered.During the Grunge Explosion, what happened to the Bundle of Hiss tapes? Tertullian, a Law Advocate, writing in 190 AD said that the areas of Britain which had not been conquered by the Roman Empire (Northern Scotland) had embraced the `religion of Jesus of Nazareth.` The ancient English historian Bede wrote 1400 years ago that the `Christian Celts` of Northern Britain, ie, Scotland, "have been celebrating the Jewish Passover on the 14th.
Jamie contacted Kurt and Dan; the three conducted intensive searches, coming up empty-handed. Day of Nisan for 600 years," ie, since 42 AD.A Every area and corner of Scotland has it`s historic tales of Heaven-Sent Revivals and Aberdeenshire in the North-East corner has it`s multitudious records. This area of Aberdeenshire, known locally as `Buchan` seems certainly to have been blessed above measure with men and women who have either come here to preach the Grace of Yahweh or sent it`s own sons and daughters to near and far-flung corners of the globe with Love`s Redeeming Message.A From the records of early British historians we are told of the coming of 1st. The BOH tapes had found their way into Dan's basement; Dan didn't know that until he stumbled onto them, much to BOH's collective delight, while shot gunning an icy cold 32 ounce can of malt liquor. Century evangelists from Ancient Yisrael, then records of our own `home-grown` sons in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Centuries adorn our history.
This 12 song Bundle of Hiss CD represents the fruits of Jack Endino's salvage operations: the songs are fat, heavy, crunchy, clean, and true.
Preachers ablaze with that Message burning in their souls traversing the hills and glens of ancient Scotia and even crossing the wild North Sea (once known as the Germanic Sea) into Europe in centuries now long gone. These recordings constitute the peculiarly ravenous animal that is Bundle of Hiss circa '86-'88 and stand as the only documents of the band's final and most productive period. As already mentioned, St Patrick, that world-known evangelist, who was born in the west of Scotland, carried captive to Ireland as a youth and returned to Scotland as a fervent, pentecostal preacher in the 5th Century, inspired others such as Columba and Drostan to carry his evangelistic Torch throughout the Land. When the tapes were unpacked at the first salvage session, it was discovered that a blank reel had apparently been mistakenly stuffed into a tape-box labeled BOH.
Columba who founded a teaching-monastery (Yeshiva) on the Island of Iona (Hebrew for `dove`) on the west-coast of Scotland had given up his right to the Throne of Ireland to be an Evangelist to Scotland.
Patrick, landed at New Aberdour shores and went through-out the whole of the east-coast of Scotland founding bible-believing assemblies. Drostan himself, that great saint laboured many long years in Buchan and was laid to rest in the old grave-yard of New Aberdour, down near to the shoreline where he first landed on his mission, but there has, astonishingly, been a true Gospel-Faith burning in this north-east corner for far above 1600 years and the present day Church of Scotland in the locality is named `St. Drostan`s `Church of Scotland In The Ancient Village Of New Aberdour, A Aberdeenshire, Where St.

Great persecutions arose and the hills and glens of Scotland ran deep and red with the blood of the martyred sons of Scotland. A The Faith of Yah`shua has long been established in Buchan and as mentioned, every village and town has it`s wondrous tales of Revival.
State President has conducted meetings with EG and WG teams in Rajahmundry and Kovvur Sathya Sai Mandirs respectively.
Century, during his wide-spread preaching tours of the United Kingdom and it is recorded that a great spiritual revival and awakening took place with untold hundreds of precious souls being won for the Kingdom of God. On the same day evening had a small meeting with BV Group in ESS and witnessed Sri Sairam Iyer songs (Dual Voice). Farming communities as well as the fisher-folk were touched and inspired by his fervour and zeal as he carried the Message of Redemption to all he met. The Torch he carried lit the torches of many Buchan`s sons to go forth themselves with Salvation`s Message.
Moody`s visit to Aberdeenshire, God spoke to another of his choice servants to come to Fraserburgh and do a work for him among the fisher-folk and in the surrounding districts. And so it was that Miss Gladwell of Guildford in Surrey, South-East England was `moved` to come to Fraserburgh.
Born in 1862, and baptised by that great Prince of Preachers, the Baptist minister of London, Rev.
A A For almost 50 years, since she was around 25 years of age, Miss Gladwell ministered the Words of Life and Grace in Fraserburgh, throughout Aberdeenshire and in the counties beyond. Fisher-folk, the farming communities, the well-off and the poor, Miss Gladwell was known and loved by them all. She was joined in her Godly Labours by a companion in the Gospel, Miss Leech and together with a band of other faithful men and women, they ministered the Grace of God right up to just before the outbreak of the 2nd.
The Baptist Church became so packed out that they had to move the `Revival` to the Congregational Church (now the United Reformed Church) in Mid Street.
That too became so full of `seeking-souls` surrendering their lives to Jesus that they again moved, this time to Old Zion, the Old Parish Church of Scotland in the Town Square. Their souls were hungry for manna from heaven, and they were not disappointed, for God met every needy soul!A In the early 1960`s, the evangelistic Cameron Family from Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, came into a such a `glorious move of the Holy Spirit` that their church was totally revolutionised.` The Family background was in the Apostolic Church (trinitarian) and on a visit to England came into contact with Henri and Connie Staples of Newark, England who were the Pioneers of a `new move of the Holy Spirit` and when the Cameron Family came into the `liberty of the Holy Ghost` at Henri`s Meetings their worship services in their home church took on a hue that was hitherto unknown in Scotland or indeed most of the United Kingdom. A Long before it was an acceptable and usual thing to `dance unto the Lord` in church services in the mainline pentecostal Assemblies, ie Assemblies of God, Elim Pentecostal, Apostolic Church, or in the Baptist and Charismatic churches , the Cameron Family became the `frontrunners` and pioneers in such liberty of Praise.
But the hallmark of the `move` was not dancing but `an outpouring of Divine Love for all` that led them to such an intensity in evangelism.
A The Love Family believed absolutely that the Glory of the Lord had come down upon them and so they called their gatherings together `Glory Meetings`. It was a usual thing for their praise and worship services to last for many, many hours.A Roy Turner, a newspaper journalist, joined the Glory People in England in the 1960`s, and became, as it were, another David the Psalmist, as the Holy Spirit gave him literally hundreds if not thousands of `new songs` to sing.

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