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I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destinationDo it now. When I make new friends, I like to freak them out by either sharing an embarrassing story about myself, or asking them so many questions they think I work for the government. If you’re in a car with a man and he starts to get fresh with his hands, tell him to knock it off. My bridal edition Betty Crocker Cookbook suggested that I put on a pretty dress and makeup before my husband gets home from a long day at work. As soon as I find out, I’m going to bottle it and rub it all over the man snoring next to me. Mad props to the Super Cool Lady Writers for playing along, and an extra fist bump to Abby’s grandmother, who can really dish some badass advice. Jenn’s review is incredible, and I will be basing all other reviews forever on her gold standard.

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I remember your grandpa would come downstairs while I was doing the washing and bend me over the washing machine. If you can both deal with how horribly annoying and freakish each of you are, then it’s a match made for all eternity. My Grandma (AKA, Grandma Hot Pussy Pants) always has some fantastic advice on marriage and life.
It can make you smile all day like an idiot, and burst into tears sometimes.Relationships are delicate and need constant nurturing. With our lives so busy, there are times when we forget to tell our near and dear ones how much we love them.
Look deep inside your heart and if you can truly say you gave it your best shot, gave it your all, but it didn’t work out, then let it go.

That is why you need to thank these people in your lives, who work hard to ensure that you stay happy and healthy. Quotes about relationship are the best way to let people know that you appreciate their help, kindness, and acts of goodwill.
Quotes on relationshipSimply message your beloved ones of the quotes and they will know how much you value them. You need not wait for the perfect day or moment for thanking someone because every moment is perfect. Hope you like these quotes with pictures DISCLAIMER: All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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