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OverviewThe late 80s and early 90s was a time of creativity, life, and death for a group of friends. Jasmine is best known for her work on Channel 4's award-winning show A Place in the Sun - Home or Away, and has filmed over 200 episodes all over the world. Since 2004 when Jasmine was selected from hundreds of applicants to present A Place in the Sun – Home or Away, it has gone from strength to strength. The programme is also broadcast daily on More4, Discovery Real Time and Travel & Living, as well as channels throughout Europe and the rest of the world, some as far-reaching as New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.
Jasmine has also featured in property, travel and health & fitness programmes for GMTV, This Morning, The Travel Channel and Wedding TV. Jasmine is an in-demand writer and commentator on topics such as overseas property, travel and homes, and has written features for Company, Living Abroad, and My Travel magazines. She appears at A Place in the Sun LIVE giving presentations on her top tips for buying property abroad.
Prior to working in television, Jasmine had a successful career in the Health Club industry.
From skiing on the Austrian Alps to discovering perfect pizza in Puglia, Jasmine finds time to sneak away to some of her favourite holiday destinations found whilst travelling the globe with A Place In The Sun. She grew up in Hackney, East London but has defected and gone South of the river where she now lives with husband Jon and their dog Shadow! HP actions are lawsuits brought by tenants or groups of tenants against landlords to force them to repair bad conditions and provide essential services, like heat and hot water. Send your landlord a dated letter listing all the bad conditions in your apartment or building and demanding that the landlord repair these conditions.
Call the Code Enforcement Unit of HPD and ask them to send an inspector to your building to record the violations.
When the inspector comes to your apartment, follow him or her around to point out violations that might otherwise be missed, such as a fallen ceiling in a closet. Keep a record of the days you do not have enough heat and hot water using the "Heat and Hot Water Record" (see Sample D side 1, side 2). It is not necessary to do all of these things before going to court, but doing them makes your case stronger. If the essential services are not restored with police intervention, or if other conditions still need to be fixed, start your HP action right away. The papers needed to start an HP action are an Order to Show Cause and a Verified Petition. On the form that says "Verified Petition" on the upper right hand side (Sample G) fill in all of the violations both in your apartment and in the building as a whole. If you are filing an HP action as a group, each individual tenant must fill out and sign a separate Affidavit listing all of the violations in his or her apartment. At the time you initiate the action, the Clerk will also assist you in filling out a form to request an inspection before the court date. The Order to Show Cause itself will tell you how to serve copies of the papers on both the landlord and the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD). The court will retain the original Order to Show Cause (OTSC) so that it can be placed on the court's calendar.
When your case is called, if you are ready to proceed with your case, answer "tenant ready." Then, one of several things may happen. A lawyer for the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) may represent the Department and assist you at the trial.
If the landlord does not answer at all, you will have an "inquest." This is a one-sided trial at which you present your evidence. The landlord may answer "application." This means the landlord wants an adjournment, or delay of the case, to another day. If you are not ready for the trial, answer "tenant application" and explain to the judge why you need an adjournment. If HPD has recorded violations in your building or apartment, they should show up on a courtroom computer. Depending upon the severity of the violations, the landlord will have set time limits within which to make the repairs.
If the landlord does not make the repairs within the time ordered by the judge, you can bring the case back to court for civil penalties against the landlord.
When you return to court for civil penalties, you may be able to settle the case by having the landlord pay a fine.
If your building is really in awful shape or you are a large tenants' group, you also might try to contact the original HPD attorney that you spoke with when the order was entered to see whether HPD would consider taking your building as a "comprehensive case." This means that HPD will bring its own case against the landlord on behalf of the tenants in your building. Penalties can also be imposed on the landlord for contempt of court (willfully refusing to obey a court order). Getting a judge to find a landlord in contempt involves intricate legal technicalities for which you will probably need a lawyer. If the landlord makes the repairs but you are dissatisfied with the way the work was done, you can also restore the case to the calendar for civil penalties and request a hearing to prove that the landlord failed to comply with the court order. If, however, you or the tenants in your building have problems that you cannot solve on your own, contact one of the community organizations, Legal Services or Legal Aid offices below.
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Being in their early twenties, their idealism often conflicts with the need to find steady employment or even pay their bills.
From Bavaria to Barbados, Sydney to Slovenia and Tobago to Tenerife, no stone has been left unturned on her quest to travel the globe and find the best properties for her house-hunters.
Recently nominated for RTS and Broadcast awards and winner of a prestigious TRIC award, it has proven to be extremely popular in it's prime slot as part of Channel 4's Friday evening line-up, where it has more than doubled previous ratings. She is a natural and popular presenter who represents a generation of stylish, 30-something women.
She is the resident travel columnist at LOOK magazine where you can read her weekly travel tips, and a regular contributor to A Place in the Sun magazine. Jasmine is also a regular on BBC Radio Kent where she joins PJ and Harris for some Showbiz Gossip on the Sunday Supplement. She is a qualified fitness instructor and lived in the Algarve for several years, working as Marketing Manager for a luxury health resort. She enjoys boxercise, salsa and Savate as well as pampering herself with beauty treatments and holistic therapies. Our apartment finder tool makes it easy .Search 13 Rental Properties in San Juan Capistrano, California. A landlord's failure to make a repair or provide an important service is a violation of the New York City Building Code. It is best to send this letter by certified mail, return receipt requested, AND by regular mail.
Use a thermometer to record the temperature inside; listen to the radio or call the Weather Bureau (212-976-1212) to get the outside temperature.
If the emergency situation involves denying you essential services such as shutting off your heat, hot water, electrical or gas services, you should also call the police (either "911" or your local precinct).
Ask to speak to the supervisor or desk sergeant if the officer you speak to will not respond. One person from the group should take responsibility for putting all the public area violations on his or her Affidavit.
The judge will most likely order you to mail copies to them by certified mail, return receipt requested.
If you step out for a few minutes you may not hear your name, and your case will also be dismissed even though you were there. In this case the court or an HPD attorney will discuss your case with you and your landlord. Unless you also want a postponement, you should oppose this by telling the judge that you are ready to prove your case. You may need time, for example, to get a witness or to compile evidence to help you win the case. The best settlement for a tenant is to have the landlord consent to an order to correct the violations. Bring as much proof as you can, such as witnesses, letters, documents, records and photographs. If this happens, tell the judge that you object and ask that the hearing cover only the violations. You will be given a letter to use to restore the case to the calendar on the date you first appeared in court. A landlord found guilty of civil contempt can be required to pay a fine to the tenant (not the City) in the amount of the damage caused. If you want to seek contempt penalties, contact one of the Legal Services or Legal Aid offices listed at the end of this pamphlet or a private attorney, if you can afford one.
They can insure that you get the services you pay for, from heat and hot water to good plumbing, extermination, and a locked front door.
Passage wasn’t going to dump the customary very long hood and limited back again deck outline that have been indicators of the Mustang considering that it broke spread fifty several years prior. In the function that in any scenario you need all the extra new autos wallpapers, you can see an accumulation pictures of autos other. This iconic pony is present from 1964 and just after a 50 % of a century it is still a single of the most cherished autos on the sector. Produced and engineered on its own, the Mustang convertible has layout cues to tell apart it in the fastback style. When landlord Benny approaches his friends Mark and Roger, inquiring about paying their rent on Christmas Eve, they are outraged by the request. It was here that she began writing professionally and developed her passion for broadcast, hosting her own twice-weekly live magazine show on the Algarve’s most popular radio station - Kiss FM.
She has been a vegetarian for almost 30 years and really enjoys experimenting with new recipes and cuisines.
When you withhold your rent, your landlord will usually send you a dispossess notice that requires you to go to court to explain why the rent was not paid. A denial of your essential cervices is an unlawful eviction, which is a crime in New York City. Refer the police to Procedure Number 117-11 of their patrol guide, which describes what the police should do. The Clerk will give you a poor person's order to fill out and will tell you to go to a judge in the building to have it signed. The judge can order you to serve them in another way, such as by BOTH regular AND certified mail.
If there is an inspection report and the landlord agrees to repair the listed violations, you will enter into a consent order with the landlord, in which he will agree to make repairs within specific time periods depending on the seriousness of the violations.
You will be questioned directly by the judge regarding service and conditions in your apartment. Hazardous "B" violations (peeling paint, broken windows or mice, for example), must be corrected within 30 days.

Contempt penalties are always at least $250 and can be more if specific damages are proven. It was Mark and Roger’s impression that Benny had promised them free rent for the duration of their stay.
If landlords refuse to make repairs ordered by the court, they can be fined or even jailed. Call every day until you get results and have other tenants in your building do the same thing.
The police are supposed to arrest your landlord if he or she refuses to restore your essential services when ordered to do so by the police. You must bring with you the certified mailing receipts with the certified numbers on them from the post office, for your landlord and for HPD. Following this, the judge will likely order the landlord to correct all the violations on the inspection report. If you oppose the adjournment, the judge will decide whether to hold the trial or delay it.
This letter must be filled out and must not have a court date earlier than 8 days from the date of service. In extreme cases, the landlord can even be sent to jail and fined $1,000 for criminal contempt.
Find Morton Grove apartments, condos, town homes, single family homes and much more on Trulia.. Benny makes a deal with the two, citing if they can convince mutual friend Maureen to cancel a protest later in the evening, the boys will never have to worry about rent again. This section tells you how to start an HP action, how to handle the case in court, and how to follow up to make sure the violations are actually corrected.
In an HP action you take your landlord to court and the case deals only with the conditions in your apartment or building. This is most important if there is an emergency repair in your apartment and you want the City of New York to make repairs.
If you forget to list an item and then try to mention it in court, the court will not consider it because it was not included in the papers served on the landlord. If you try to deliver them in person and the landlord or the landlord's agent refuses to accept them, leave them there anyway. Also, take with you the green return receipt cards if you have received them and your Affidavit of Service. If you need to take the case back to court because the landlord has not made the repairs, try to contact the HPD attorney first. In this situation it also may be possible to ask the judge to consider additional conditions. If the judge decides to delay the case, urge the judge to grant only a short delay, especially where your conditions are serious. You should also remember that all fines levied against the landlord in a civil penalties hearing go to the City and not to the tenant. Do not hold up your case waiting for the inspector because the Court will order an inspection when you file the case. It is unlikely that a tenant group will qualify for poor person's relief even though individually you might. The Affidavit must be filled out and notarized and must describe how you served the papers.
At the trial if the judge finds that there are violations, the judge will order the landlord to remove the violations within a stated number of days, depending on how serious the violations are. The order will be written by the clerk and will be mailed to you and served on your landlord by HPD. Also, ask the judge to mark the file on your case "final against landlord." This means that the trial must be held on the new date and that the landlord cannot get another adjournment for any reason. Nevertheless, civil penalties are very important tools to force the landlord to do the work. Also, the Court will find your testimony more credible if you have a list made at the time you had no heat or hot water. If the landlord does not make the repairs within the stated time, you can take the case back to court for ~ hearing on fines against the landlord. Two copies of the letters must be sent to the landlord, one by regular mail and one by certified mail. It is important to make the calls even if you don't see immediate results because you are making a paper record that may prove useful in court later. If you aren't home on your inspection date it is possible that the court will adjourn your case for another inspection. Your only option will be to start the case over or make a motion to vacate the dismissal if you had a very good reason for being late. If you use a separate sheet, be sure to put the case name and index number on the extra sheet.
If you do not serve the papers properly, or can't prove that you did your case will be dismissed and you will have to start all over. Also have with you the certified mailing receipt as well as the green card if it has been returned to you.

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