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The wedding season is nearly here again, so, as hundreds of thousands of couples, all around the world fret about who to invite and who not to, and they brainstorm about all fine details of their big day, here’s some funny advice for newlyweds that will help them ensure that they have a long lasting and loving marriage. Our next funny marriage advice for newlyweds is for husbands: it is a proven fact that a gold band on the wedding finger of a woman flicks a hormonal switch that in her body that makes her broody, mature and always right. Like we said, you are not going to change your husband, so don’t torment yourself with romantic novels. Our next funny marriage advice for newlyweds will be on toilet etiquette. It is not advisable to enter the bathroom within twenty minutes of your husband having done so. Practice your aim and remember these simple rules: toilet seat goes down after use, and, when necessary, open bathroom window when finished. When she asks what time you have to leave home to make an appointment, always add one hour safety margin to allow for makeup disasters and last minute ‘essential’ phone calls to friends. The happiest marriages are not those where couples say they have the best of everything, they are those where couples try and make the best of everything that they have.
This may be good advice for some couples, but for those of us who grew up with siblings and are fairly proficient at the teasing thing, you may find the line between teasing that’s playful and teasing that’s just highly irritating is easy to accidentally cross. Newlyweds are told time and time and again by the well-intended that the first year is the worst. While you certainly ought to make a big deal of that special first week, remember it’s just the beginning of a lifetime together. While it’s probably helpful to be in a good financial position, if you hold off getting married (or having kids) until you’re in the perfectly flush, mortgaged paid off etc… well. Download The Money Dominating ToolkitTM and join a community of 20,000 who are building wealth on their terms. There is a lot that goes into making a relationship work, and finances can often bog a couple down. To many, managing finances separately seems to be the most logical choice in skirting stress, but in fact, it can irritate the issue.
Making any and all financial decisions together is the key to avoiding any mishaps, personal or financial. The first conversation newlyweds should have (financially—the rest is not really my business) should be regarding personal accounts and any debt you have.
This information is particularly important, because it will serve as the foundation upon which you will set your financial goals.

If you can, get a financial professional to manage this portfolio, because it is important that you lay out where you stand financially as a couple, and what your expectations for each other are, and what your mutual goals are for the next ten years.
Cars are essentially a money pit—they constantly decrease in value, require money for maintenance, and let’s not forget funds for fuel. If you and your spouse can do without a vehicle (or two if you both have one), maybe it’s time to sell and look into options such as public transportation or carpooling.
Below is a sample calculator that newlyweds can use to better determine their household expenses. Finding a combination that works best for you and your partner is all part of the newlywed game, so be patient, and know that getting financially efficient and settled takes time. Just remember, the key to success is cooperation, and both parties need to come to a comfortable understanding of budgets, responsibilities, and future goals. Angie Picardo is a staff writer for NerdWallet, a personal finance website dedicated to helping newlyweds find the best credit cards to finance their happily ever after. Great article…my wife and I after 3 years have definitely settled into a great routine that works out well.
True wedded harmony is achieved by accepting that there are two parties in the marriage: one who is always right and one who is the husband. If you think that you are going to knock those rough edges off him, you are going to be very disappointed. You’re in the real world now, complete with smelly socks, untidiness and various forms of gross behaviour. Also, until your husband is fully house trained, it is always best to wear shoes, when venturing in the bathroom.
If you’re the advice-giving sort, maybe check the list below before you start dishing out any pearls of wisdom too liberally. In hindsight you may regret not putting more of that money aside to make it easier to enjoy regular quality holidays throughout your marriage. As crazy as it seems, this misguided little advice-nugget is doing the rounds a lot more than you might realize.
Don’t enter into it lightly, hoping that the right feelings will fall into place at some point. When you apply for a mortgage, the bank runs a credit report on both of you, so if one spouse has bad credit, it will negatively affect the loan.

And while it may not be the most fun or pleasant, you should list assets like checking and savings accounts, 401(k)s, stock or bond investments, real estate, jewelry and other valuables in their portfolios. If you find yourselves trying to “keep up with the Joneses,” so to speak, really assess how much of your funds you’re utilizing.
Be modest in your search; a little elbow grease is nothing compared to a staggering mortgage payment.
A joint bank account requires complete trust and cooperation, with both parties willing to check in occasionally with common expenses.
Whether this requires a weekly meeting, or simply a mutual promise to contribute and help out, it is important that both people are on board. Well, at least, for the first six months of your marriage, and then the rule might be relaxed a little, but only for looking!
But forcing yourself to stay awake till 3AM hashing out the same drama over and over certainly has a downside! If you try and cool overheated ceramics too fast, the whole shebang’s liable to blow up in your face. If you’re going out to eat twice a week or more, chances are you are wasting a good portion of your potential savings.
Money is often a sensitive subject for married couples, but it doesn’t have to be, and creating the kind of environment where each partner can converse is step one. We both have our spending limits at around $500 with no consultation (not hard and fast but its a decent guideline). Instead, little things like preparing more meals at home or having a movie night at home rather than going out can make a big difference. Making a budget or hiring a financial planner is a good way to help you reach these financial goals. There is no question where your money is, and can each pay bills as they come, without necessarily assigning specific bills to one another.

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