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You are Beautiful (in a world that is telling woman so many things about their appearance, this one is my absolute favorite).
We all know how important frequent date nights are for keeping the fire burning with our spouse.
But when money is tight, or a babysitter is nowhere to be found, keeping a regular date night can be a challenge. We’ve scoured the web, looking for the best, cheapest, most creative stay-at-home date nights and compiled a list of the top 20 we found online. Crepes in Paris (no ticket required): Spend an evening in Paris right in your very own home enjoying create-your-own-crepes and creative spouse caricatures.
Kid-Free Slumber Party: Make a cozy pallet for you and your spouse on the living room floor [with] lots of blankets, pillows, snacks, and movies.
Out of Character: Dress up as an actor from a movie and pick the character for each other (think Tom Cruise in Risky Business).
Dance the night away: It has all the intimacy of a club without the downside of slipping in spilled drinks.
Vacation Planning Date: Turn planning your next vacation into a fabulous and fun date night with our great printables!
Get a Taste of Another Culture: Plan out a delish meal of Paella and sangria, prepare it together and then dig in. Wine Bar at Home: Buy a few different bottles of wine (get 20 great picks under $20), make a plate of meats and cheeses, light some candles and load up your iPod with your favorite tunes. The more I got to know her, the more I realized how deep that happiness ran (and her passion for practicing gratitude daily). This much I know about Kim: she loves her husband, she adores her family, she is living the life she most desires, and she’s pretty darn happy!
Have you ever gotten into an apocalyptic battle a civil discussion with your husband about how you are being treated like a slave are not feeling appreciated? Did you gain insight and perspective, or did one or both of you just ultimately walk away from the conversation with more hurt feelings? Some time ago my hubby and I learned a better way to handle these situations, and we always come away feeling more enlightened and connected. Your husband may need some time to think, possibly beyond today, especially if he feels he’s being pressured to give the “right answer”, which is probably not his true answer.
Once he shares what makes him feel loved, be sure to do more of that, and you will be delighted by the results! Filed Under: Featured Posts Tagged With: Forgiving, Healthy relationship, I LOVE YOU, LOVE, Rekindle your relationship, Relationship, Wife, YOU ARE BEAUTIFULIs my relationship healthy?
April 2, 2014 by admin Here is a great article from Is my relationship healthy? You want to date your husband, but you are out of money, you can’t find a sitter, or you are just plain sick of the same old thing?
2.Print out the following questions using the printer friendly button at the bottom of this post. Filed Under: Featured Posts Tagged With: Healthy relationship, Husband, LOVE, Rekindle your relationship, RelationshipDo ex boyfriends always come back these days? March 29, 2014 by admin OK girls, here are some facts you probably need to know about your guy. You may not believe me but it is true, every man has the innate ability to think about nothing. Females believe their partners are emotionally shallow but this is wrong, men do not show their emotions readily but they have strong emotions and often very deep. You need to take these simple facts in and they will help you understand him better and hopefully with understanding will come a better appreciation of your man and what is driving him to be the way he is. Filed Under: Featured Posts Tagged With: Communication, Do boyfriends come back?, Get Your Ex Back, LOVE, RelationshipWhat to do when your husband cheats? So many other questions come to mind and I would imagine have done for so many years for so many women. 31% of marriages last after cheating has been found out, while 50% of all marriages end in divorce. So, lots of statistics, but does this help forgiving your man for potentially committing one of the ultimate sins?
For you to forgive him, you will need time and space to give this the thought it deserves, this is obviously an enormous blow to you.
Women over the years have been told it is their fault if their man strays, which is ridiculous as you know. Forgiving someone for cheating has to be one of the most difficult things you can ever do in your life but it is possible and I hope the thoughts here can help you.
We have some breakup advice here, showing you the biggest break up mistakes, you may well be making right now, hopefully not but read on and see.
It is crucial you do not do any of these mistakes, even if you have a heart that is broken. Harassing your ex with millions of emails, thinking volumes of stuff will make them think more of you. Don’t call them all day, every day, the same as the email harassment, they need space, not your pointless messages. Some people who have been dumped after often trying to beg, feel real anger and resentment and the only way to feel some self respect and better about the situation is to threaten your ex.
March 27, 2014 by admin Leave a Comment I know you are here because you are struggling with a really tough situation, I have been there and you don’t know what to do for the best, breaking up with a loved one is so painful.
But I think I can help you, I have found a Southern guy, who has a Southern drawl but he knows what he is talking about. This guy has helped over 50,000 people across 77 countries and I would love you to meet him, his name is T. You could be going about this all wrong… He tells you what you should do when you contact your ex next.

He can do more than help you in surviving a breakup, he can help you get back with your ex. Good luck in surviving a breakup, your breakup, but please remember, you don’t have to only survive it you can rebuild it. I'm going to go off the assumption you misspelled "write" on purpose for the sake of not thinking you're a complete moron. You are a bleating foal, a curdled staggering mutant dwarf smeared richly with the effluvia and offal accompanying your alleged birth into this world.
You are unreservedly pathetic, starved for attention, and lost in a land that reality forgot.
Yes, Jessica, I too want to slice you open with my light saber and immerse myself in your smelly guts. With every pat on the ass of encouragement from the comments left as a result of your cut-and-paste charade - including my own - you have proven that you are a cancer, most likely festering with each commendation.
The line about crawling up inside her like a Tuantuan was used in the Comedy Roast fo Flavor Flav regarding Lisa Lampanelli's vagina. That’s why we’re here for you with some inspirational moving on quotes to help you get through the pain! Great quotes about moving on in life, letting go of the past, and moving forwards to success and inner happiness. Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories! However, there are some things that most people do not consider when getting over a breakup.
You could have previous established or hidden emotional disorders or dysfunctions that will leave you feeling more than just the normal grief. Other factors also influence how we handle getting over a breakup, and that is why sometimes your everyday, generic advice is not going to help.
Getting over a breakup involves gratefulness, awareness and the determination to work through each step a€“ and to not become trapped in any one of the steps or in any of the pain.
There is absolutely nothing good about being trapped in hurt emotions, all while looking out at the world that you desperately want to belong to once again.
To make her love you again, you can read onformation at the website, How to Win Your Girlfriend Back.
Using your tripod or Apple photo booth, snap pics together in various rooms of your home for memories you’ll never forget. We call it a ‘slumber party.‘ It’s a little silly, but super fun and makes us enjoy the little things in life.
Your kids and future posterity will be so grateful and it is so fun to go back and read (or watch) years down the road.
Create some sparks with your sweetheart with this free printable that puts a romantic spin on the classic game of Memory! I’ve been thinking about the things that I do or could do that show you I love you, and I wonder if you would share something I do that makes you feel loved. No matter how long you have been marriage, this is one fun way to get you talking, thinking, and spending quality time together. If you weren’t in the profession you are now, what would be your dream profession and why? If your house were on fire and you had a chance to grab only 3 material items, what would they be? With so many marriages failing, what steps can you and I take to ensure that we stay close as a couple physically, emotionally and spiritually? You seem to struggle to relate to the guy you love, you don’t always speak the same language as each other. But these flare ups do not need to happen, girls just need to better understand their guys. He may not say he loves you every day but deep down his love for his family and you is very strong. Well yes they do come back, not always but as you can see from this list, there are lots of things you can do to control your guy. Divorce has only been an option recently for women to get out of their marriage if there was cheating involved. So there is a good deal of hope in survival after cheating, if that is what you want to do. Probably not, but it gives you some context and shows it is really worth the effort as it can work. You need to really consider what it means to you and what YOU want to do with your life next.
So if he is trying to get back into your life, there is nothing wrong in watching him work at it and dragging it out, after all it was his fault.
It is not going to be easy, but if YOU want to do this after giving yourself time and careful consideration, I applaud your strength of character and wish you all the best in the world. If you do manage to avoid these, your chances will jump to over 60% to get back with your ex.
It all depends on how it is done, if you can do this successfully, they will get jealous, which works.
And for a guy this is a tricky one… But the act is showing them you will do whatever it takes to get back into their lives. Your ex may ask you to change something they do not like about you and in your desperation, you may say you will change Be very careful here as you may not be able to change or worse you may not need to change, and your ex will not think any more of you, if you just jump to their command. I really like what he says about how you can really turn this around if you stop what you are doing and follow his advice. An insensate, blinking calf, meaningful to nobody, abandoned by the puke-drooling, giggling beasts who sired you and then killed themselves in recognition of what they had done.
And what meaning do you expect your delusionally self-important statements of unknowing, inexperienced opinion to have with us?

I don't have enough strength left to deride your ignorant questions and half baked comments about unimportant trivia, or any of the rest of this drivel.
When you replace your ex partner in your life with the new grief in your life you become reliant and comfortable within your own misery. I wrote a report about getting over a breakup that talks about the other reasons why you may be so stuck in the pain a€¦ it also talks about the tools for a healthy recovery. If you feel trapped by the pain and feel you are not getting over the breakup, it is time to seek professional advice, or to read further at Getting Over a Breakup. You can either make a meal together or divide up the courses between each of you and surprise the other with your sweet & savory creations.
For example, if you choose an Italian theme, you could eat spaghetti and gelato, then watch a movie like The Italian Job or Life is Beautiful.
I’m not even close to fitting into mine), light dozens of tea candles, and have a romantic, fancy dinner. Plan for quiet time together, just the two of you (no television or other distractions), perhaps by taking a walk, relaxing after a meal, or just getting comfortable.
Guys say things that hurt you but were not intended to and then guys get very confused when they get the cold shoulder and tears come into play. He wants everything the way it is, so no exercise, no healthy eating, same chair in front of the tv, same car, same, same, same. You need to take as much time as you need, you are in control now, no-one else, no-one else can call the shots now. And although it cannot remove the pain, it in some small way helps you and you deserve some small payback.
To be honest I am not sure if he can you in your particular situation, but you have nothing to lose by watching his great videos, no bs, just straight talking advice, you can use right now.. What fantasy do you hold that you would believe that your tiny-fisted tantrums would have more weight than that of a leprous desert rat, spinning rabidly in a circle, waiting for the bite of the snake?
Maybe later in life, after you have learned to read, write, spell, and count, you will have more success. Oh, and share these on your Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, whatever – just to show everyone how strong you really are.
There is too much information in the eBook to write it all here, but it is available to read right now if you want to. Once you understand your emotions, your hurt, your fears and your desires better, you will be able to breeze right through the breakup of your relationship as if it were just a weekend getaway. Some other fun theme ideas: Mexican, Asian, Christmas, Kid’s theme, 1950?s (or any decade), etcetera.
Scary isn’t it but great information for you, so you know when you want to make changes, he may freak out !! Marriages can and do survive cheating a lot these days, in fact statistically the amount of cheating is incredible but also the amount of marriages that survive is also quite incredible.
But if you know he has no chance, it won’t make you feel better if you let him squirm for too long. You need to get back into their lives on an equal footing, not just for the things you can do. In fact he has a video that can help you RIGHT NOW and I would love for you to watch it here. As we say in the Army, I'll bet you couldn't pour piss out of a boot with instructions printed on the heel.
Stupid, so stupid it goes way beyond the stupid we know into a whole different dimension of stupid.
True, these are rudimentary skills that many of us "normal" people take for granted that everyone has an easy time of mastering. Sometimes, no matter how many friends, family or pictures of Zayn Malik you have by your side, it can still be hard to move past the heartbreak. We become comfortable with the day-to-day routines of our lives and we may get shaky should those normal routines change or alter in any way. Getting close is the point, and what better way to get close to your spouse than dancing in your own private gala? Apparently just over 40% of marriages have either partner admitting to cheating and what is interesting is the fact the numbers are quite equal between the sexes.
You must not let anybody push you into any decisions until you are ready, if you do anything before you are good and ready, it could cause you to close down and prevent you from being able to think straight, which is not good for you, your marriage or anyone. But we sometimes forget that there are "challenged" persons in this world who find these things more difficult. There’s an excellent possibility he may not answer with the ONE THING that you are sure makes his heart sing.
Try to edit your responses of unnecessary material before attempting to impress us with your insight. The evidence that you are a nincompoop will still be available to readers, but they will be able to access it more rapidly. Your goal is to gather quality information and act with awareness so your husband will feel deeply loved. Would that a hawk pick you up, drive its beak into your brain, and upon finding it rancid set you loose to fly briefly before spattering the ocean rocks with the frothy pink shame of your ignoble blood. I wish you the best of luck in the emotional, and social struggles that seem to be placing such a demand on you.
Some pure essence of a stupid so uncontaminated by anything else as to be beyond the laws of physics that we know.

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