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But still, if you are feeling sad and alone, and you wish to express your feelings to everyone, then here are some of the best sad text messages which will surely help you in expressing your heart out.
If you have been cheated in love, or you had a fight with your lover and you are feeling sad because of it, then these sad love messages will help you out in expressing yourself. You will never realize the worth of tears, Till the time you have it in your eyes, For the one you love!!
You broke the promise of our love, But I will never break the promise, Which I did with my soul… I will love you always and forever!
How I can forget, the moments we spend together, But it is impossible to forget, the dreams which we saw for our future!
People say it is wise to let go, I say how I can let go, When my heart still has a hope, That he will come back one day! I choose to smile, Rather then crying, Because it is easier to explain the reason behind you smile, Than the reason behind your tears!!
It is really hard, To walk on a the path alone, On which once you walked with the one you love! If you and your girlfriend had a fight or she is far away from you and you are feeling sad and you want to express your sadness to your girlfriend, then send out these wonderful sad messages for girlfriend. We fought, it was our misunderstanding… We though to fall apart, it was our fault… I have realized how important you are for me, Please forgive me, its getting hard for me to breathe! You said not to talk to you ever again, But please explain, Is it possible for a fish to live with water? My heart beats for you, Without you it is going to crack… Please forgive me for my mistake, For, I love you to the moon and back!
Every moment is like a burden to me, It hard getting to live without you; I hope you still have a small place in your heart, Hope you have not found someone new! I thought it will be easier to move on, But when I lived a moment without you, I realized as it is impossible for me to take you out of my mind, Even for a single moment.

As a tear drop rolls out of my eye, My heart makes a silent wish, One day you will forgive for my folly, One day we will be together again.
It is better to realize, that not everything in life is permanent, Neither the feelings Nor is the presence of your loved one.
It is an empty feeling, Like my heart has stopped beating, Oh God, please take away this pain, It is intolerable for me to take this strain. Like plants need water, Like bee needs honey, Like fish needs water, Like moon needs the sun, Like heart need beats, I need you in my life.
When your love is far away, The feeling you get is similar, to what a fish feels without water! That lonely moment, When you badly need a hug from your best friend But you have no one around you, and you are all alone. That worst moment, When you realize, that the one who was once your best friend, is now just a stranger. It is hard to say good bye, To the one who was once your best friend… And it is harder to forget the moments of togetherness, That you and your best friend shared! It is hard to walk, On a path alone, Especially when once your friend promised, To walk with you till the end, and left you in the middle of it.
It is neither about sorry, Not about forgiveness, But it is about broken trusts And shattered faiths! The class room bunks, The canteen fun, The corridor run, The teasing and trolling, The stupid fights for pen and pencil, The tears of joy and laughter, The smiles for vanish the pain… Sad that it is a story of a time bygone, But the memories are fresh in my heart, And nothing can replace those memories ever!
It is hard to fall in love with a person who cannot love you back because he is in love with somebody else. Why love a person who doesn’t love if you can just love somebody who loves you more than you do?
There can be many reasons behind sadness; it can be a heart break, loneliness, missing friends, family, failure etc.

You send out these sad love text messages via SMS or you can update it on facebook, twitter and linkedIn.
Neither words, nor actions… But the most painful thing in the world is, When you love ignores you!
Praying is not the way, Regret is all I have in my heart, But I know regretting is not the way! And in order to help you express your feelings with your close ones, here are some sad break-up messages. Some day the one you love, will walk away leaving you behind, with pain and regret in heart. But at least I am happy that I have beautiful memories with my love, That no one can take away from my heart.
Now that I feel loved by the one who deserves my love, I realized you are not worthy of my love after all. But always remember, not everything in this world is permanent and neither is this sad phase and this sad feeling. Here, you can explore all kinds of sad messages that will suit your situation and will help you in expressing your feelings appropriately. Now that you have slipped off from my life, I realized it was a mistake to hold you tightly.
But there comes a time in life, when you run short of words in expressing the sadness and the reason behind that sadness.
But if you’re feeling blue and want to express it to your friends or to the one you love, here are some sad love messages and sad love quotes that you can use.

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