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A key component in a startup’s formula for success is educating customers about the product and driving sales.
The diagram above outlines a sales and marketing team structure that I’ve observed across many startups.
These three roles (marketing, inbound & outbound SDRs) comprise the marketing function, which is contained in the blue rectangle in this diagram. The Account Executives, in the red Sales rectangle, receive qualified leads from SDRs and should aim to close a high fraction of them. Create an org chart with photos for your organization easily and quickly with a powerful org chart creator. Presenting your employees an org chart that includes photos of all members is a great way to reduce the tendency towards isolationism.
Each photo added have a number of blue handles surrounding it, usually one at each corner and one in the center of each side.
After you replace the photos in the org chart templates, the program automatically resize the photos to fit the shape. Many project-based companies need to apply the matrix organizational structure as they need responsive and effective participation of people from different function units to finish a project. It’s easy to make a matrix org chart like this one if you have the right tool in hand. Use our free matrix org chart templates to create and customize matrix organizational chart for your business. You need to think about many factors except for price when choosing the best org chart creator. By specialized, it means that these tools are professionally designed and can ease the process of org charting.
The org chart often requires update for the high staff turnover especially in large companies.
It is consistent with the organizational design Salesforce used to drive revenue from $0 to $100M, described Aaron Ross’s book, Predictable Revenue.

Marketing teams generate Marketing Qualified Leads through content marketing and lifecycle marketing.
The typical SDR should be able to qualify on the order of 60 to 100 leads per day and generate 250 to 400 high-quality leads per month, depending on the number of calls required to qualify a customer, which is contigent on product complexity.
In Jon Miller’s posts, he reports a 7% qualified lead rate by SDRs and an 80% AE close rate.
Different markets, market segments and products will demand new and novel ways of pursuing the market, but this framework can serve as a roadmap and guide to the basic structure, integration points, and key metrics for each team. To avoid costing too much time, you can do it in another way: creating an org chart in Org Chart Creator, and export to Word document with a single click.
Org Chart Creator is a professional organizational chart program coming with extensive templates and various card shapes for diversified org chart design. Through one button click you can export this ready-made org chart into word document, like inserting a picture in word but with vector format, which is still available to be edited.
Creating in word directly you will have more steps to do and will spend more time to learn.
This article firstly shows you how to achieve an amazing org chart with pictures from scratch. Click the arrow and drag it towards the inside of the photo until it reaches the size you require.
Org Chart Creator contains a broad collection of shapes used for making professional organizational charts.
It will be awesome if the org chart creator can generate, connect, align and space shapes automatically.
Choose the software that offers advanced lay out capacity so that you can lay out the chart in an easy way.
Adding visual elements such as design and color themes, picture inserting and graphics style options are worthy of consideration. Right here, you can learn how to make both simple and complex org chart in PowerPoint format step by step.

Jon Miller, CMO of Marketo, has also written an important blog post on the subject, The Definitive Guide to Sales Development. This feature-rich software contains abundant user-friendly tools such as quick buttons for adding and connecting shapes, re-layout, defining field, data import, data export, etc., which will let you create high quality org chart with the least time and effort. What is amazing about our org chart creator is that, each inserted photo is glued to its target shape.
After you select the shape, click on the default picture to show the blue selection handles. To make a quality matrix organizational chart, the easiest way is always starting from templates.
As for the usability, an effective org chart creator should include the following capabilities.
Our org chart creator is such a tool that is popular all over the world, saving users tons of time moving adjusting and reconnecting shapes. If nit suitable, you can always change the style quickly through the point-and-click editor. After deleting or adding some shapes, 1 click on the Relayout command will rearrange everything perfectly. Because each of their performance metrics are leads, it’s logical to place SDRs within the marketing organization, but some companies embed SDRs in Sales to align the lead quality incentives.
Here we will introduce some nice-looking matrix organizational chart templates from Org Chart Creator.
AEs must receive highly qualified prospectt consistently so trust can be built between the AEs and SDRs. Being able to easily customize the look of your org chart is definitely of great importance.

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