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She constantly seeks out ways to improve her life by setting goals and work towards achieving them.
Aren’t you tired of dating low quality women that doesn’t add anything special to your life?
If you’ve read my other posts about dating and relationships, one repeating theme you’ll notice is that I always stress working on yourself.
It’s not complicated at all but for most men, the work required to make changes in their lives are just that, too much work for them. The high quality man knows that to attract the high quality woman of his dreams, he has to make his life so fucking interesting, so fucking exciting, so fucking desirable that when the woman of his dreams does cross his path, he’ll be in the best possible position. He doesn’t have to search or exert much effort, simply because he is so desirable that low quality women won’t even approach him because he’s intimidating. Real high quality men have something substantial to bring to the relationship table and expect the same in return. That’s why you should must be focusing all of your time and resources into creating the high quality life instead of chasing the low quality women. World Traveler, Writer, Philosopher, Ink Connoisseur, Wine Spectator, Book Lover and Science Junkie - I provide insights into dating and relationships for men.
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She respects herself as well as others but isn’t afraid to speak her mind if she’s being treated poorly. She does not fear hard work because she understands that hard work is the vehicle to reach her dreams fueled by her motivation. If you want to attract a high quality woman then you must relentlessly focus on being a high quality man. If a man doesn’t have anything unique or different to offer in some way that will benefit a high quality woman then she won’t waste her time. Only when you’ve become the high quality man, will you start to attract the high quality women. They are out there right now working on themselves, because they know they have to be the best version of themselves as well to attract high quality men.
Right, you won’t have to waste your energy creating her, she’s already done the work for you. If a high quality woman was looking for you in a crowd, do you think she’ll be able to spot you?
She has the character traits, the background, the looks, and whatever else you deem in a high quality woman that you’re attracted to.
She understands what’s best for her and avoid the people and associations that derails her from living the life she wants.

But the high quality woman will have no problem approaching him because she knows that she’s of high quality herself. She understands the value of her time and energy so she doesn’t waste it on men that will not benefit her in any way. She understands how precious her life is and fiercely protects it from those who wish to bring her down. They have no choice but to settle for women that doesn’t add value to their lives, but take value. You have to offer her something beyond what other men can’t and that’s being the BEST version of yourself you can possibly attain. You’ve decided that life is too short to be unhappy and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make it a reality.
If by chance (extremely low chance) you two start dating, do you think you’ll be able to keep her interest long?

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