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The fact that “Why women remain single after 50’s?” gives birth to a lot of questions in one’s mind. We have heard that god has send everyone in pairs then why some women remains single as nobody wants to be alone in life and companionship is an integral part of one’s life. One of the reasons is that women of today see themselves beyond family; they take their career as their first priority and essential one. Just opposite to this thinking there is one section of women who plan to lead a life as single. Single-hood has its own flavor like having own space as some people like their own company and do what they like to and don’t have to please anyone.
They feel that people around them make them feel that they are single and being single means loneliness. You do not have to make any compromises and there is no one to interfere with your decisions. Believer in single-hood completely disagree to this thought for them it make them feel younger and they are one set of people who have no complaints from anyone unlike a married couple. However, psychologists believe that women who do not get married are little less adjusting and somehow incomplete. I was honored to be interviewed by Ashley Milne-Tyte for a story on American Public Radio’s™ Market Place® radio show. Kai Ryssdal: The Census Bureau says women control something like 80 percent of all the household spending in this country. STEPHANIE HOLLAND: Men have a difficult time distinguishing even among moms, much less coming in and understanding the single female.

HOLLAND: An understanding of where you are in life as well as tons of other people as single women, and making you feel good about it. Stephanie Holland is President and Executive Creative Director for Holland + Holland Advertising, Birmingham, Alabama. We can discuss the challenges you are having reaching the female market or simply brainstorm about your future ventures. We know that a woman has the desire of getting married and to have a family of her own then why she chooses to be single and was it willing or forced by many questions come in our mind seeing a single woman at her 50s. In this competitive world where everybody is trying to prove oneself and while doing so their personal life is getting hampered and ignored. Their thinking is also very reasonable as we know human beings are very complex in nature so acceptance of every thought is important and also giving respect to their thought of being single-hood. The choice lies with you if you want to term yourself “an incomplete single” or a “content single” who has a balanced head on her shoulders. Retailers and marketers being fairly quick on the uptake, they have geared a healthy proportion of the ads we all see to women. She says advertisers want to pitch their products to a broad audience without offending anyone.
I think they want to reach as many women as possible with the amount of money that they have. A young woman, fresh from a first date, is picked up by a friend who whisks her away in a bright red Chevy Malibu.
Working in an industry that is dominated by men, she is one of only 3% of the female creative directors in the country.

As the pressure to shape our lives around traditional social roles decreases, marketers will need to cater messaging to a diverse array of niche audiences. But when they realize it’s too late and above all the confidence that at the age of 50’s they can be in relation or getting married at 50’s doesn’t fuse in women.
I felt a little glow of pleasure at the thought of that woman happily laying tiles and spreading grout. Given how many single women there are, I wondered why so few ads are aimed at us — 44 percent of women over 18 are single, 2 percent more than 10 years ago.
She says instead of going for one-size-fits-all, advertisers need to target different types of women or they’re wasting their money.
Stephanie works mostly with male advertisers, helping them successfully market to women. Unless, of course, they are cat food commercials, which seem to be almost entirely the province of the single woman. Engaging the single woman is completely different than engaging moms or even married women without children.

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