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This pragmatic course exposes the hidden secrets to delivering captivating radio presentations.
Marine VHF Radio Course to prepare for Restricted Certificate of Competency Supplied courtesy of Ger Keeling. Modern Marine Radio There are a number of radio bands allocated specifically for marine use.
Control of Marine VHF Radio In the Republic of Ireland the use of Marine VHF is controlled by the Minister for Communications The laws are applicable within the state and on Irish registered vessels The owner is responsible for ensuring that the set is licensed and that the conditions of license are observed.
It is compulsory to identify yourself on every transmission When a Radio Installation is licensed, a registered Call Sign is issued This will be some combination of letters and numbers, which is internationally registered.

What is Radio Radio is a type of natural radiated energy, known as Electro-magnetic Radiation (EMR) Since it’s discovery, we have learned to transmit and receive it and harness it for many uses.
Wavelength Nowadays we tend to describe radio waves in terms of frequency rather than wavelength Wavelength is more commonly used to describe the higher frequency waves..
Signal Propagation Frequencies below approx 3Mhz follow along the earth’s curved surface and are therefore described as “Ground Waves” ( e.g. Short Wave Propogation The earth’s atmosphere is surrounded by layers of charged gas particles, referred to as the “Ionosphere” Frequencies between approx 3Mhz and 30Mhz tend to reflect off the Ionosphere.
Basic Radio Receiver Receiver 157.0 MHz Receiver only listens to signals on it’s tuned frequency.

Calling another Station Name of station being called and call sign (if applicable) Repeat up to three times This is Name of calling station and call sign (if applicable) Repeat up to three times Message to be sent Over Ross Turk, Misha, Misha Channel Six If no response, wait for approx three minutes and try again. It offers a crash experience to beginners, while for those that are already in the industry, the course provides them an opportunity to break out of their comfort zone and reinvigorate their style of doing raio.
Irish Call Signs are generally in the form EI XXXX It is acceptable to use the vessel’s name or a combination of both the name and call sign.

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