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It’s 2012 and a lot of people (5.5 million single Americans to be exact) are turning to online dating services to search for their soul mate.
Profiles are great for narrowing the choices but a brief first date can either confirm a good choice or weed out a stinker that crept in under the algorithm. If you are to date three or four where you feel a bit better about getting in the car with your date, take a picture of the license plate and message it to a friend. Your contact knows that, for the moment, things are okay and to wait for the text that you’re heading home. Kristen is the author of the new best-selling book, Rise of the Machines—Human Authors in a Digital World in addition to the #1 best-selling books We Are Not Alone—The Writer’s Guide to Social Media and Are You There, Blog? Given these alarming statistics, parents are encouraged to establish a safety plan before violence occurs, the same way you explained how to respond to a potential fire--Stop, Drop and Roll. Using this same framework, consider sitting down with your teen(s) before they begin dating to discuss the differences between a healthy versus unhealthy relationship. Be sure to review these warning signs with your teens, and then follow these five steps to create a personalized safety plan.
Step 1: Begin by generating a list of trusted adults that your teen can connect with during school hours. Step 2: Encourage your teen to develop a code word that can be used with family members and friends. Step 4: Have your teen memorize important numbers, in the event they do not have access to their phone. If your teen is already in a dating relationship and you suspect abuse, contact your local domestic violence agency to establish a more comprehensive plan. Creating a safety plan with your teen before they begin dating increases the likelihood that they will reach out for support. Here you will find many comprehensive guides to safe online dating that will assist you in meeting that special someone.
Information about scammers and spammers will protect you from the handful of people who use online dating services illegitimately and emotional safety tips will keep your heart intact.

Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. With online dating being all the buzz, it’s important that you have a pleasant experience so you can have the same happiness and success as the 280,000 people who got married last year after meeting online. We’ve also discussed ways to spot on-line predators and some steps for creating profiles guaranteed to pique interest. But this also allows a chance for you to see if there’s any chemistry before you’re stuck spending four hours in this person’s company. Another time, I met a guy for early evening appetizers and he spent the entire hour correcting everything I said…when he wasn’t bashing his ex-girlfriend. Guys, do you really want to spend $200 on dinner and dancing with a woman who looks nothing like her profile picture or who can’t stop complaining about the food, the service, the weather, her job or her ex? This isn’t to assume your date is a serial killer, but it can help your friend or family member find you if you don’t check in. My friend who went out with the “human-pig-octopus” should have had me as a contact and we should have established a seemingly innocent word or phrase that would have alerted me there was trouble. Just because we can’t articulate why we don’t feel good about another person is no reason to ignore our deeper instincts. The first two real dates are vital, and, remember, the other person is still, effectively, a stranger. This might include administrators, teachers, coaches, counselors and school resource officers. Note: It is common for abusers to destroy the personal property of a victim or take away their phone.
You will find valuable online dating advice about making phone calls, meeting online dating partners, travelling overseas and getting married.
We’ve compiled a list of online dating tips for those searching for new relationships that steers you in the right direction, from choosing the right websites to online dating tips and tricks. Even if your date isn’t a psycho out to make a woman suit out of your skin, a first date can still go downhill FAST.

Her “harmless date” turned into a “human-pig-octopus” who couldn’t keep his hands off her, and she ended up having to pay for a cab ride home…but not before her date VERY inappropriately jammed his tongue down her throat. Ladies, do you want to be trapped two to four hours with a guy who has no respect for personal boundaries? If your check-in contact has a license plate, this can help them locate you faster and make sure you’re safe.
Your contact can then call and claim Aunt Tilly had a heart attack and that she’s picking you up on her way to the hospital.
The human brain is an amazing machine and it frequently picks up information we aren’t consciously aware of. Alcohol not only impairs our better judgment, but it also hinders our ability to pick up on red flags. She’s a contributing humor blogger for SocialIn, a blog that reaches 2.5 million and blogs for The Huffington Post.
Give a name, a physical description and maybe even show your friend his profile on-line.  Text when you get to the date. It can also lower inhibitions, making us reveal too much too soon or get physical before the relationship is strong enough to handle that kind of intimacy. You can also follow her author blog here.She is also the Social Media Columnist for Author Magazine.
That first date can go sideways, and do you really want him being able to look up your home address on the on-line White Pages?

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