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I start every new week by saying "happy Monday," but truth is Monday's can often seem hard and frustrating and everything but happy. Awe super cute quote <3 Lovely.xxIf you have a free moment I would so appreciate if you could check out my new post!
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Father’s Day is a celebrated joyfully around the world as an acknowledgement and tribute to all the Fathers. Father’s Day is a day where you realize that how much your family means to you, specially your father. How many of you feel that among your parents Father is a symbol of strength, security, protection and friendship.

You may in your life span have disrespected your father on few occasions, hurt his feelings or made him feel bad, or even neglected him, Father’s Day is the best time to make up for such bad moments.
Father’s Day may is happily celebrated across the world according to different cultures and traditions.
On Father’s Day many children go out with their parents and sincerely dedicate the whole day to their family in order to make their father happy. How about trying your hand at some of the finest Happy Father’s Day pictures and quotes?
I have managed to secure the best collection of Happy Father’s Day pictures and quotes for you in this post.
This year on Happy Father’s Day, provide your father with the honor and respect you deserve.

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