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In this age when you can pick yourself and build a platform in no time, this is the question we are all wondering: Can self-publishing actually be done well? Can you create a compelling book without going through the traditional gatekeepers?
Is it easy? No way. But you absolutely can self-publish a beautiful-looking book that people will read — if you do it with the right help. Just because it’s easier than ever to self-publish doesn’t mean you should do it too soon. Writing a book is like having a baby — once it’s birthed into the world, there’s nothing you can do to take it back. I used to recommend Lightning Source (now Ingram Spark) over CreateSpace, but in the past few years CreateSpace has made large strides. CreateSpace also has incredible customer service–you can get them to call you immediately at any time, day or night. Either is a good choice, and both will get you automatic print-on-demand distribution through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
You might want to look into other subsidy (or hybrid) publishers who do some of the work for you (for a hefty fee), but I would be careful. Moreover, any promises of getting your book into brick-and-mortar stores are very unlikely with these types of publishers. There are millions of books out there and more self-published ones hitting the market every day.
Exactly Dave…when you work at something for years you should take the time necessary to do it well!
I honestly didn’t know the difference until I decided to get a test copy printed with all three (Lulu, Createspace, and Lightning Source). All look good, but I think you would be surprised if you saw all three of mine beside each other. Jeff, thanks for showcasing the author of the best self-pubbed book you’ve ever seen. I would add that well before the book comes out you start building your platform, you’ll have a built in customer base, start blogging about your topic ASAP. I think one new factor in choosing a self-publishing company has to be the distribution options.
I live in Nashville, and I’ve self-published two non-fiction books (3 if you count a slight revision of one of them, and I just accepted royalties from the publisher because they formatted, cover-designed, and bound and distributed this one), and yes, hiring a small self-publishing company to help with editing, cover design and distribution is great. Great to read your post here Brandon!  (Jeff, you have excellent taste in guest bloggers!)   Your book has been sitting on my nightstand tempting me all week since our time at Dream Year.  I look forward to starting it this evening.
So far I’m still in the red on the book (but it only came out at the first of the year).
Jeff (excuse the verbosity in addressing you directly), I have a draft prepared and secured in my hot little hand; What to do if I am considering self-publishing? Don’t Miss a Thing!Every week, I write new articles on writing, ideas, and making a difference. Long ago, I was told by people (whom I now like to call literary prudes) that self-published books become pariahs in the literary world. Whether it is one rejection or twenty, authors refuse to be bogged down by it and have instead taken control. So why not strive, invest and reap instead of somebody else investing and reaping with your strife? Even as I write this, an increasing number of main-stream publishers are unlocking their large vaults of knowledge and extending the power of their expertise (editing, cover design, marketing and promotion, pricing etc) to aspiring authors, for a price. And for authors who’d rather put their money on their brains than on a publisher’s ‘side’ venture, there is no dearth of opportunities. In a traditional publishing deal, you give up the copyright of your work to the publishers. In self publishing, you get to retain all the rights; whether it is print or ebook rights, rights by geography or selling the rights to a potential filmmaker, it all depends on you and what vision you have for your book. No query letters, no endless waiting times, no follow-ups, no rejections, no squabbles with the editor on what juicy aspects of the plot you want to retain and what to edit out. You can acquire the coveted ‘published’ author status in a matter of hours, if you are going the e-book route. For instance, after the Twilight series, publishing houses were receiving too many ‘vampire-manuscripts’ but what if your vampire story is brilliant, a potential best-seller and entirely different in premise except for the fact that you chose to write about them, lamias? Hey Sameer and Lavanya, I want to go through the self publishing route through most probably Amazon’s KDP model. We don’t have any specific names to recommend, but you could reach out to book designers across the world via their websites. Now, the first step is to get it translated and for this I’m trying to locate an Urdu to English translator.
I have been an avid follower of the interactions you have with newbie authors and I have found your posts to be very informative and helpful. On the query about next steps, unlike in the west, Indian publishers accept manuscripts directly from authors. An agent would want to know if you’ve already forwarded the proposal to any publishing companies directly. The option of connecting with publishers directly is always open if the literary agent can’t place it. Here’s a post for some additional perspectives: Do you need a literary agent for your book?

Hi Lavanya and Sameer, thanks for sharing your experiences with us newbies… I have written a novel but nobody is publishing it. Elsevier, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Taylor and Francis, Emerald Publishers, etc… I would like to know about outsourcing typesetting jobs given by your organization. I am willing to publish it myself because the offers I am getting from publishing houses are too political.
There are many stories people want to put into print and bind as a book.  Revolution Publishing, A Division of Col-Tab can help you with the process to get a finished book printed and bound.
The self published book pictured on this page was put together by the niece of Virginia Krull who brought into Revolution Publishing all the drawings that Virginia did herself; the drawings were all different sizes. The Self Publishing Roadmap is a multimedia training course for authors who want to take their book publishing destiny into their own hands.
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My only options were to change things about my book that I didn’t want to, or self-publish. So I went to work.
Salinger or have a very generous, talented, and experienced friend, please don’t skip this step. Their print quality is essentially indistinguishable from a traditional publisher now, and they are beyond easy to work with (the same cannot be said of Lightning Source). I almost went with one before deciding to do it on my own. However, ultimately what swayed me from doing so was their less-than-positive reputation and cost.
Maybe a week, if you’re as tired as I was. And then, you’ve got to figure out how to promote the thing.
I actually got some review copies of my book printed through Lulu and they do produce a pretty good book. A personal recommendation and high praise go a long way when trying to wade through all the options out there. I’m in the process (editing now) of self-pubbing a novel, and I whole-heartedly agree with your comments about hiring an editor. My editor was more focused on developmental editing (plot, structure, character development, writing quality, etc.). I heard the news you are referencing, but thought it was only for the actual Amazon-published lines where they are signing authors.
There’s a book called POD For Profit that looks bad, but is actually incredibly helpful with all of the details that go into doing it on your own. I’m now reading through POD for Profit, and Shepard is concise in his descriptions regarding Lightening Source and the publishing industry in general. Half the fight in getting accepted as a self publisher is creating a product that LOOKS professional.
I feel like after writing a few self-pub books that have done pretty well (by industry standards, exceptionally well) I should have a complimentary marketing & accounting degree. I’ve had some experiences and had to gain a lot of knowledge to deal with some health problems ive dealt with. This blog is where I share my best work and test out ideas before they make it into my books. Their sales are tracked separately, they are not considered for popular awards or literary awards and the authors themselves are made to feel to as though they are poor country cousins of a literary world-beater. Whether traditional print mediums or electronic publishing, everything is just a matter of a few clicks or a few calls. Whether it is the price of the book or the royalty that you are going to earn out your work, you make all the decisions. You need to negotiate hard if you want to retain at least some of the rights and you can’t really negotiate when you don’t have too much bargaining power, i.e, if you are the first-time author or if you are an author whose earlier books did not recover costs for the publishers. Often books are rejected despite a fantastic premise, plot and language on the perceived seasonality of the subject matter. Writing, proofing, design, copy-righting, advertising, marketing and promotions, pricing and if you are going the print route – printing and distribution – from ‘manufacturing’ to ‘retailing’, you do it all. If you, like me, don’t feel too confident about marketing your own work, try and hire a PR person to assist you. On the editing request, can you please send across an email with the details to: info at booksoarus dot com?
My book is almost complete.Also I have proof read, edited, formatted and have been doing this consistently. Many of them have a portfolio or covers and in some cases also ready-made covers that you can buy for a nominal price (inclusive of the rights to the images used). She has a lot of short fiction published in an Urdu magazine circulated in Mauritius about a decade ago.
I am personally toying with the idea of approaching an agent, although I must admit that the Internet does create an intimidating picture of agents too, given that I am a first-time author. I am a first time author and am in a quandary myself about whether to go the self publishing or the traditional way. Participants in the Roadmap course make use of the hours of video instruction, audio, and downloads to learn the ins and outs of publishing in this digital era. Each week, I send out a newsletter with free tips on writing and creativity.Start Building Your Audience TodayDownload my free eBook and learn exactly what I did to grow my blog from zero to 100,000 readers in 18 months. There are a lot of variables that go into how good it looks, such as how your design looks in gloss vs.

It’s pretty straightforward, but leave a comment on the post if you guys have questions!
I’ve heard of self publishers hiring editors, simply to correct spelling and grammar.
You could theoretically make more for each sale by having your own ordering website & shipping copies yourself, but I think it would greatly hurt your sales.
I believe well-written books with stories worth reading still garner the attention of readers. I tell people in my self-pub workshops that they need to be prepared to work their tails off. Nobody except the self-publishing arm of a main-stream publisher (if you took that road) and he will tell you that you got your money’s worth. Apart from literary agents, if you can suggest the route to find a good agent or someone like you! I want to bring all of them and more of her work together and get it translated to English and then published. I have a few plots which are fresh too but after being rejected by almost all publishers, i am very disappointed.
Also, I will be glad to process any sample material you may have to convince you of my capabilities. It was a great experience, learning to put it up in Kindle despite the few Hindi words it had. We inserted the text to go with each of the pictures and paginated how they wanted them to be. We can output hard copy proofs for your review and will print and bind after you give us the OK to print. They cover print and ebooks, and offline and online marketing, the Self-Publishing Roadmap provides them with the most powerful, streamlined and convenient training program available for aspiring self-publishers.
Check out his novel, Every Bush Is Burning, which is the best self-published book I’ve ever seen.
And that your book will be a much better book with the help of a completely unbiased, knowledgeable, and sometimes vicious, cold-hearted editor to rip your ruinous phrases, ideas, and cliches from you. I think there will hopefully (no pun intended:) be more options in the future for stories that fall in that camp.
But if you’re just looking to get the sales generated by Amazon purchases, CreateSpace might be just fine.
I decided for now to make the price as low as possible and focus on Amazon sales, but I could always change it later. There is helpful info on LS’s website, but it is spread out and very difficult to find. I have a friend who went the self-publishing route and the only comment I’ve heard was from his wife. Mainly you are looking for someone with experience and a good reputation that you work well with. Whether it is the question of publishers setting up stand-alone self-publishing business units (eg: Partridge Publishing, the offering from the Penguin group) or media houses setting up award pools (Guardian’s monthly quest for the best self-published book in any genre), self publishing has become a phenomenon that cannot be ignored. I know for a good book cover, I do need a professional designer or someone who has a knack for these things. I know. I hate to bust the Pulitzer Prize daydream I just sent you into, but come back to reality for a second.
Do some take it a step even beyond that and look at the overarching structure and chapter breakdown?
A friend of mine published on LuLu, and when I went to try to buy her book, knowing the name, author and publisher, I still could not find it online.
Because I have now experienced the process of self-publishing, I can find ways to get that done without going through a company, but I think pricing would still be similar. I’ll also communicate better with my gifted, talented editor who happens to be my wife (5 for 5 with books up for awards at the 2011 ACFW conference in St. You’ll surely find someone who can put together a good social-media campaign or a print campaign for you.
So could you provide me names or links for a good humble designer who can help me, especially in India as I have seen through the Internet that there are lots of people there in the U.S. Though i am a 30 year old lawyer but am open to join a weekend certificate course, if it really helps. Since I have done everything myself, there were huge learnings and great fun that I have had in the whole process. You still need to pay for people to do cover design, formatting, editing, and purchase ISBNs.
Although traditional publishing is what I have in mind primarily, I also know that publishers are not very kind to newbie authors. You can go the extra step and pay someone to shoot your books to Kindle or where ever you want. If you do all this yourself, you better decide you’re tech-saavy and willing to learn the processes.

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