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Salespeople give presentations throughout their career and will be experts at giving presentations to sell products. This is all very well, and you do need to be brief, as you'll only be one part of the board meeting. You should seek independent professional advice before acting upon any information on the BusinessSpeeches website. After co-founding and later selling social email service Inbox2, Dutch entrepreneurs Khuram Hussain and Waseem Sadiq moved on to start a new company called Fileboard. Initially, the startup focused on building a cloud-based file management app for iPad, but the company is slightly pivoting and relaunching today with a sales presentation platform. On a basic level, it enables sales people to present to (potential) customers live remotely, send presentation links and later track engagement, attention and sharing analytics. The founders of the company argue that sales conversations are no longer naturally occurring face-to-face with the rise of digital tools, but that this leaves sellers at least partially blind to a potential buyer’s thoughts and nuances in their communication.
Furthermore, it says, sales people are often required to record virtual meetings within a CRM but can only document the verbal part of conversations, without being privy to the actions taken by the buyer once the meeting or call ends. To solve this, Fileboard aims to give sellers and marketers real-time insights into how potential buyers are interacting with or sharing sales collateral, without requiring anyone to install any additional software.
The Fileboard presents sales people with things like time spent on individual slides, who received a forwarded document or which buyer has not investigated the offering.
In addition, Fileboard captures each communication, offering integration with a variety of CRM systems. The software is free for individual users, but users need to buy a monthly subscription to unlock team features and more. Fileboard has received seed funding from 500 Startups and angel investors like Huddle co-founder Andy Mcloughlin, Caplinked’s Christopher Grey and others.

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Unfortunately, for many salespeople a€“ and potential customers, the Sales Presentation is nothing more than a data dump. The Sales Board’s research on over 350,000 certified salespeople shows that salespeople will never reach their full sales potential without a well-defined Sales Process that matches the Decision Making Process of the buyer. Follow this Sales Process for every Sales CallAction Selling breaks a sales call into nine important components, sequenced in the order of the five buying decisions that every customer makes. The Action Selling Sales Process, shows sales professionals the proper sequence for sales presentations. When this consistent Sales Process is used the Sales Presentation is focused on specific, high-priority needs and is given when the customer is ready to hear it a€“ after the salesperson decision has been made by the buyer. When it comes to presenting to the board of their own company though, the techniques will be subtly different. But you do need to be persuasive, to illustrate why your product or service is superior to competitors, what it can do for them and how it can save money. Marketers can use the gathered analytics to investigate the effectiveness of sales tools and tweak them. When this sales process is implemented, sales presentations are always delivered at the right time and with the right differentiated sales capabilities.
Take our Free Sales Skills Assessment to get detailed recommendations on how to master your Sales Presentation Skill.
The Selling ProcessWhen selling to a customer a salesperson is selling the product or service, although in reality most people in business are aware that it's the personal relationship that the salesperson creates that results in the sale.

Be factual and don't exaggerate, but make sure you weigh things in your favour, and remember, you only have one shot at the board, so make it count. Bottom line: An entire sales career can be mediocre without a clear road map to follow for the sales presentation. But presenting sales figures for the past year or quarter to your own board is different, the selling process will not be about building a relationship in the same way. Have handouts to back up what you say and leave them with everyone so they can consider what you've said later. Apart from anything else, a salesperson presenting to a board will almost certainly be well known to most of the board members.Introducing a Sales Presentation to a BoardThe key to a good introduction is to keep it short. If the presentation is part of a regular board meeting then no one will thank you for making it drag on. If perhaps you dona€™t know a few board members then give them just your name and area of responsibility. For those of you I havena€™t met before my name is Sally Farnsworth, Area Manager for the south, and I'm deputising for the General Sales Manager because he is heading the stand at the conference in Denver this week. Delivering the FiguresIf this is a regular fixture then there'll probably be a template that you can follow in terms of a presentation. I'll talk to the IT team to work out how we can get the figures presented in the way you've requested for the next sales presentation and I will issue a more detailed Far East breakdown by email before the close of business tomorrow.

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