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I have always made it my personal aim to be the best example for christ that I can possibly be, I have taken into account what people must think when they see me and then changed my behaviour if it was required so that God and Jesus will always be visbile. After a 3.5year relationship ended almost 3 years ago there has been only 3 girls I were interested and beleived I was compatible with. I start thinking of this girl and realise I like her, I express my views and hear hers and then I normally chat about my spiritual life. But yet I feel regected everytime, I almost like I should go do things so I do not look that good, I am really in need of a companion again. Dude whether you're too good or slightly a lil bit bad, if a girl is interested in you, she will make excuses to stay with you.

So it's not really about you being too good, or not good enough or whatever, it's simply about the gal not being that interested in you.
Why do people who spend so much time telling us we don't need a teacher spend so much time trying to teach others?
Ask your Father who is in Heaven, who also sees the heart of every human being, who is wise enough to determine who will come into your life and who won't if you truly submit to His will.
I do trust God for His providence but have really been struggling the past week as this was what happened for the third time.
This normally means that they come up with a excuse such as these, You really do not know me, I will feel like a bad influence and after what I have heard I do not believe I am the right one for you".

Trust me on this, if you pray for a Godly wife, but most importantly for His will, He will do it in you, and it will bring Him Glory and you will know it is His will.
This is really discouraging as God has worked hard on the subject of acceptance with me and I can finally say I do not consider someones past as I use too.

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