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If you want to ask why a word can't be typed, your signature's been changed, or a post has been deleted see the Forum Rules. Skimlinks adds tracking to some, primarily retailers' links, to show they come from this forum. I don't think I can go into work tomorrow if I cant decide on whether it is ok to wear this tie. It's pretty clear if ND is going to try and play a "spread power" offense, if there is such a thing, that they need to get field turf installed ASAP. I'm fine with things as is if you are going to be a playaction, pound it up the middle kind of team.
But it is pretty clear that the type of athletes ND are getting on offense are going to be utilized best on a "fast" surface.

That said, I can't wait to see how the offensive skill players look on the field at Oklahoma. Still looks like normal grass but holds up much better, especially in conditions like yesterday.
Though, considering how wet it was, I was pretty impressed with how the field held up yesterday.
Yeah, I'm not even saying it HAS to be field turf, but the current field doesn't take advantage of the athletes ND has. If you can get a grass field like they have in Florida, I'd be all for it, but this climate and subsoil just don't allow it.
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The weather at ND is too soggy to ever take advantage of the speed we have around the edge.

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