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Your free Equifax report lists all your credit lines including credit cards and other loans, recent credit inquiries, public records, and other personal information. Your free Equifax credit score is specifically the newest VantageScore 3.0 which was unveiled in 2013 and has the same scale as FICO 300-850. You will see advertising of various financing offers based on your information (mortgage, auto loans, credit cards, personal loans). Prior to early 2014, Quizzle used to give out Experian-based credit scores twice a year, but Credit Sesame already gave Experian-based scores for free every month so it wasn’t very appealing. In summary, I am glad this service exists and I don’t mind being pitched a mortgage loan consultation every six months in exchange for a free official Equifax credit report and credit score.
You have the links there for credit sesame and credit karma – are these essentially similar services to Quizzle? That’s a good point, and why I have credit monitoring set up with all three credit bureaus through these services as well.
Yes, Credit Sesame and Credit Karma are essentially the same services but for the other two major credit bureaus.
I was not offer the free monitoring, so Jonathan you were right it’s only available for selected group.
Looks like Quizzle does send you a reminder to update your credit scores for free on Day 169 since the last time you did it.
I am wanting to delete my account and do not want monthly charges taken out from my debit card but there’s no contact information for quizzle ir quizzlepro.
Most people seem to buy a new cell phone, TV, computer and other electronic equipment on a regular basis.
Cathy is the founder of Chief Family Officer, where you can get daily updates on the hottest deals, and tips to achieve financial freedom and family bliss.
Free Credit Score & Free Credit ReportQuizzle is the totally free and easy way to manage your personal finances.

The truth about free credit scores - MSN MoneyIf you're curious about your credit scores, you might have tried one of the . The VantageScore credit score is used by thousands of lenders, including the nation’s largest banks, in their credit card, auto lending and mortgage businesses.
Any thoughts if it’s worth disputing with Equifax if the report shows the wrong middle initial for me? I would suggest filing a dispute, although it may not have an impact on you right now, down the line having the wrong middle name or initial on your credit report could come back to hurt you.
This is an independently-owned site and all opinions expressed are my own and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by anyone else. And one way to offset the cost of that new equipment is to sell your old equipment when you no longer need it.
The more original components you can include with your equipment, the more money you can get back. Equipment that looks like it was taken care of can command a higher price than equipment that looks like it was abused. The most popular items are Apple products, especially iPhones, but other brands of smartphones, tablets and laptops also do well. Selling the items yourself through web sites like Craiglist or eBay will likely get you the most money, especially if your items are recent models. You can see how much they’ll give you for a specific item by searching their web site, and get step by step directions on how to send in your items and receive money in exchange. UPSIDE: Two Free Credit Score Sites - Quizzle and CreditKarma Yes, Virginia, there really is such a thing as a free credit score.
Many websites allow you to get a free credit report but Quizzle shows you your actual credit score for free.
Getting your free credit report and score in Quizzle does not take away any points from your credit .

So try to find any cables, chargers, accessories, original packaging, manuals, and software that you may have held onto.
Don’t expect to get much for digital cameras, storage devices, MP3 players and printers. However, you’ll need to weed out crackpots and scam artists, as well as be willing and able to monitor responses to your ad. While you generally won’t get top dollar at these locations, you can use the money or store credit to buy something that you were going to spend money on anyway. For example, Best Buy will give you a quote for your item online, then issue you a gift card in store when you bring in your item.
Quizzle is a free personal finance site that helps you manage your home, money and credit in one spot. There's a web site called Quizzle that you can sign up for free, answer a few questions, and get a .
The biggest benefit of Quizzle is that it provides users free access to their Experian credit score and credit report.
Successfully taking on responsible amounts of debt and diligently paying it off is a major part of building your credit history and scores.
If your credit score is poor, but your spouse's is good, is there hope for qualifying for a better credit card, auto loan, .

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