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Sales of telematics-based policies are growing as more insurance providers are bringing their black box products to the market. There is a widespread belief that telematics is only available for or best suited to those looking for young drivers insurance.
The sales summary clearly shows a bias towards male motorists and given the high pricing of policies for young male drivers compared to their female counterparts, perhaps this is not surprising.
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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Just when you thought it could not get any better, SalesPad has gone and started implementing a progressive “wish list” of features for 2014. Custom Information Services (CIS) is your best source to learn about SalesPad and many other ISV solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP.
UK-based companies will face a major shake-up in how they conduct consumer sales and marketing activities over the next 12-months in the wake of a raft of new laws and regulations emanating from the UK and European Union (EU). The following is a quick guide to some of these key legal and regulatory changes and more guidance is available in Essential Law for Marketers (2nd edition).
A radical shake up in this area is already underway as the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has signalled a number of important changes that effectively erode the reliance by marketers on an ‘opt-out’ as a strategy for driving direct marketing (DM) and e-commerce activities that may have been prevalent in 2013.
In addition, renewals and win-back strategies – for example, where a customer has cancelled a subscription to a service – will also need to be changed as a result of the EU Data Protection Directive expected to come into force post-May 2014 European Elections. This comes into effect on 1 January and has been heralded as a piece of legislation that swings the pendulum in favour of freedom of expression with a number of changes that impact statements made online and provides more protection to website operators and other online intermediaries. Under the 2013 Act, web site operators now have a new defence where they can show that they didn’t post a defamatory statement on the website. In the latter situation, the website operator needs to act within 48 hours of receiving a complaint by notifying the poster of the statement or if this isn’t possible, to remove the statement within this 48-hour timeframe.
In January, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is expected to publish its proposals on tackling nuisance telemarketing calls. The Government has expressly recognised the call by the ICO for a change in the law to enable it to issue fines against companies that make 100s rather than 1000s of nuisance cold calls as such companies currently fall outside of fines regime. The intention is to make it harder for the cowboys to continue to run such scams, penalise persistent offenders that flout measures such as the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and at the same time improve the perception of telemarketing as a legitimate sales and marketing activity when it’s conducted on a consensual basis.
The Unsolicited Telephone Communications Bill 2014 has implications for companies that carry out any sales and marketing in the UK by telephone or text messaging irrespective of whether that company is UK-based or not. From the 1 April, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) will cease to exist and a new regime for the regulation of consumer credit products under the gaze of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) comes into force. The new watchdog has been given sharper teeth as the Government has indicated it wants to get tougher on sales and marketing practices such as those for popular pay-day loans where there’s a high risk of consumer harm. The FCA will have more of a focus on advertising and promotion of retail financial services than the OFT and the former Financial Services Authority (FSA) that tended to act more like a statutory back-up for the ASA.

For example, the FCA is expected to introduce new rules requiring payday lenders to carry ‘health warnings’ across all advertising. The FCA will operate an interim regime for regulation of consumer credit 1 April 2014 – 1 April 2016 in order to give companies time to adjust to these and other changes in the regulation of the market.
Drinks industry self-regulator The Portman Group will launch the first UK-wide Sponsorship Code that will come into effect on 31 January. The Government is likely to introduce early 2014 new regulations forcing tobacco manufacturers and those of electronic e-cigarettes to provide plain packaging of these products, based on a study into the effect of plain packaging on smoking levels that’s due to be published end of March 2014.
Separately, the ASA is consulting on the advertising and promotion of e-cigarettes that have been exploiting a loophole by running radio commercials on independent radio stations like XFM in London to persuade consumers of the ’safer’ way to get a nicotine ‘hit’.
As discussed in Essential Law for Marketers, the Government has signalled its intention to merge all existing UK consumer protection laws and regulations together with the requirements of the finalised EU Consumer Rights Directive into a single new Consumer Bill of Rights. The Consumer Rights Bill sets out a framework that consolidates in one place consumer rights covering contracts for products and services, digital content and the law on unfair terms in consumer contracts. In the UK, there are 12 existing laws and regulations relating to consumer protection which the Government has said are complex and confusing and not in the best interests of consumers and business. Changes to current legal protections available to consumers will represent “the biggest overhaul of consumer law for decades” according to the Government.
These changes will require a radical readjustment to the many ways that businesses operate at the point of sale.
Marketers operating in Europe should take the opportunity to review their sales and marketing practices, both online and offline to ensure that they will be compliant when the new legislation comes in to force. In 2013, the European Commission published its recommendations on common principles for collective actions in the EU that invited Member States to adopt collective redress mechanisms including injunctions and damages for breaches in EU laws.
On 1 January a new EU-wide Customs Enforcement Regulation comes into force in the UK that aims to increase cross-border protection against the traffic in counterfeit goods, including pharmaceuticals, between Member States or into the EU.
The Regulation implements a more simplified procedure for dealing with suspected counterfeit goods in the absence of a court order across all 28 Member States and in certain circumstances allows brand owners to apply for certain small consignments of fake products to be dealt with automatically by Customs Officers ex officio. The courts increasingly want parties to resolve their contractual disputes without resorting to the courts and instead use ADR. Short Sales Important Update: The Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 will expire at the end of 2012. The use of telematics technology allows insurance providers to monitor driving behaviour and to use this information as a factor in the pricing of insurance policies. However the summary demonstrates that telematics insurance uptake is not restricted to the youngest segments of the population: Although 17 to 24 year-olds are more than twice as likely as the average adult to buy one of these “pay as you drive” insurance policies, 25 to 54s actually make up over 60% of all sales. With more products now being based on mileage rather than daypart restrictions and rewards rather than penalties, there’s a definite appeal to the over 25 age groups. Successful clients in the Distribution and Manufacturing industries have been speaking up about desired features, and the SalesPad Team has listened.

SalesPad, along with Dynamics GP, believes you must constantly adapt to the changing needs of your customers. Some commentators feel this places an onerous administrative burden on website operators and leave a legal question mark over the situation where the poster of the comment is anonymous. These proposals are expected to give more statutory powers to the ICO and regulator Ofcom for taking action against rogue marketers who conduct such activities. Other measures are also expected to include stricter market entry criteria for those wanting to offer consumer credit products such as pay-day loans; appointment of suitably qualified individuals within such organisations to regulate sales and marketing activities and tougher legal redress for consumers when things go wrong. Although the Code is separate from the Code of Practice on Naming, Packaging and Promotions, it’s consistent with existing measures that prevent any type of promotion that may appeal to those under the age of 18 years-old as well as being in alignment with the BCAP and CAP Codes as set down by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).
Currently, the CAP and BCAP Codes don’t regulate e-cigarettes so clarification as to the position of the marketing of these products is expected early 2014. In practical terms, it could mean that Trading Standards can operate over local authority boundaries that they can’t do at present, and provide enforcement agencies sharper teeth to prosecute marketers that habitually flout the new law. In particular, technology, media and telecoms businesses that provide software and entertainment products to consumers to be downloaded at the time of sale will need to be aware of that the changes that will be required. This requires consumer groups to have been identified before a claim can be brought and each member of that group to have ‘opted-in’ to bring a class action to court. In October 2013, the Court of Appeal delivered a judgment that strongly reiterated its support for the role of ADR in civil litigation and confirmed that a party’s silence in the face of a serious invitation to mediate will, as a general rule, be considered unreasonable and will warrant a costs sanction even if there are reasonable grounds to expressly refuse the proposal.
What this means is that Short sale sellers will be getting sent a 1099 for their shortages starting Jan 1, 2013 if this bill is not extended. Call Connection Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (number 308374). This icon template diagram contains the graphic of sales chart, target board and monthly calendar.
We completely agree with this philosophy in everything we do here at Custom Information Services, and we specialize in applying this strategy for clients in the Distribution and Manufacturing industries.
The result is that UK courts could see a rise in class actions and this is likely to accelerate once the Consumer Bill of Rights also becomes law.
Considering some short sales take a year to close, I'd get it listed NOW if you are thinking about short selling! If you are not familiar with the already popular features of SalesPad, then follow this easy link to see how SalesPad can bring a cost effective Sales and Ordering solution to your business. We have been helping business implement technology since 1989 and are a Silver ERP Certified Partner for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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