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There is a lot of relationship advice out there; friends, family, and coworkers are willing and eager to share their thoughts. I’ve worked with couples who go to bed angry and wake up calmer and with a clearer mind. If there is a problem with your partner’s family, it will not magically go away once rings are exchanged. If there is something that you feel very strongly about, either behaviorally (smoking, drinking, gambling) or emotionally (fear of dogs, desire for children, religion), do not go into a committed relationship with someone hoping that they will see things differently, change religions, or modify their behavior in any way (see #10).
If you have to convince yourself of this, you’re not only wrong, but why in the world would you want to test it? Last updated: 5 Sep 2013Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed. We often ask for relationship advice from our friends, parents, co-workers and even strangers (because sometimes it is easier to pour your heart out to a complete stranger than to a best friend). Sometimes we get good advice, sometimes we just get an understanding shoulder to cry on and sometimes we get heart-felt and sincere advice, that is. Because any advice that you receive from people that like you, is rooted deeply in their personal beliefs, past experiences and popular assumptions. So why look for the right person to help you with your relationships, when there is timeless and very practical advice that spiritual people from all ages have left us. I guarantee that if you follow at least some of it, your relationships with other people will bloom, arguments will get resolved and past hurt will be forgotten. This is probably one of the most widely-known and frequently repeated quotes and for this reason it is also one of the most overlooked as well. But if you take this pure gold advice and apply it on a smaller scale, like daily interactions between people, then you will get a real life transformation. Because instead of blindly reacting (and overreacting) to situations, you will become more conscious about your actions. Because if you want your world to be a better place, you should be the first one willing to change. One of the best spiritual practices that you can adopt in life is to always try to place yourself in another persona€™ shoes. Whenever you face another person, be it your spouse, your boss or a total stranger, try to understand what are they going through, what it is like to be them, why do they say what they say and do what they do.
When we think about negative emotions, lack of trust is never the first one that comes to mind.

The problem is that if we dona€™t trust our partner 100%, if we give another person an assignment and expect them to mess up, then we are the ones creating what psychologists call a€?self-fulfilling propheciesa€?. You can use this knowledge to improve your own relationships, learning little by little to trust people and to expect the best from them, creating new positive self-fulfilling prophesies. Friendship is among the most fundamental of human needs, and nothing is going to change this.
If i was 2 go back to my past i'll correct my mistakes n make a better life than my present life.
Even people who are deeply connected may not realize that you desperately want a party for your 30th birthday, or that you are longing for her to plan a date night, or you expect her to initiate sex.
While you might not view your marriage vows as important, the government takes a bit of a different view. And there is no guarantee that THEIR beliefs, opinions and past experiences will help you with YOUR relationships. Do you want a driver not to honk at you three times, because you got distracted and did not go as soon as the light changed to green?
If you learn just this one skill, you will excel in any area of your life, be it your relationships or your career. You will soon discover that every single one of us has loved someone, lost something and is still longing for happiness.
We are all equal particles in the Universe and other peoplea€™s joys and sufferings affect us as well (even when we dona€™t realize it). Such negative emotions as resentment, hatred, anger and a secret desire to see another person punished, bruises YOUR heart, not theirs.
Many of us have come to believe that we can only count on ourselves if we want to achieve anything worthwhile. Our positive or negative expectations about circumstances, events or people actions affect and change peoplea€™s behavior causing those expectations to be fulfilled.
If your husband comes home after a long work day, dona€™t assume that he will be stressed out or in a bad mood. Dreams themselves can never be achieved -but when you turn them into goals with a workable plan, literally anything is possible.
It might be true that no one will ever love you exactly like someone else,  you will be loved again.
If you and your partner don’t agree on this, problem solve together to find a solution that works for both of you.

Even couples who have to live apart for school or other family obligations for long periods of time find it difficult to regain connection. Consider this – do you really want to be carrying a secret for the rest of your life? Forcing Doug to endure round after round of golf does not mean that he will grow closer to Jane; it means he will resent Jane and golf. When we hear about changing the world, we think of grand problems like world hunger, racism or global warming. I know that it is not always easy to a€?turn the other cheeka€? and respond with kindness to negativity, but at least try to rise above it. If your friend usually arrives 10-15 minutes late for appointments, make a mental effort to imagine them being on time for every encounter with you. Asking for what you need does not lessen its importance and does not take away its meaning. Long distance relationships can work, but they’re never ideal and they take a great deal of work and patience.
You have to defend your rights and what you believe in, but it does not mean that you should try to hurt or humiliate another person, just because you have been treated badly first. That people may sometimes hurt us, betray us or promise something and then forget about it. If your boss does not act very friendly around you, dona€™t assume that he is an arrogant jerk and that you will never get a raise from him.
It serves as a perfect a€?excusea€™ for the times when you dona€™t feel like chatting with passengers in your car. Enjoy your time apart from one another and appreciate your partner for whom they are independent of you. And just like we often find justifications for our own shortcomings, we need to make an effort to forgive others. So we think that it is better to expect the worst and not to give people a second chance to hurt us.

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