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With an alarming escalating frequency families are being devastatingly torn apart by the power struggle of conflicting ideas and intentions surrounding culture, politics, race relations, education, child rearing, economics, and other concerns critical to the family structure.
Often times people (myself included) feel that we can mix any ingredients or personalities together haphazardly & HOPE for a sweet tasting cake of a relationship to come out of the oven! But this book provides tried and true recipes for the morsels of family decadence we all desire.

This work address the challenge of imparting healthy values to a current or former spouses while also fighting to safeguard the minds and spirits of your children.
HRU Yuya's book is a cookbook to life's real sweetness & an almanac for authentic happiness.
Through the methods provided herein you will learn how to choose your long-term partner more wisely and end the mayhem of cross-cultural mismatching in your relationship and home.

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