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A few weeks ago, literary agent Jason Allen Ashlock wrote a widely-circulated post arguing against the new breed of agent-publishers. Ultimately, the greatest asset of self-publishing is the potential for total control over your own career. Producing and distributing an e-book can be a daunting venture, and it may very well make sense for you to invest in a package service like the ones I mentioned last week. An agent can be invaluable for a traditionally-published author looking to negotiate electronic rights with his or her publisher. You don’t need me to tell you that the world of publishing is changing rapidly, and agents, publishers, and writers alike are still figuring out what their roles will be as e-books assume a larger part of the market.
There are a wide array of publishing tools indie authors can take advantage if hiring a publishing service is out of the question.
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Join Us – Be SocialJoin us on Linked In, Facebook and Twitter and get the latest news and information on how to improve your written word. Dog Ear Publishing offers completely customized self-publishing services for independent authors. In this age when you can pick yourself and build a platform in no time, this is the question we are all wondering: Can self-publishing actually be done well? Can you create a compelling book without going through the traditional gatekeepers? Is it easy? No way. But you absolutely can self-publish a beautiful-looking book that people will read — if you do it with the right help. Just because it’s easier than ever to self-publish doesn’t mean you should do it too soon. Writing a book is like having a baby — once it’s birthed into the world, there’s nothing you can do to take it back. I used to recommend Lightning Source (now Ingram Spark) over CreateSpace, but in the past few years CreateSpace has made large strides. CreateSpace also has incredible customer service–you can get them to call you immediately at any time, day or night. Either is a good choice, and both will get you automatic print-on-demand distribution through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You might want to look into other subsidy (or hybrid) publishers who do some of the work for you (for a hefty fee), but I would be careful. Moreover, any promises of getting your book into brick-and-mortar stores are very unlikely with these types of publishers. There are millions of books out there and more self-published ones hitting the market every day. Exactly Dave…when you work at something for years you should take the time necessary to do it well!
I honestly didn’t know the difference until I decided to get a test copy printed with all three (Lulu, Createspace, and Lightning Source).
All look good, but I think you would be surprised if you saw all three of mine beside each other. Jeff, thanks for showcasing the author of the best self-pubbed book you’ve ever seen. I would add that well before the book comes out you start building your platform, you’ll have a built in customer base, start blogging about your topic ASAP. I think one new factor in choosing a self-publishing company has to be the distribution options. I live in Nashville, and I’ve self-published two non-fiction books (3 if you count a slight revision of one of them, and I just accepted royalties from the publisher because they formatted, cover-designed, and bound and distributed this one), and yes, hiring a small self-publishing company to help with editing, cover design and distribution is great. Great to read your post here Brandon!  (Jeff, you have excellent taste in guest bloggers!)   Your book has been sitting on my nightstand tempting me all week since our time at Dream Year.  I look forward to starting it this evening. So far I’m still in the red on the book (but it only came out at the first of the year). Jeff (excuse the verbosity in addressing you directly), I have a draft prepared and secured in my hot little hand; What to do if I am considering self-publishing?

Don’t Miss a Thing!Every week, I write new articles on writing, ideas, and making a difference.
You’re in charge of marketing, cover design, editing, distribution, layout, production—the whole package.
But all of those services will charge you a one-time flat fee, whereas an agent-publisher will charge you a commission—meaning that you’ll continue to pay the agent as long as your book is earning money, regardless of whether the agent is still providing a service.
But I can’t see how it benefits a self-published writer to work with an agent-publisher rather than a package editorial service or a market-savvy publicist. I have no doubt that savvy agents will develop new strategies for working with writers, and writers will continue to combine self-publishing and traditional publishing in innovative ways. However, hiring professional services (if you have the funds) can come handy as it polishes your work plus some credible publishing services providers really provide excellent marketing packages which can really boost an author’s publication in terms of market presence. Through motorcycling, Public Safety and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs, provide their members with meaningful social participation and interpersonal relations, which re-establishes meaning and a sense of purpose in their lives.  The salient features of the subculture are brotherhood, the wearing of colours with the 3-piece back patch and riding Harley Davidson motorcycles in group formation. We provide cost-effective, fast, and highly profitable services to publish and distribute independently published books. My only options were to change things about my book that I didn’t want to, or self-publish. So I went to work. Salinger or have a very generous, talented, and experienced friend, please don’t skip this step.
Their print quality is essentially indistinguishable from a traditional publisher now, and they are beyond easy to work with (the same cannot be said of Lightning Source).
I almost went with one before deciding to do it on my own. However, ultimately what swayed me from doing so was their less-than-positive reputation and cost. Maybe a week, if you’re as tired as I was. And then, you’ve got to figure out how to promote the thing. I actually got some review copies of my book printed through Lulu and they do produce a pretty good book. A personal recommendation and high praise go a long way when trying to wade through all the options out there. I’m in the process (editing now) of self-pubbing a novel, and I whole-heartedly agree with your comments about hiring an editor. My editor was more focused on developmental editing (plot, structure, character development, writing quality, etc.).
I heard the news you are referencing, but thought it was only for the actual Amazon-published lines where they are signing authors. There’s a book called POD For Profit that looks bad, but is actually incredibly helpful with all of the details that go into doing it on your own. I’m now reading through POD for Profit, and Shepard is concise in his descriptions regarding Lightening Source and the publishing industry in general. Half the fight in getting accepted as a self publisher is creating a product that LOOKS professional. I feel like after writing a few self-pub books that have done pretty well (by industry standards, exceptionally well) I should have a complimentary marketing & accounting degree. I’ve had some experiences and had to gain a lot of knowledge to deal with some health problems ive dealt with.
This blog is where I share my best work and test out ideas before they make it into my books. Unless the agent can demonstrate marketing or distribution expertise, that kind of arrangement just doesn’t make sense. You don’t need an agent to put you in contact with skilled editors, designers, or publicists; all you need is an Internet connection and a few focused hours of research.
But I think self-published writers should hold out for a business partnership that makes sense—one that’s advantageous for the writer, not just the agent. Each week, I send out a newsletter with free tips on writing and creativity.Start Building Your Audience TodayDownload my free eBook and learn exactly what I did to grow my blog from zero to 100,000 readers in 18 months.
There are a lot of variables that go into how good it looks, such as how your design looks in gloss vs.
It’s pretty straightforward, but leave a comment on the post if you guys have questions!
I’ve heard of self publishers hiring editors, simply to correct spelling and grammar.

You could theoretically make more for each sale by having your own ordering website & shipping copies yourself, but I think it would greatly hurt your sales. I believe well-written books with stories worth reading still garner the attention of readers.
I tell people in my self-pub workshops that they need to be prepared to work their tails off. Working with an agency-publisher seems to me the worst of both worlds: you’re adding the middle man back in, but acquiring none of the benefits.
It can still be difficult (or, in some cases, impossible) for self-published writers to get their books reviewed on blogs or through major media outlets, but partnering with an agent-publisher won’t help you overcome that hurdle.
Dog Ear authors retain all rights and complete creative control throughout the entire self-publishing process.
Check out his novel, Every Bush Is Burning, which is the best self-published book I’ve ever seen.
And that your book will be a much better book with the help of a completely unbiased, knowledgeable, and sometimes vicious, cold-hearted editor to rip your ruinous phrases, ideas, and cliches from you.
I think there will hopefully (no pun intended:) be more options in the future for stories that fall in that camp. But if you’re just looking to get the sales generated by Amazon purchases, CreateSpace might be just fine. I decided for now to make the price as low as possible and focus on Amazon sales, but I could always change it later. There is helpful info on LS’s website, but it is spread out and very difficult to find. I have a friend who went the self-publishing route and the only comment I’ve heard was from his wife.
Mainly you are looking for someone with experience and a good reputation that you work well with. He also points out that this venture is so new agents have yet to amass the contacts, marketing expertise, and technical proficiency to produce and distribute electronic titles. Putting out your book through a traditional publisher gives you access to a professional marketing department and design team, an editor, and all the contacts, expertise, and experience at the publisher’s disposal. I know. I hate to bust the Pulitzer Prize daydream I just sent you into, but come back to reality for a second. Do some take it a step even beyond that and look at the overarching structure and chapter breakdown? A friend of mine published on LuLu, and when I went to try to buy her book, knowing the name, author and publisher, I still could not find it online. Because I have now experienced the process of self-publishing, I can find ways to get that done without going through a company, but I think pricing would still be similar.
I’ll also communicate better with my gifted, talented editor who happens to be my wife (5 for 5 with books up for awards at the 2011 ACFW conference in St. He notes that agents must work proactively to embrace the changing marketplace, better understand the possibilities of electronic titles, and work to find new avenues for their clients’ work.
You still need to pay for people to do cover design, formatting, editing, and purchase ISBNs. Working with an agency-publisher means you’re turning over a share of your profits to a third party—but what are you getting in exchange?
You can go the extra step and pay someone to shoot your books to Kindle or where ever you want.
Agents have no more experience with marketing or distributing e-books than you do, and a number of agent-publishers are charging you a commission just to help you find editorial and design services—which you’ll then have to pay for yourself.
If you do all this yourself, you better decide you’re tech-saavy and willing to learn the processes.
And, as Ashlock notes, you’re out of luck if you decide you’re unhappy with the terms of your agreement with the agent-publisher.

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