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I don’t know why, but people like forwarding me links to “interesting” content around the web. I have yet to meet that particular black guy that’s swooped me off my feet and when I say swoop me off my feet I mean everything: being smart, funny, being intelligent, being logical, being understanding and knowing what they want from their life…versus when you get a white guy or a Caucasian or someone from a different race.
If you think I’m here today to bash black women who date outside of their race, you will be disappointed.
What I do find amusing is people’s excuses for dating outside of their race, especially the fact that they feel they need an excuse at all.
I’m not going to date a black woman I don’t like any quicker than I’ll date a white woman I don’t like – and I’m not going to date a woman I’m not attracted to of any race. Regarding my thoughts on the broader population, it seems strange that in order to justify dating outside of your race you have to put down members of your own race. Having dated women of varied racial backgrounds, I can safely say there is far more that unites them than divides them. In my opinion, all you’ll usually find is the grass you believed was so much greener on the other side of the racially ambiguous fence is really just more grass.
Perhaps I’m being too altruistic in my views, but I think finding someone that makes you happy is all that matters. If you peep, Black women are the only ones who want to announce they are going to date outside the family. Thats funny because the other day at starbucks i seen this black girl i knew with this white guy and the whole time i just felt her staring like she wanted me to know she was with a white guy like i gave a. I'm pretty sure every semi attractive black woman on the West Coast has had this experience with black men dating white women though, several times.
I always found the need of anyone to make a proclamation that they are dating outside the race and that they have given up on their own race to be perplexing.
Black ppl are the only race of ppl that will ENCOURAGE each other outside their race….the shit is embarrassing and so over done!!! I understand the point you are trying to make but what I think is important to understand is that most of those arguments revolve around preserving CULTURAL TIES, not race.
Also it should be noted that there are more asian men than asian women due to the killing of female infants so of course asian men are telling asian women to marry asian men. As far as the indian reference, People like to date within their culture because it makes them comfortable, and this is not a bad thing. Most Black men have no problem with Sistas dating Latinos, Asians, or ANYONE EXCEPT white boys. Truth is if you really wanted to meet a successful, intelligent, adventurous black woman you could have. I will say that there is no easier way to appreciate all that is great about you than to see it at least once through the eyes of aomeone who isn't like you at all. I do find that my AA female friends have not only a concern with dating outside of their RACE, but dating outside of their CULTURE (as in, black men not from the US).
Thats true, while different race is the elephant in the room sometimes it need not be discussed. I am going to have to introduce you to either my twitter feed, my facebook page, or Weseley Snipes. At some point, hopefully, black people are going to stop acting like they're the only race of people engaged in interracial dating. Sounds to me like she doesn't like looking at a dick with colors from all over the spectrum(pale white skin, red arteries, purple veins,etc.)!!!
Frankly, I recommend it.  I’ve never shied away from admitting that I date outside of black women from time to time, so this pot will not be calling the kettle black.
If you see me with a woman, not that I care why you think I’m with her, the reason I’m with her is because I feel like it. There is no vast conspiracy behind my actions, but you are welcome to attribute your own self-conscious justifications upon me if it makes you feel better and sleep easier at night. In my experience, no one, of any race, cares what the ugly people of their race is or is not doing.
Nevertheless, if you finally find happiness with someone of a different race, it doesn’t mean you have to turn around and bash all the members of the race who mirror you but happen to be of the opposite sex. If you are unable to access that link or your job is a hater, RSVP by sending names to [email protected] See you there! BW has been sleeping with wm ever since slavery, and it is only NOW that he could do what bw has been doing with the the wm's counterparts, since historically we have been killed for even lookin at one, ask Emitt Till. Am I supposed to apologize on behalf of all black men for her failed relationships with them?

If you want to be that ignorant to make the decision to give up on a whole race of people, then you are probably not going to ride off into the sunset with an intelligent man with desirable qualities.
I know plenty of black men that have announced they can't stand black women and will only date white women.
You will never catch an Indian man encouraging an Indian woman outside her race…wonder why that is? With all of the media coverage on black women there tends to be a fascination with who black women are dating and the shortage of black men.
If I (a black woman) date an indian man that is fine, but when I go to his family gatherings and I am the only one who does not speak punjabi, that is awkward lol.
They want to mix up their race so that it can become extinct which would happen if everyone intermarry and have babies.
They want to mix up their race so that it can become extinct which would happen if everyone intermarries and have babies.
As a black man who is not thuggish, adventurous, and is successful, there is a LACK of bw who share the same interests as I do. I think they need to entertain all viable men that approach, and let race be discussed later, if ever.
I find this to be extremely counter-productive, but since I kinda benefit from it I can't complain, but can someone explain this? If the book is about black women dating white men why is it necessary to mention black men?
You've also admitted that you know some knuckleheads and that those are typically the types of men who approach you.
If a Black woman finds a partner that loves and cherishes them and is white, I'm perfectly fine and encourage that. Depending on how I'm defining my own race it would be pretty difficult to find someone that is of my own race. Always felt the differences were more cultural than racial because Black women in DC were different than the ones in ATL who are different from the ones in NYC. Ihave friends who have sworn off black men because of daddy issues and the 2ninjas that did them wrong when they were sophmores in college, but to me that feels short-sighted.
Someone suggested I check out a YouTube video about a book that came out a few years ago that I’d never heard of, A Black Girls Guide to Dating White Men. Some are outright ignorant – with the member of the group dating outside of their race often making racist statements about the race they were born into but choose to date outside of.
While you might not like the attention, it is a backhanded compliment that anyone, anywhere cares enough to pay attention to you. Assigning an attribute such as good or bad to a whole race of people simply because you had a bad experience with a few of them is, frankly, dumb. It is similar to black women and black men and how SOME black women dont like how black men date outside of their race. This shortage has been viewed as a crisis (not saying that I agree with that) and usually when there is a crisis people offer solutions. Nah being from nyc you’d know the white girls jhere are just as real, YET AGE and experience, and income of us black men has ALOT to do with it. I believe that love sees no color and if you are always trying to please others than you will never be happy! If he's even interested he will like all of you, from the head scarf to the shea butter on your feet. My family is multiracial though, so I've been around interracial couples my entire life. That's not even really that much of a conscious decision either, I just naturally tend to socialize with other blacks (or other minorities).
I approach women I find attractive and it just so happens that I find women of varying skin tone attractive. I say a few, because if you’ve had a bad experience with everyone you’ve dated, then what does that say about your choices? Just update your Facebook status and enjoy your temporary relationship bliss like everyone else. Should I celebrate and encourage her decision, and extol the virtues of white men, Uncle Ruckus style?
When i was 15 years old thru 21 living with my mom in the BX and all i cared about was.clubbing and going to college i dated any girl i liked. If you were really concerned with meeting a respectable black woman you could have found her in the art museums that you speak of.

It has always been perfectly natural for me to be attracted to Black and non-Black women as well as see interracial relationships. I know some people might not understand, but here in Nyc there is sometimes no huge difference culturally between some black and latino people. I’m not going to read the book but I’d be happy to hear from anyone who has; instead, I took the easy way out and watched a couple YouTube videos featuring a panel of women discussing the book along with the author.
Just last year, Ralph Richard Banks, a Stanford law professor, suggested in a book and an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal that the key to achieving the dream of marriage for black women actually lies in the arms of white, Asian or Latino men. As the author of the book points out in her video, dating outside of your race doesn’t mean you’re dating an alien.
People act as though just because you date one white person from that day forward you can ONLY date white people lol. Here’s what I know from my 35+ yrs researching the American Chattel Slavery system and reading countless slave journals. Problem is that you expect her to be bootylicious and beautiful and still be into that adventurous stuff. How often, how many innumerable times, how many uncountable videos and books are out there from black men announcing and giving reasons for not dating black women?
This should allow you to gain some personal perspective rather than relying on something you heard from a friend of a friend of a friend who happened to go on one interracial date once to watch that Something New movie in 2006.
Date who you want to date, but to announce it is a direct jab at Black men and also seems suspect. Horrible attitudes and coonish behavior towards black men but will step with wm, no matter how country or retarded they act over a good brotha. My closest family member prefers white men over any other race, but she never disses Black men. Do you really think we are thinking about blk love when we are smashin some Spanish or white chick? For example, I assume if you like black assholes, you’ll only turn around and date white assholes.
And more often than not, white women(also victims of the white man as he treated them as property also) tried to protect us from the wrath of the slavemaster. At 25-30 i was well into my career, done with clubbing wanting to settle down, more mature have a condo to upkeep, i like to travel, im adventurous, im cultural and im not saying that it is impossible…but in nyc esp.
Thing is, as a young and successful black woman, I am confused by your comment because I am that fun nature loving person who loves art, yet I cant meet a black man who shares my interests. SO YOU need to open your eyes and stop trying to get him to see the light, cause obviously you are blind to the coonery bw show today. Frankly, it's pathetic when people are forced to justify their choices or explain themselves because they are dating someone of a different race. If someone attractive of a different race approaches me and have all the right qualities that I am looking for, I am not sacrificing my happiness to preserve the race of millions of black people.
Its HARD to find a black women 25-30 unscorned, good career, no children yet without an attitude who is also cultural and adventurous.
And no its not because deep down I have a self hate of black people its because those millions of black people don't pay my bills. MOST of the black women i run into now my age i meet either have horrible attitudes , rude and like to fight more than laugh. And then you have the other side who would accuse anyone who dated out of their race as being self-hating. I know a Sista who’s married to a white boy but still sleeps around with thuggish Black men that have no self-respect. This is my personal experience, and i did not say ALL nyc black women are like this, but dont front you know most are and denial is a horrible blinder. I started trying to get you tons of links to prove my point but eh, I don't care that much.
Only thing is, you don't see other races making youtube videos dissing their men or women because of it.
Ita late and im typing fast from a touch screen phone there may be many typos here, i wish I could prove read it but i must go to sleep, good night.

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