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Approximately every other month you'll have the opportunity to meet other singles in your area! She is a PAX Graduate, which are programs that educate men and women to understand each other better.
Antoinette has combined her studies with a natural ability to empower people and has developed a unique 7 Steps to Find Your Dream Partnera„? process. Greenwich Club is a fellowship of and for unmarried adults, 55 and over, living in Fairfield, Westchester, and surrounding counties, sponsored by Christ Church Greenwich. Please note that many activities of The Greenwich Club for Singles do not require a reservation. We have decided to form this group in order to bring all single Jews in the South Florida area and their friends together.

Enjoy the pulse pounding, heart throbbing passion and love of dancing -- this positive vibration attracts others to you! She has experienced first hand how it feels to have low self-esteem, rejection, chronic self-doubt,  and how to continuously keep attracting the wrong relationships.
She, also, is a guide and healer who can help you clear out the blocks that prevent you from finding love.
Members are offered an opportunity to work and play together, to become better acquainted with each other and with themselves. We want to have events that will provide all of us safe and comfortable places to mingle and have fun. She has studied with Master Teachers in Thailand, Hawaii, Los Angeles and Vermont for over 10 years.

These powerful techniques assist men and women to break the cycle of attracting the wrong relationships.
We plan to let the members have the ability to choose what is best for the group depending on their input. We do not want to exclude the possibility that some married people may want to join their Jewish friends at the events, or that some of our friends might not be 100% Jewish.
We will do our best to provide some kosher food and drinks for those who want them,and provide as kosher an environment as possible.

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