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Each summer, 80 of the world's most accomplished high school students gather at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for the Research Science Institute (RSI). RSI scholars first participate in a week of intensive STEM classes with accomplished professors. Moreover, advanced technologies brought by Chinese companies have not only given more convenience to the Saudi people in terms of livelihood and economic advancement, but also contribute to the development of the country’s modernization.
The project finished in only 16 months – where in China, a project as big-scaled as this, would normally take up to three years to complete. Huawei, known as China’s most innovative manufacturers and phone service providers, has aided Saudi Arabia’s telecommunications sector immensely. Saudi Arabia has indeed become the company’s most important foreign market, with regional branches present in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah. Further talks have also been made for elevating the Chinese-Saudi bilateral relations during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Saudi Arabia in January 2016 with the chiefs of the Gulf Cooperation Council. But experts warn that such sales, in fact, are driving instability and atrocities across the Middle East—far beyond Yemen.
A top Iranian commander has lashed out at the Saudi aggression against Yemen, saying Riyadh is on the verge of collapse. He called on Iranian officials to pull no punches in hitting out at Saudi Arabia over its aggression against Yemen, saying, “Now that the attacks have been launched [against Yemen], no considerations should be shown” for Riyadh. The air campaign started amid the gains by Yemeni popular committees, backed by Ansarullah Movement, against al-Qaeda. On April 21, Riyadh announced the end of the first phase of its military operation, which has left over 4,000 people dead or injured so far, but airstrikes have continued with Saudi bombers targeting different areas across the country in a new phase. The Saudi-led, US-backed assault on Yemen, now entering its sixth month, continues to take a devastating toll on the country’s civilian population. Local residents said that dozens of workers had been killed and reported pulling charred remains from the rubble of the plant.
This bloody war crime was the latest in a string of airstrikes that have resulted in mass civilian casualties in the Saudi-spearheaded war against the Houthi militias and allied forces.
Residential neighborhoods, factories, ports, schools, hospitals and markets have all been the targets of Saudi-led bombing raids as the coalition, fully backed by the US government, seeks to bring President Abd Rabbuh Monsour Hadi back to power. Amnesty International released a report last month which documented potential “war crimes, by all parties,” including coalition bombing raids on a school being used as a shelter, a food market and a workers’ dormitory. With the support of military forces loyal to former dictator Ali Abduallah Saleh, the Houthi militias consolidated control over much of Yemen’s western provinces in March, including the southern port city of Aden. Facilitated by US military intelligence, logistical support and air tankers to refuel jets, the campaign of nearly continuous airstrikes has been supplemented in recent weeks by a growing ground invasion involving troops from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia as well as Yemeni forces trained by the Saudis. The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that troops from the UAE have been secretly leading the fight in southern Yemen since late July.

The coalition is reportedly preparing a bloodbath in northern Yemen by setting up a three-pronged assault from Saada province in the north, Marib province in the east and Jawf province in the northeast. The Saudi coalition is reportedly calculating that a successful assault on the Houthi stronghold of Saada would deal a fatal blow to the anti-Hadi forces and would facilitate the recapture of Sanaa.
Over the last week, Saudi coalition ground forces have also begun entering Yemen from the northeast and have reached the oil-rich Marib province, which provides Sanaa with electricity and fuel. The Saudi-backed Asharq Al Awsat reported on Monday that Saudi-led ground forces have initiated the third prong of the ground invasion, moving troops into Saada province.
The UN and other humanitarian groups have released repeated statements over the last five months warning of a dire humanitarian crisis in Yemen as a result of the unrelenting aerial assault and blockade of the country. International charity Save the Children warned on Sunday that Al Sabeen Hospital, the main women and children’s hospital in Sanaa, is faced with imminent closure due to a shortage of medical supplies and fuel for power generators.
Since the Saudi-led assault began earlier this year, the number of people in Yemen who lack access to basic health care has increased by 40 percent to 15.2 million. RSI is the first cost-free to students, summer science & engineering program to combine on-campus course work in scientific theory with off-campus work in science and technology research. They read the most current literature in their field, draft and execute a detailed research plan, and deliver conference-style oral and written reports on their findings. The heart of RSI is the five week research internship where students conduct individual projects under the tutelage of mentors who are experienced scientists and researchers. China’s relationship with the Arab world is largely defined by its energy imports such as oil, but also, the presence of automotive vehicles and technology giant such as Huawei gaining much popularity in the country. Ultimately, Muslim pilgrims travelling to the holy lands in 2010 were able to board light-rail trains made in China. Since their inception into the Saudi market in 1999, the number of mobile users in Saudi Arabia increased from 36 million in 2008 to 51 million in 2014. China is Saudi Arabia’s second largest trade partner, with two-way trade reaching USD 69 billion in 2014. It would be interesting to see more future investment opportunities presented for Chinese companies entering Saudi Arabia’s market.
State Department on Friday approved the sale of over 10,000 bombs, munitions, and weapons parts produced by Boeing and Raytheon. The Centre for Research on Globalization will not be responsible for any inaccurate or incorrect statement in this article. At least 36 workers were reported killed Sunday after a Saudi-led coalition jet fighter bombed a water -bottling factory in the Abs District of Hajjah Governorate.
A bombing raid on a dairy and juicing factory in the western port city of Hodeida in April killed at least 37 workers and injured 80 others.
They forced Hadi to flee the country for Saudi Arabia, where he established a government-in-exile.

Nearly 100 UAE troops with unmarked armored vehicles were deployed in Aden and have played a key role in pushing the Houthis out of the city. Several thousand UAE and Saudi forces, along with battle tanks and other armored vehicles, have already been deployed inside Yemen. It is also adjacent to the Al Jawf Governorate, where Houthi forces have reportedly set up trenches and planted mines in preparation for a ground battle. The troops have entrenched in tribal areas outside of the city of Saada, while Saudi planes have been dropping leaflets encouraging residents to support the reinstatement of the Hadi government.
Approximately 21 million people, or 80 percent of the total population, lack access to clean drinking water and are in need of some additional form of humanitarian aid.
The hospital has already run out of IV fluid and ready-made food for malnourished children. The number of children admitted to Yemeni hospitals for malnutrition since March has skyrocketed by 150 percent. During the final week of RSI, students prepare written and oral presentations on their research projects. Given that China and Saudi Arabia are strategic allies, it is not uncommon to see many Saudi products labelled as “made in China”. The construction of the railway gave way to more job opportunities and trained plenty of railway operation management personnel for the country.
The Chinese company teamed up with three local telecom operators and resulted in the employment of more than 1,000 people in the country. The Center of Research on Globalization grants permission to cross-post original Global Research articles on community internet sites as long as the text & title are not modified.
The corpses of 36 workers, many of them burnt or in pieces, were pulled out after an air strike hit the plant this morning,” Hajjah resident Issah Ahmed told Reuters in a phone interview. Since the anti-Houthi offensive began in March, more than 4,300 have been killed, at least half of them civilians. The Saudis have charged that Iran is backing the Houthis, though Iran has denied providing military equipment. It is estimated that more than half a million children will suffer from severe acute malnutrition by the end of the year.

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