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My dear friends, think about what leads to being possessive in the family and in a relationship of couples.
First  jealousy always causes uncertainty , if you know your worth, you cannot change that one as easily as you change a shirt.
Our partner is someone we chose to have, and we cannot force that person to change to what we want that person to be.
I think we are all jealous, but we have to keep it in moderation. I cannot imagine life more horrible than one in which some feelings are not being channeled carefully can become dangerous.
We must be very careful because many times we self-destruct with unfounded jealousy and make life of couples very difficult to bear.
We could define jealousy as an emotional state that an anxious person has and is characterized by fear of the prospect of losing what one has, or is deemed to have, or should have such as love, power, social or professional image.

The jealous person is insecure, feels that everyone has abandoned him, has a low self-esteem and that makes him very aggressive with their partners and their environment. It is very difficult to live with a jealous person. Do not feed the monster that lives within you. Destroy it or else it will eventually destroy you and those around you.
Even writing these typical questions is a tiring task. Imagine in a real life of a person who just goes home and finds those questions which has no end. I think most or all have a bit of jealousy in any field, but we have to have it under control. To love somebody, you have to give what you can without thinking of getting something in return. We must overcome these trances, and the best we can do is have a dialogue with the person whom you have the problem with. Communication is vital to achieve a healthy and happy life.

Our relations will be better, and therefore our daily lives will be easier, with more happiness. If all else fail, you can be sure that you did all the things possible and with that, your conscience will be clear. You have to be careful because almost everything has an end, and love can also have expiration dates.

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