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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. PD Membrane Pd Membrane –surface area=BSA=1-2 m 2 – heteroporus, heterogeneous semipermeable membrane with complex physiology Blood Flow –approx. Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) Workshop Cyrus Custodio, CNC King Faisal Specialist Hospital & RC Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
By Joseph DiCarlo MD Steven Alexander MD Stanford University Catherine Headrick RN Childrens Medical Center Dallas renal replacement therapy in the PICU.
Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Kelly Monaghan, DVM Small Animal Internal Medicine August 28, 2009.
Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) Any extracorporeal blood purification therapy intended to substitute for impaired renal function over an extended.
Acute Hemodialysis & CRRT in AKI Paweena Susantitaphong,MD,MS 1-3 1 Physician Staff, Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine, King Chulalongkorn.
La notion de handicap s’appuie sur la definition donnee par la loi du 11 fevrier 2005 portant sur l’egalite des droits et des chances, la participation et la citoyennete des personnes handicapees.
POUR LE SEUL MOUVEMENT INTER 2008, Cependant, les dossiers de demande de bonification pourront etre instruits par le service medico- social du Rectorat au vu de la seule attestation de depot de la demande de reconnaissance et des justificatifs mentionnes par la circulaire.
1 MOUVEMENT NATIONAL A GESTION DECONCENTREE rentree scolaire 2015 Reunion d’information du 19 Novembre 2014. LA MISE EN PLACE D’UN PROJET PERSONNALISE DE SCOLARISATION OBJECTIFS PROCEDURES ET DOCUMENTS Eric Bodin Enseignant referent. Scolarisation des eleves en situation de handicap Intervention a lESMS 23 juin 2009 Philippe Douriaud CPC ASH. Processus d’evaluation des eleves en situation de handicap, Selon la LOI POUR L’ EGALITE DES DROITS ET DES CHANCES, LA PARTICIPATION ET LA CITOYENNETE. Pole action sociale du Conseil general - Direction PA-PH Le handicap psychique Un axe majeur du Schema departemental 2006-2010.
LOI 2005-102 du 11 fevrier 2005 pour legalite des droits et des chances, la participation et la citoyennete des personnes handicapees.
E nseignants de lU NSA 1 MUTATIONS INTER 2009 Avec le, mets toutes les chances de mon cote ! Accessibilite Novembre 2008 1 HANDICAP et ACCESSIBILITE Universite Jean Moulin LYON Jeudi 27 novembre 2008. Flow & Rewards 15 Csikszentmihalyi (chick-SENT-me-hi) Flow - the experience between no work and a lot of work.
Interviews & Performance 18 Interviewers are confident in their ability to predict long-term job performance. Structured Interview 20 A formal and disciplined way of gathering information from the interviewee. Achievement Motivation People who have LOW achievement motivation prefer very easy or very difficult tasks.
Extrinsic Motivation A desire to perform a behavior due to promised rewards or threats of punishment.
Industrial and Organizational Psychology A subfield in psychology that focuses on how to help organizations recruit, select, compensate and train employees.
Leadership Style Task Leadership: goal oriented leadership that sets standards and organizes work.
Managing Well 30 Every leader dreams of managing in ways that enhance people’s satisfaction, engagement, and productivity in his or her organization. Theory X Assumes that works are basically lazy, error-prone, and extrinsically motivated by money. Theory Y Assumes that, given challenge and freedom, workers are motivated to achieve self-esteem and to demonstrate their competence and creativity. Appraising Performance 34 Appraising performance results in two things: 1) employee retention, and 2) the encouragement of better performance.

Motivation at Work Chapter 11, Lecture 7 “Two decades from now, most of you reading this book will be doing work you cannot now imagine.” - David Myers. Motivation Motivation is a need or desire that energizes behavior and directs it towards a goal.
Process design Technical information cannot be disclosed at this time due to IP protection issue. Membrane Networks in Natural Gas Separation Nina Wright, Ernest West, Debora Faria and Miguel Bagajewicz. Acid Gas Removal Options for Minimizing Methane Emissions Lessons Learned from Natural Gas STAR Processors Technology Transfer Workshop Gas Processors. GAS PLANT IMP PROCESS Dehydration Associated oil stabilization Carbon dioxide or nitrogen recovery for enhanced oil recovery (EOR).
We present an optimization approach that allows various designs of membrane networks for gas separations to be evaluated simultaneously while choosing. SOME ASPECTS CONTRIBUTING TO WASTE-TO-ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Petr Stehlik Petr Stehlik Technical University of Brno, Czech Republic. 1 Process Integrated Membrane Separation - with Application to the Removal of CO 2 from Natural Gas Hilde K. Microwave Soil Vapor Treatment CHA Corporation Field DemonstrationWINTER 2004 CHA Corporation 372 W. Solution to Substantially Reduced Flare Rates in the Williston Basin Presented by 1 and in Partnership with. Pharos University ????? ????? Faculty of Engineering ???? ??????? Petrochemical Department ??? ?????????????? FERTILIZER INDUSTRY LECTURE (3) H EATING. Objective To assess the energy balance, emission of global warming gasses, and quantify the recycled nutrients by anaerobic digestion of source separated. PRODUCTION OF GASOLINE Done by: Naser torKi Al-Enazi Abdulrahman Sami Alqattan Mohammed Mahdi Bouftain Abdullah Abdulaziz Alfahad Ahmed Haji Al-Mutairi.
1 Energy consumption of alternative process technologies for CO 2 capture Magnus Glosli Jacobsen Trial Lecture November 18th, 2011.
Volvo Group North America, LLC Reuse of Wastewater - A Manufacturer’s Experience Steve Pierett, Env.Mgr. Co-firing Biomass with Coal for Power Generation Suthum Patumsawad Department of Mechanical Engineering King Mongkuts Institute of Technology North Bangkok.
Despite this, up until the financial crisis they received little attention in strategic M&A reviews. Patient with end stage of renal failure depend upon maintenance dialysis in order to survive. CVVH is convective, use replasment fluid ( lood side of the filter) CVVHD is diffusive, use dialysate fluid. Hemodiafiltration Hemodialysis Symposium 8-9 February, 2014 Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, KSA Saad Alobaili KKUH, KSU Riyadh. Cette loi donne une nouvelle definition du handicap qui couvre largement les pathologies qui justifiaient les demandes de mutation. Une nouvelle gestion des TZR : ? rattachement perenne ? passage d’une ZRA a une ZRD pour les TZR CPE, ce qui. S yndicat G eneral de l’ E ducation N ationale C onfederation F rancaise D emocratique du T ravail Le but de ce diaporama ?
Syndicat General de l’ Education Nationale Confederation Francaise Democratique du Travail Le but de cette reunion ? Can help introverted adolescents learn how to socialize behind the safety of various screens Social networking can provide tools for teaching in compelling ways that engage young students.
Matching them to a particular area of work is the first step toward workplace effectiveness.
However, informal interviews are less informative than standardized tests and past performance.

Social Leadership: group oriented leadership that builds teamwork, mediates conflict and offers support. 2 Motivation Motivation is a need or desire that energizes behavior and directs it towards a goal. Il colore non A? una caratteristica della luce ma una nostra sensazione Colore Anche per la luce bianca sono da considerare i fenomeni di riflessione e rifrazione nella€™interazione luce-materia. The new process conditioning efficiency is comparable to the amine process, some loss of propane and butane. Mubarek Gas Processing Plant is an unitary subsidiary of Uzneftegazdobycha Joint Stock Company operating under the Uzbekneftegaя. 1-1 ????????? Special Topics on Separation Using Supercritical Fluids ?????? ? ?????? ???? ???? ?????? ???.
Algae are important bioremediation agents, and are already being used by many wastewater facilities.
We will consider the implications of the research published in our recent Global M&A report, Streamlining for success, along with the challenges of managing divestments and lessons learnt in recent years.
Compte tenu des delais necessaires pour obtenir cette reconnaissance, il convient que les personnels enseignants etablissent les demandes aupres de l’organisme precite tres rapidement. Daily overuse of media and technology make them more prone to anxiety, depression, and other psychological disorders. People who “flow” in their work (artists, dancers, composers etc.) are driven less by extrinsic rewards (money, praise, promotion) and more by intrinsic rewards. Failure is unlikely of not embarrassing Success is attainable yet attributable to their skill and effort. A 43 year old male presented to emergency department with confusion History Recurrent attacks of difficulty in passing urine, urine.
Una superficie riflettente che assorbe parzialmente o tutte le frequenze del visibile apparirA  alla€™osservatore come un livello di grigio.
I metalli possedendo diversi elettroni liberi dissipano la luce di qualunque frequenza apparendo riflettenti. Per avere un dipinto con un colore dominante A? necessario che i pigmenti depositati su una superficie assorbano tutte le frequenze di luce ad eccezione della frequenza desiderata (colore).
Egli scoprA¬ che usando un prisma si puA? separare la luce del sole in uno spettro di colori. Indice di rifrazione diverso a causa delle differenti lunghezze da€™onda contenute Aggiungendo un secondo prisma si possono ricomporre le diverse componenti in un unico fascio di luce solare bianca Teoria di Percezione del Colore Ma allora che cosa€™A? il colore? Per esempio, il rosso ed il verde combinati producono il colore giallo il colore A? una proprietA  fisica della luce stessa oppure A? il risultato derivato dal processo di percezione umano?
Nacque la Teoria della Tricromia di Thomas Young, in cui uno spettro ampio di colori puA? essere generato miscelando tre fasci di luce con lunghezze da€™onda distinte. Quando tre fasci di luce si miscelano producendo luce bianca si dice che costituiscono i colori primari (o fondamentali). Il Sistema Visivo Umano I coni sono responsabili per la determinazione del colore Il Sistema Visivo Umano Il processo di percezione della€™immagine A? il risultato della€™attivitA  congiunta della€™occhio e del cervello. Il punto Q A? ottenuto dalla€™intersezione della semiretta costruita sul segmento WC con il lato del triangolo che si incontra movendosi dal punto W al punto C. RGB a†’ HSI La€™asse della figura solida realizzata dalla€™insieme dei triangoli di cromaticitA  costituisce la€™insieme dei punti dello spazio del colore con saturazione zero per i quali la componente tinta H svanisce diventando nulla.

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