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68% of consumers trust reviews more when they see both good and bad scores, and 30% suspect censorship or faked reviews when they don’t see bad scores. Negative reviews offer you an opportunity to demonstrate your customer service capabilities. Even after they meet with you or visit your community, you can expect that some families will look for reviews online.
27% of consumers look for reviews when they’re trying to decide between two or three products or services. As we read in a recent New York Times article about reviews, no one of us is as smart as all of us. Question 1: How frequently have you used the Internet in the past year to find a local business? Question 3: What number of online reviews do you consider is enough to prove a specific business to be trustworthy? Question 5: In what way do online reviews from other customers alter your choices when picking a local business to patronize?
Question 6: What is your opinion of online reviews’ reliability relative to personal recommendations? Smart consumers will read online reviews and see if there are many Medical Care Alert complaints about their service. One of the great things about the internet and social media is the ability to access real customer reviews and complaints about products and services.
Some of the reviews are fake, but most people can tell the difference when a company has written a great review about itself (i.e. The latest statistics and trends, which have been compressed into an infographic by Invesp, show that 90% of consumers read online reviews and 88% of them trust the online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So when researching companies, make sure you consider whether the review forum is legitimate, and if the reviewer is legitimate as well. Medical Care Alert has many online reviews on leading customer review sites like Trustpilot, ResellerRatings, Yelp!, Angie’s List, Viewpoints  , BBB and many more.

Their own site posts real reviews and complaints with no filter so users can see for themselves.
About Our Caregiver Tips BlogAny information shared on our "Caregiver Tips" blog is provided for information and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute medical or legal advice.
Our research shows that ratings and reviews provide families with tremendous value and play a strong role in affecting a caregiver’s selection of care. Yes, families want to choose an excellent service services provider — they also want peace of mind. Some families have to make decisions quickly because their loved one’s needs are progressing rapidly. Research says that 38% of consumers look for reviews when they start looking for new products and services. You’ve sweated over every word of your marketing copy, polished your descriptions, and chosen your photos so that you can give families the best impression of your staff and services. You can see great examples of how an effective provider response demonstrates customer service here and here. What are they doing well — and does that inspire any ideas for improving your business?
We help families find information, support, and local services to help with their caregiving journey. Online reviews have risen in the view of many consumers, achieving much greater levels of trust and belief in their reliability.
Reviews found on the Internet increase people’s likelihood of using a local business by 52%, assuming, of course, that the reviews are positive. The results of the two waves were then compared in order to detect changes of consumer opinion over time. This means that reviews are viewed as more trustworthy and informative, since most people view that fewer reviews are needed to give a clear picture of a local business’ quality. A large number of reviews makes consumers believe the averaged rating (for example, in stars, numerical rating, etc.) more and lessens the number they actually feel they need to read.

Location and price seem to be declining as decision-making factors relative to good online reviews. Online reviews are becoming more trusted and more appreciated as guides to local business patronage as consumers become more familiar and comfortable with the concept. They are coming to be viewed as quick, accessible sources of accurate information about businesses.
Finally, the clarity and quick snapshot of quality offered by star-ranked reviews is becoming a central tool of consumer decision-making, and a vital boost to any business’ chances of success.
In other words, more people read reviews as part of their pre-purchase research before buying a product or service.
Ratings and reviews might even be more important to senior care services than to other industries. Other families are trying to make decisions from a distance. For these families, anything that increases efficiency in the search for senior services is a welcome help. Reviews help families figure out which providers to call, what to look for, and what to questions to ask.
A total of 4,500 local consumers were picked to be part of the survey panel for the 2012 Survey, of whom 2,862 eventually responded and provided their answers to the survey’s questions. Our information is to assist you in your selection of a Personal Emergency Response System. Even if they’re posted by strangers, reviews are trusted even more than TV, radio, newspaper, or magazine ads. But reviews are often heartfelt, convey emotion, and contain stories with little details that bring your business to life. Voracious information-seeking has become deeply ingrained in many consumers, and we can envision no scenario in which they will see traditional marketing as a better provider of product information.

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