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While the road to success in any endeavor is not always a straight or simple line to draw, its so important to allow yourself to really go after things you passionately want.
While I definitively don’t advocate becoming a single-minded person that falls into imbalance, you gotta want things to get up and move toward making them happen.
You have to want things badly enough to think at a higher level,  live on a more intuitive plane and leap over the obstacles in your way.

Add passion and you suddenly can access so much more energy, skill, intuition and even talent!
The worst thing that will happen if you live with passion as you move toward your desires  is that you will have to try again, and that is exciting because with each try you have a chance at success.
You gotta want it, and not abstractly…but with real purpose and a sense of the end product really driving you to reach each landmark.

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