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Expert relationship advice was needed by the time Sebastian and Rachel had been married for seven years, for it was becoming clear to their friends that all wasna€™t well between them. When Rachel and Sebastian came to see me for relationship problem advice it was obvious that their marriage was on the rocks and had been floundering for some time.
I explained to both of them that we each have our own set of values and, no matter what we might say to others, we will always act according to our own highest values.

Sometimes people do not recognise openly what are their values, but they certainly act in accordance with them. In order for Rachel and Sebastian to begin to get over their difficulties, they needed expert relationship advice and to be brutally honest with themselves and each other.
I should interpose here that because we each have a different set of values, it doesna€™t mean that some values are right and others are wrong; they are just different.

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