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Redbox Codes for Free Movie Rentals 2016HUGE listing of all current Redbox codes available. Hi thrifty housewives!  Be the hero to your family’s entertainment budget and be frugal today with Home Ever After! Your kids (and spouse) may be drooling over the newest video games for Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to buy the new games.  That doesn’t even mean you have to spend money renting them the new games. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not suggesting that you be the mean mom that doesn’t let them have any fun!  Why pay for movie and game rentals when you can always get them for free?  Today’s frugal tip is a way you can make every Friday night a party with new release movie rentals and video game rentals that won’t cost you a penny! Here is a frugal mom’s best secret for movie and game freebies from Redbox ( you know, the red machines you see in the lobby of the grocery store, outside your gas station, and just about everywhere else these days).
Because I love free movie rentals so much, I wrote a huge master list of free Redbox promo codes that are constantly updated.  Here is my list of free Redbox codes that has special codes you can enter in the Redbox kiosk to get your movies and games COMPLETELY FREE!

When you pick your movie, just enter the promo code at checkout and your balance will be reduced to $0.  You can use each Redbox code once per credit card, so if you want to use the same code to get 3 free movies, just rent each movie by swiping a different credit card.  The card is just to make sure they can charge you late fees in case you don’t return the movie, so make sure you turn them in on time!
Always be the free entertainment hero to your family!  It’s okay to tell them it’s free – they’ll still think you’re the coolest mom around.
You can see all of the previous days of frugal tips here from my series Be Frugal Today: 365 Days of Frugal Tips.
Be Frugal Today #5: Use Redbox Promo Codes to Get Free Movies and Games on Home Ever After is linked  up to Frugal Friday, Works for Me Wednesday and the Frugal Days Sustainable Ways blog hop.
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This one is good for a free one day rental when you reserve your movie online or in the Redbox app.

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