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Today, we got another picture of Revolutionary And Touchy Relationship Quotes, in this relationship quotes category, we also provide some title as relationship without trust won’t go anywhere, let him know what you feel, relationship thoughts by mandy hale, i have a heart but now it has gone from me to you, when you meet the right person you know it, and much other interesting stuf. All brand names and trademarks mentioned in this site are the property of their respective owners.
Dating back from the creation of the first man till now, women have been the cynosure of the world.
A man doesn’t have a womb; a woman possess that airbag within her, that room where you and I stayed for 9 months before we embarked on this journey called life. It is quite unfortunate and very worrisome that majority of girls that exist in this generation are not prospective African women. Some married ones can’t even hold their homes together, they go around making gossips; ignoring the fire that burns in their home while looking for the smoke in someone else’ home. No girl wants to date a hustler, whatever happened to planning your life with your future partner….? A developed society is made up of a healthy family, but what we have in our hands now are broken marriages.
Ladies, kindly revisit the African history, study and imbibe our culture into the western ideology, and be that virtuous woman you ought to be. Recent commentsgtcradio on Doctor gives blood for Ebola-infected Dallas nurse Nina Phamgtcradio on Unbelievable!!

NYC Relationship Expert - Susan Winter - Modern Dating Advice, Love Advice, Self-esteem and higher thinking.
They are of the school of thought that being submissive to the opposite gender is slavery, they are all about making the money and earning fame in return.
A woman is the heart of the home, but the ones we have in the making if care isn’t taken will be the termites of their own homes. Make sure you view all of the Revolutionary And Touchy Relationship Quotes photograph, and the full page gallery as well.
These group of ladies have trampled on, and made mess of the values of a true African lady. Perhaps it is about love, yet it takes a lot more than the ordinary love to keep a marriage together. It is often said, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman.” Who is behind the men who have failed? They have lost the respect for our culture – becoming a slave to the western (lifestyle) ideology. Even when you didn’t know anything, you could discern her voice whenever she sang you a lullaby.
Being sharp is when you take a cue from someone, but it is the highest level of frivolity not to be creative and moderate while doing so.

At the sight of the dollar sign, some girls drool, “as long as he’s rich, there’s no problem.” They conclusively jump into marriage when they aren’t ripe for it. If you think I’m slandering, then you need to visit a court of law and see how many marriages are being dissolved each day. The rate at which some ladies walk naked on the street just to get attention is very alarming. An average woman in her lifetime makes at least 2 major sacrifices for her children at her own expense. Imagine someone (video vixen) whose boobs are almost dropping while featuring in a musical video calling herself decent. Gone are those days when our ancestors (women) married for the tangibility they see in men, reverse is the case these days – patience is a waste of time.
It will interest you to know that most men are greater failures, after all men are the head of the house.

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