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The major problem with singles chat rooms is you really don't know who you are talking with. Begin all conversations assuming the other person either wants sex or money, or is all-around not who he or she seems to be. You may see ads once in a while, such as someone who posts the same message repeatedly at set time intervals.
Go ahead and tell the chat room you are frustrated about something and see if you can find a sympathetic person willing to listen.
More broadly defined, singles chat rooms are anywhere single people can talk with each other. It can be confusing and even disorienting at first, so take some time to see what everyone is talking about by just observing.

Maybe this is fun to try sometime, but if you want to actually meet someone you'd consider dating, you'll quickly become annoyed by all the sex talk. This will sufficiently keep your guard up to prevent you from being too disappointed, but don't harden yourself so much that you become unable to recognize genuine people. If that person turns out to be a phony or worse, you may receive unwelcome phone calls at work. This includes Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and even instant messaging programs like Yahoo Messenger. You may get tired of typing this all of the time, which is why a creative username is an option to consider.
You may be able to discuss a sensitive topic with your keyboard that you never could with in person.

Think of yourself as a love detective when you chat with people, and keeping a sense of humor about it will help prevent you from getting too frustrated.
In this example, a username such as FarmersDaughter25 would let everyone know that you are a 25-year-old female. So what if everyone knows your feelings-they don't know the person behind the feelings, and easing the emotional weight off of your chest just may open you up to finding someone interesting to add to your life! Your state isn't revealed, but people really don't need to know your location in order to enjoy a nice conversation.

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