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Renting a home, condominium, or apartment for the first three to five years is more prudent than buying, Greiner says.
Greiner suggests that in addition to health-care insurance, strongly consider disability insurance. Eventually, says Greiner, your savings and investments will allow you to place that 15 to 20 percent down payment on your first home.
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But Daniel Greiner, finance professor at the IU Kelley School of Business, says early financial planning is crucial.

Greiner’s plan for young couples seeking to invest is simple: “Create a diverse portfolio with a low-fee index fund, such as Vanguard. As someone recently hit by a health issue that left him unable to work for a year, he says, “I’m so glad I bought disability insurance.
This step may not seem important, but it actually puts a firm foundation under your financial future and gives you more options to build wealth as you go forward.
A good start, he says, is to begin building enough savings for at least a 15 percent down payment on a house. Put about 65 percent of your money in stocks, 35 percent in bonds.” Don’t over-manage your investments at this point, he says.

When it comes to organizing your financial lives, “there’s an attitude you’ve got to bring to it,” Greiner laughs. Here are four suggestions to build wealth and manage risk exposure during the first five to ten years of a relationship.
This includes being honest with your partner about your financial situation and always reading the fine print when it comes to financial matters.

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