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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have all but put out a statement confirming their back together, and in honor of their romantic reunion, we’re putting you to the test on the relationship! Although they’ve taken extremely different paths since calling off their engagement more than two years ago, time has brought Miley and Liam back together! Things must’ve gotten back on track REAL quick for these two, though, because Miley’s already wearing her engagement ring again, according to a new report! Won’t it be nice to find out the state of your marriage, so that you can do something about it? Gottman, after spending thousands of hours watching, interviewing and counselling couples, is able to tell within minutes whether a relationship is weak and headed for a breakdown or strong and will happily last for life. Below is a series of questions (22) he has developed to help people evaluate the state of their relationship. To learn more about what makes marriages work, read “10 lessons to transform your marriage,” by John Gottman.
Regardless, they fell in love and are one of the more beloved couples in Anne of Green Gables.

Three time Emmy-award and Peabody-award winning Sullivan Entertainment is an international media production and distribution company. I too scored 100%…Love, love, love to watch this show, one of my all time favorites!! I got 100%, and I’m so glad because Anne of Green Gables is my favorite book series, and the movies with Megan Follows are some of my favorite movies.
Things are heating up between these two once again, so we’re taking a trip down memory lane and reliving some of the most important moments of their past relationship.
John Gottman has developed a simple effective quiz on how to gauge the state of your marriage. From its humble beginnings of childhood infatuation, to sweeping adult romance, the road there was a bit of a bumpy one for Anne and Gilbert. With a vast inventory of programming from all genres, including mini and long-form series, feature films, and children’s and comedy specials, the company has become renowned for providing audiences around the world primarily with lavish period escapism, for over 30 years. To hear more about Miley and Liam, head over to iTunes and download the latest HollywoodLife podcast for free!

Alright, you’re refreshed on what’s going on right now, but what about the past!? Feel the love, get the Anne of Green Gables Romance CD and the Love Poster which features the scene from question 6! With Secret Life of The American Teenager ending in 2013, we're reliving all of Ricky and Amy's cutest moments, but how well do you know their relationship? Take the quiz above NOW and find out how well-versed you are in Miley and Liam’s love life together!

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