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20-year-old Leroy Jeffery is accused of pulling out a handgun and demanding his 22-year-old  victim's phone and the keys to his car and then taking off with the man’s vehicle. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Jamyra Gallmon (Photo courtesy of MVP Protective Services)A woman charged in the stabbing death of D.C. Messerschmitt, 30, who worked for a prominent international law firm, was found dead at 11 a.m. Superior Court Magistrate Judge Renee Raymond ruled in a court hearing on Thursday that probable cause evidence exists to move forward with the murder charge against Gallmon. Raymond denied a request by Gallmon’s attorney that she be released on bond while awaiting trial, saying evidence presented by prosecutors shows the defendant would be a danger to the community. The attorney, Matthew Davies, announced Gallmon was pleading not guilty to the charge and argued that she stabbed Messerschmitt in his hotel room in self-defense after he allegedly started fighting with her and tried to prevent her from leaving the room.
Although the arrest affidavit doesn’t say so directly, police sources said Gallmon told detectives at the time of her arrest that she posed as a man when she responded to Messerschmitt’s Craigslist ad on Feb. In a development likely to heighten LGBT activists’ fears that the Messerschmitt case had the markings of a gay pickup murder, D.C. Organizations that monitor anti-LGBT violence have for years urged gay men to be cautious when seeking out dates or sexual trysts through online hookup sites or in gay meeting places like bars or outdoor cruising areas.
The Messerschmitt case is likely to be viewed as extraordinary because it may be the first known case of a woman targeting a man attempting to meet another man on a hookup site. Even before an arrest was made, LGBT activists joined others in expressing sympathy for Vuong, who said during a news conference one week before Gallmon’s arrest that she and her husband had a loving and uplifting relationship and his death was a devastating blow to her and other members of his family.
She called on the public to carefully view a video released by police taken from the Donovan Hotel’s security cameras that captured a “person of interest” in the case.
Friends and others who know Gallmon told media outlets since the time of her arrest that they viewed her as an upstanding young woman and athlete who was a member of the woman’s basketball team at the Forestville Military Academy High School in Maryland, where she graduated. Melvin Key, chief executive officer of MVP Protective Services, a local security firm that provides security guards and other services to businesses, told the Washington Blade that Gallmon worked part-time for the firm for a few months last year. Key, who released a photo of Gallmon to the Blade, said she told him at the time she resigned from her job that she planned to move to the South to become a law enforcement officer. The arrest affidavit says an autopsy found that Messerschmitt had been stabbed at least seven times and suffered a four-inch deep wound that pierced his heart and two wounds that hit his liver. It says blood was found spattered throughout the room as well as on the door handle of the door on the fourth floor of the Donovan Hotel that leads to the its stairwell. A separate affidavit filed in court shortly after the murder seeking a warrant to search the hotel room, which became public at that time, said detectives found Messerschmitt lying on the floor with his wallet and several credit cards strewn near his body. In a development that adds yet another element of mystery to the case, the most recent affidavit filed in court on Wednesday says detectives who arrived at the hotel room at the time Messerschmitt’s body was found discovered his fingers were bound by zip ties. The apartment search also turned up a folding pocket knife with a silver blade and black handle. The arrest affidavit made public on Wednesday reports that detectives determined that Messerschmitt’s cell phone, which he used for sending and receiving emails, was missing from the room along with cash.
It says detectives, through additional search warrants, were able to obtain email records from both Messerschmitt and Gallmon, enabling them to trace communication between the two initially through Craigslist and later through direct email and phone contract. It was through this communication that Messerschmitt told his newfound acquaintance his location at the Donovan Hotel and arranged for the person to visit him there between 7 p.m.
Records obtained by the Blade from the Superior Court’s Landlord Tenant Branch show that the management company for Gallmon’s apartment building filed an eviction notice against her on March 24, saying she had failed to pay all of the rent she owned for month of February.
Gallmon the told detectives that Messerschmitt “continued fighting,” prompting her to stab him “again and again” causing him to back away and fall to the floor. Fulton, in responding to Davies’ reference to Gallmon’s claim of self-defense, told Raymond at Wednesday’s court hearing that claim lacks credibility. A suicidal college student who claimed she was attacked and raped was charged with staging the incident by posting ads on Craigslist, calling for men to beat her up in exchange for sex. Troubled: Morgan Triplett, 20, arranged to have a man meet her off Craigslist and beat her up in exchange for sex.

Triplett, a UC-Santa Barbara student who was visiting UC-Santa Cruz for a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender conference at the time of the incident on February 17, had bruises on her head and torso when she reported the alleged rape to campus police. The claims were given even more credence by the fact that there had been another attack near the campus just days earlier when a UC-Santa Cruz student was robbed and shot in the head while waiting for a bus.
Triplett appeared at court on Friday alongside her father who tried to block cameras from taking her picture. Her father said that the case is being mis-characterized, and though he did not elaborate on the details, he said that there are 'two sides to every story.' 'Morgan asked for some trouble, but she did not ask to be sexually assaulted,' Richard Triplett told the local newspaper, The Register Pajaronian.
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I am a single white college educated 27 year old male who is a strong believer in Female Surpremacy [sic] and Feminism.  I love everything about it.
Well, I’m definitely a feminist: I make sure they pay their own way, that they make the first move a fair share of the time, allow them to drive and make a fair share of the plans and decisions, even! I am 27 with 4 sisters and was always last in evertything [sic] next to them, youngest of 5 kids. And then it went on to say some other creepy things about pleasuring himself while talking about women being better than men. It can be debated about whether or not seeking a date online is the best way, as well as this or that online source might be more successful, but I daresay that Craigslist would rank waaaaay down at the very bottom for feminist findings. I really wonder if the mothers or sisters of the first three men know that they say stuff like that way. Thanks for writing on this subject; anything with Craigslist content is sure to be interesting. I just wanted to drop a line and say that conservatives come in all types, just like liberals.
I’m totally fiscally conservative, but also am a long-term vegan (stick that in your pipe ?? ) am engaged to a feminist (who linked me to the article), a huge environmentalist, etc.
So maybe conservative isn’t a good disqualifier word for you to use in your experiments. The problem I run into most frequently is *men* not knowing how to project that they are feminists *as well*. Actually when it comes to craigslist I truly believe that weird people find other weird people and normal people find each other. The only thing I didn’t like about your ad is that you put a lot of how you looked in there. A gay Craigslist hookup turned violent after one man pulled a gun on the other, stole his car, and then led police on a 30-minute high-speed chase through Houston. It shows him being smiling from the back of a police car and again when an officer escorts him out of the cruiser.
The video showed a shadowy figure lurking in the hotel’s lobby and climbing a staircase, with just part of their face showing through a hooded jacket. It doesn’t seem like the same person we knew,” Key said in referring to Gallmon’s arrest on a murder charge. The autopsy also found he suffered numerous “incised wounds to his left hand and right pinky finger consistent with wounds suffered while defending himself,” the affidavit says. Other items found, according to the search warrant affidavit, were one or more condoms, lubricant and an enema. It says that after her arrest on Wednesday, upon being read her Miranda rights, she declined to talk to detectives. Morgan Triplett, 20, was charged with falsifying a police report after she told campus police at the University of California-Santa Cruz that she was on the grounds of the school looking for banana slugs in the forest when a stranger attacked and sexually assaulted her.
According to the local Patch, Triplett posted two ads to Craigslist on February 15, the day prior to attending the UCSC conference.
For me, it is a prerequisite that my potential date identifies as a feminist, or at least is interested and can hold a conversation about feminist subjects. I have been conditioned to know ladies are always right and mostly guys are just jerkoffs, i like ladies that share this opinion.

There are real men on Craigslist who like indie bands, are vegetarian, have good grammar and identify themselves as feminist.
I’m a 24-year-old feminist, and I think Craigslist might be one of the best sites for your search.
The break down of the responses sounds pretty much like what I’d expected based on your ad. This was really interesting, I think this is a really cool micro-social experiment… thing.
And the louder he signifies his sensitivity and liberated consciousness, the bigger heel he will turn out to be.
They tend to trip over their own words and it takes a while to sort out where they stand and what they actually believe. It would be great to repeat this and use the same ad in all the major metro areas in the US.
He told police he had lied to the victim about having a gun and that he never actually meant to hurt him. 9 met him by responding to a personal ad he placed seeking to meet another man on Craigslist, according to a police arrest affidavit filed Thursday in D.C. But minutes later, the affidavit says, she changed her mind and waived her rights not to speak without an attorney. According to the defendant, the decedent did not know she was in the room until she turned to walk out of the room,” it says. The defendant stated that the decedent started fighting with her and she pulled a knife that she had in her sweatpants and stabbed the victim,” says the affidavit. He has chronicled LGBT-related developments as they have touched on a wide range of social, religious, and governmental institutions, including the White House, Congress, the U.S. Now she is being criminally charged for lying about the circumstances of her attack, after police spent nearly two weeks investigating only to find out that she arranged for a man to beat her in exchange for sex. I’m more interested in the guys who responded in a way you found appealing, so I look forward to hearing more about those. What difference does it make if you meet someone through a blog or through your mother’s boss? The username of the person with whom he was communicating was “chrissanchez0906,” which detectives later traced to Gallmon. Supreme Court, the military, local and national law enforcement agencies and the Catholic Church. The second wanted someone to punch, kick and bruise her.Both situations would be done in exchange for sex, and she wrote 'no charges would be filed' against anyone who responded. As Jaclyn Friedman puts it, “If I had a hardcore litmus test, the pool of men I could date would be so tiny. The person you meet is a stranger either way, and less degrees of separation isn’t going to make her or him any more or less of a sleaze or fabulous person.
Apparently, many men (yes… just men, no women) thought that I was advertising prostitution.
Gender politics are the one area where you are better off starting with raw, unformed material and working to shape it as you go. Chibbaro has reported on LGBT issues and LGBT participation in local and national elections since 1976. You are planning to go on dates with these dudes to find out if they simply look good on paper or if they can actually walk the walk, right?
And many times our immediate communities are too small to offer us what we want or need, so we utilize methods that broaden our communities.

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