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For those of you who are already following me, then you will know that I have been managing sales for a startup with my senior business partners for the last two years. In order to expand quickly, develop further services and applications for our business we needed to raise venture capital or angel investment. The decks come in Windows PowerPoint format and Apple Mac Keynote format so getting started is quick and easy.
Speaking from personal experience, creating your sales pitch deck is a time consuming but critical process that is fundamental to you successfully getting sales or even invested. Using a pre-constructed template like pitch deck will save you a heap of time, but you will still need to do the hard work and input your content and data into the pitch deck templates.
You will also use your pitch deck as a sales and marketing tool to sell your products or services to your clients.
At end of the day if potential investors can’t understand your business or your operation they won’t invest in you.
The difference between success and failure on an investment pitch deck can be determined in under 30 seconds if your presentation isn’t clear, easy to understand and to the point.
A Fortunately, entrepreneurs (or anyone else planning to pitch a big idea) can take steps to avoid these dreaded feelings and host a successful business presentation. Most people consider planning to consist of creating a wonderfully scripted speech and beautifully designed PowerPoint presentation.
Without trying to stalk these people, you need to know at a minimum their names, career histories and how long theya€™ve been at the company.
One of the worst examples I have seen of the above was a rep presenting his companya€™s resume writing service to a group of students. His presentation wasna€™t remembered for what he was selling; it was remembered for being a waste of time.
When youa€™re tailoring the presentation to your audience, remember that it still needs to be short and sweet. Closer to the time of the meeting, you will want to research the venue, particularly if the location is in uncharted waters. At some point, you should make a checklist of what you require on the day of the presentation. The night before, go through the checklist and test any equipment youa€™re taking with you.
The first thing to do before you even start to present is make sure you either have a glass of water or your own drink at hand. Decide if youa€™d like people to ask any questions as you go along or to wait until the end of the presentation. If you cana€™t pass on that information within one minute, you need to consider adjusting your presentation. By the end of the presentation, the one question that should never be left unanswered is how your proposal will benefit them. Make sure the day after the presentation to send a thank you note to the company you presented to. And if you perform well in your presentation, it wona€™t take long before you reap the rewards. Josh Hansen writes on behalf of Edison Red, a London-based team of experts who help companies and individuals communicate their ideas by improving their presentation skills.
To do this we worked on a number of presentation formats and teaser pages to deliver to our potential investors and business supporters.

You can download the Free pack which includes around 12 free slides, or the paid for option, which I went for, that contains 65 slides in total, colour schemes, stock images and all the core key pages you will need to create a rock solid and kickass investor or sales presentation. You will need a presentation or pitch deck that conveys all your key business information in a clean, contemporary and efficient way. Investors no matter the size, from PE, VC or Angels, are all people who will be making a choice about you and your business. The Management Team and people behind your business or product, this might only be you if you have created your own unique product or programmed your own unique app, or it could be you and your partners if it’s a bigger business, typically a CEO, CTO and COO. The problem what’s the gap or space that your business, service or product fills, show your investors that you have found a hole in the market that you can exploit. The solution What are the benefit’s of your product, service or business that you provide to your customers, users or clients.
Sales & Forecasts This is where you will list your current sales figures if any, or your projections once your product or service sis launched, normally you would be looking at least 5 years projections. Valuation figures This is your valuation – how much your business is worth, including your share offering (Term Sheet). Exit Strategy once your investors have put in the money what’s the long term plan for them and you to exit the business, M&A, Trade Sale, IPO, Management Buyout etc. Ita€™s commonly said that we tend to fear death more than standing in front of a group of people and presenting an idea. If youa€™ve made limited or only minimal preparation, you will fail before you utter your first word.
If those are your first thoughts, perhaps you should consider this question: How does your presentation appeal to your specific audience? Therefore, the first step in preparing for the big presentation is researching who will be listening. If you can also find out what their hobbies are, you can find ways to tailor your presentation to their emotional tugs. He thought he could walk into the room and speak their language, but what transpired was cringe-worthy. Ia€™ve never seen so many postgraduate students texting on their phones and looking on Facebook.
Dona€™t be tempted to join the 25% of businesses that dona€™t update their presentations or use pre-made ones. The average attention span has dropped from 12 minutes a decade ago to just 5 minutes in 2012. Once youa€™ve learned your script off by heart, get colleagues, friends and family to listen to your presentation. If this is the case, you need to get out there to ensure you know your way there and the layout of the room.
Unfortunately, the big windows in the rooma€”which happened to face southa€”were right in front of him, and the bright sunlight prevented him from maintaining eye contact with the audience. And remember to try to keep the first 30 seconds excitinga€”really grab the audiencea€™s attention. Avoid crossing your arms or standing with an object between you and your audience, such as a podium. Thank them for taking the time to listen to you, remind them of how to contact you should they have any further questions and, finally, wish them luck.
However, with the right preparation, body language and engaging content, you will find it easier.

They run one-to-one sessions, as well as in-house and open courses, for a wide range of clients, helping them all to be the best they can be. They run one-on-one sessions, as well as in-house and open courses, for a wide range of clients, helping them to be the best they can be. You pretty much summed up every stage of a presentation; pre-presentation and post-presentation! My CEO and Chairman put in months of work on the presentation, which has been revised numerous times before coming up with a great format. In addition, if there are commonalities between you and the audience (such as golf or tennis), you can create an easy bond that will draw them in.
However, it did demonstrate that the presenter should have researched who he was going to pitch to and how he could connect to his audience.
Information may have changed since you wrote it, and it will be unlikely to suit your audience.
Business managers have limited time, and you may not have their attention long before it drifts onto the next meeting or the next report due in. Images are also an excellent way to convey a message as they are absorbed by the human brain 6,000 times faster than text alone and are six times more memorable.
Dona€™t use too many slides as it can be distracting if youa€™re constantly switching between them.
This helps prepare you and means you wona€™t lose your footing in the presentation when something unexpected is asked. However, he still practiced his script for an average of two full days before he went on stage.
Something as silly as where the light is coming from can have a big impact on your presentation.
Had he known earlier, he could have asked for the rooma€™s orientation to be changed around to avoid this problem.
Ita€™s also advisable to have a professional haircut a couple of days before the presentation and to be clean shaven, if applicable. This ensures that you have the audiencea€™s attention, increasing the chances theya€™ll absorb your message.
For that, they need strong facts and an indication that youa€™re someone they can work with. Follow these tips, and next time youa€™re presenting a proposal, you wona€™t find yourself yearning for death instead. The Internet is a useful place to seek information about those attending, but so are your contacts within the business. Even more unforgivable was that he didna€™t realize 80-90% of the students were foreign, and he had designed the whole pitch around the British student.
It can be hard to put that amount of effort into practicing, but if you can practice for a few hours, you will see vast improvements in your performance. If you know the light will be bright on the right of the room, you can plan to stick to the left, thus preventing being distracted by the sun in your eyes.
Sometimes when people are really enthusiastic, their hand gestures can let them down by portraying someone who is uncontrollable.

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