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July 25, 2012 Home, Home Buying & Selling, Quizzle News & FeaturesComments Off on Denied a Mortgage? Almost half of all refinance applications get turned down and about 30 percent of purchasers’ share the same fate. Ask the actual person handling your application to explain your denial in as much detail as possible. If the property you’re borrowing against isn’t sufficiently valued for the loan you need, it can derail things. Appraisals can vary substantially, and while you’re legally entitled to a rebuttal, they rarely result in higher appraised property value. Most lenders use Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s guidelines—a 45 percent debt-to-income ratio—but some are tougher. It takes 30 to 90 days for payments to show up on your credit report, but you can speed things up. By paying down bills, balancing debt-to-income, building a solid payment history, and monitoring your credit reports and scores, you can prepare for another run at a loan. Free Credit Score & Free Credit ReportQuizzle is the totally free and easy way to manage your personal finances. The truth about free credit scores - MSN MoneyIf you're curious about your credit scores, you might have tried one of the . If you’re an American Express customer, you may be getting some cash back in the near future – a federal agency has ordered the credit card issuer to refund cardholders $60 million because it falsely advertised a service it did not provide. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is a federal agency created in 2011 to oversee how financial products are marketed to and used by Americans. According to CNN Money, the CFPB has ruled that American Express wasn’t clear with its customers when it marketed an identity theft monitoring product; AmEx charged a fee for the service, but never provided it. All this resulted in a ruling by the CFBP that stated that the company must refund $60 million to the 335,000 customers impacted. Since the Great Recession, the federal government has been much more strict about credit card companies’ practices regarding fees charged to consumers. Detractors and critics have a storied history of stereotyping the idea of personal reinvention as nothing more than a marketing tactic for new age self help evangelists, or down and out actors and musicians.
During a press conference Tuesday, Snoop Lion announced he would be evolving his persona from the tough-talking gangster rapper to a love preaching, Rastafarian reggae artist. While financial mastery doesn’t require us to change the core of who we are, neither does reinventing yourself. Whether we’re changing our names to better reflect the new direction in our personal musical career, or simply altering our spending behavior to get a little ahead, the possibilities of reinvention don’t change who you are, they dictate the kind of individual you want to be.
The secret of investing isn’t much of a secret at all – start early and invest regularly. OK, let’s assume you’re living within your means, regularly contributing to a savings account and you’ve accumulated a couple thousand dollars that you’re ready to invest. For those of you who don’t wear watches, who prefer texting to email and who think of Clint Eastwood as a kindly old movie director, you’re probably a 20-something and stocks should make up the majority of your portfolio. One warning: keep your stock investments diversified by buying into mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (where the price reflects a large basket of stocks) instead of just picking individual stocks to invest in. If you wear a watch as an accessory, you don’t like to text as much as you used to and you’re vaguely aware Clint Eastwood used to be an actor, you should begin to move your portfolio toward a mix of stocks, bonds and cash equivalents – especially as you near the big 4-0. If you actually use a watch as a timekeeping device, you accept texting as an unfortunate part of life and you can remember when Clint Eastwood was Dirty Harry, most likely you’re in your 40s. If you feel naked without your watch, you think texting is a waste of time and you remember when Clint Eastwood was a hunky TV star on Rawhide, then retirement is probably just around the corner. There are few things as important to you and your family’s well-being as the active care and maintenance of your investment portfolio.
In the deep, frightening world of personal finance we all look for information or expert insight that might give us the upper hand. I think we all can concur with his assessment that life is chaotic, and often out of our control.
This phenomenon the narrator describes is obviously unfortunate when you consider people’s unwillingness to see and acknowledge some of the more unhappy aspects of our society. Please listen when I tell you that ignorance may offer bliss for a while, but with finances, that bliss will be extremely temporary. Most people with experience will tell you that being proactive feels good, and Ellison tells us all that “power is confident, self-assuring, self-starting and self-stopping, self-warming and self-justifying. Like Ellison’s protagonist, who felt that he couldn’t affect change in his own life, many people feel as though their finances are totally beyond their control, and at the mercy of faceless executives in over-starched suits.
Once educated, you’ll become aware and no longer be amazed at your ability to lower the rates you pay on mortgages, credit cards, and auto loans, save money to buy the things you really want, and make your savings work for you.
You might’ve seen the recent incident involving a bus monitor subjected to the unrelenting torment of seemingly demon-spawned middle school-aged children.
Karen Klein is a widow, a mother who’s lost a child to suicide, and one of many American senior citizens just trying to do something good and productive with valuable retirement years.
Hopefully, the junior miscreants who perpetrated the attack are suitably disciplined, though traditional school punishments seem inadequate considering the level of hateful invective. First, let’s acknowledge all the good people across our country who are never recognized for the thankless task of dealing with our nation’s middle-schoolers.
From a personal finance angle, think of all the (now former) homeowners in recent years who’ve watched in horror as their houses were seized by the bank. Further, Karen stuck up for herself (at least a little) by trying to reason with her verbal attackers to get them to let up. And as hard as it is to watch the video of Karen Klein’s experience, the national response to it has been heartening. Rather than fixate on the need to mete out punishment for the outrage, people snapped into action and passed the hat.

When asked what she’ll do with all that money, Karen taught us another lesson: the importance of charity.
This is called “LTV”, or ‘loan-to-value’, and in this department, lenders rely on appraisals from management companies they work with.
By law, banks can’t accept a second appraisal, so it may be time to look for another lender.
If your DTI exceeds your lender’s limits, consider a community bank that might be more flexible in dealing with situations like yours. Through “rapid rescoring”, lenders and mortgage brokers can generate new credit scores in a couple days. UPSIDE: Two Free Credit Score Sites - Quizzle and CreditKarma Yes, Virginia, there really is such a thing as a free credit score. Many websites allow you to get a free credit report but Quizzle shows you your actual credit score for free.
Getting your free credit report and score in Quizzle does not take away any points from your credit . As part of its role as a watchdog, the CFPB sets rules for how credit card companies are permitted disclose information to consumers. In addition, the credit card issuer structured one of its fees in way that resulted in more fees, a practice deemed unfair by the CFPB. American Express was also fined $9.6 million for its actions, and must pay additional penalties to federal agencies besides the CFPB.
The AmEx crackdown is part of a larger effort to be sure that credit products – which consumers must use in order to build their credit scores – are advertised fairly to Americans and, once in hand, live up to the claims they initially made.
However, this fabled mistake hasn’t stopped rap legend Snoop Dogg from attempting his own reinvention and the Quizzologists are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Lakers star Ron Artest’s discovery of his inner Buddha when he changed his name to Metta World Peace, Country minstrel Garth Brook’s evolution into his hard rocker alter ego Chris Gaines, and Beyonce’s transition to Sasha Fierce… the list goes on and on, everybody needs a change once in a while. We see people take control of their personal finances, improve their credit, or buy a house and we know that all of it requires a change in behavior. Something simply doesn’t come from nothing; just because Snoop Dogg, excuse me, Snoop Lion decided to lay down his incendiary rhetoric for a little more sunshine and rainbows doesn’t mean he has abandoned his entire identity. So, we applaud Snoop Lion’s rebirth and endorse the name change because, who are we kidding, everyone wants to be king of the jungle. As soon as you have even the smallest pile of money, the salespeople start to come out of the woodwork – and all of them have the best investment for your personal situation.
Stocks are considered (especially in the short-term with market ups and downs) higher risk investments than bonds or cash equivalents (like savings accounts, CDs and 30-day Treasury bills). Unless you’re looking into a career as a stockbroker, I’m guessing you don’t want to spend most of your free time analyzing balance sheets, price-earnings ratios and future outlooks of dozens of companies. Always remember that the closer you get to retirement, the less short-term risk your portfolio should have. Bonds and cash equivalents should now become a larger part of your portfolio, anywhere from 15 percent to 20 percent, depending on how much risk you want to take on. If the short-term swings of the market make you queasy, you may prefer to have a higher proportion of safer investments (bonds and cash equivalents) in your portfolio.
We’ve discussed a very basic, boiled-down version of a portfolio, using broad references to stocks and bonds and cash equivalents. And with regular, consistent saving and investing, an age-based strategy offers a simple, practical way to manage your money over the long haul. This selective vision may be due to preoccupation, apprehension, or fear of the ugliness that will be revealed. It is also unfortunate when people have this same attitude with their credit and personal finances.
Don’t avoid examining your financial shortcomings and don’t hate those who try to point them out. As I mentioned before, there is an element to finances that is unpredictable and chaotic, and there’s not much we can do about it.
That power and confidence will feel great, and the rewards you reap from that power will feel even better. Seek the unseen, uncover what was previously unknown, and gain a personally unprecedented power over your own financial story. But Karen’s personal story was of no use to a gaggle of cruel, wrongheaded kids who verbally assaulted her with a zeal only children that age even have the energy to muster.
But however that goes, I can’t escape the feeling there’s a small personal finance lesson or two in there to be found. Or the many families living under the pressure of bankruptcy, coping with sudden scarcity of resources. Just a few days after the video went viral, good-natured viewers sickened by the boys’ crude taunts have raised an impressive sum of money to assuage Karen’s grief. Despite her personal suffering, Klein says, she intends to invest some of that for her family and donate a healthy portion of the remainder to various other good causes. Lots of creditworthy would-be borrowers get turned down—that doesn’t mean they can never get a loan. However, there are things you can do to improve your loan prospects or find lenders suited for your needs.
Unfortunately, the reasons provided are often too general to suggest a specific course of action.
That’s why it’s so important to know the lending requirements of any bank you’re working with. They’re often more receptive to folks with higher DTI ratios, such as many small business owners. Borrowers are judged on where they fall in a “range of risk”, so if your score’s on the margin, getting a loan can become a game of inches.

Even if your credit score needs serious work, you don’t have to give up on the life you want to live. After paying out well over $70 million in refunds, fines, and fees, it’s likely that American Express (as well as the other major card issuers) will think twice before using deceptive tactics. And taking an age-based strategy with your portfolio is a simple approach to managing your investments effectively over the long-term. Ideally, as soon as you have a regular income, you should try to reserve at least 10 percent of each paycheck toward savings and investments (and taking full advantage of your employer’s 401(k) match, if available, is a no-brainer).
And since bonds and cash equivalents are less risky investments, as the years pass, the bond + cash proportion of your portfolio should grow over time.
It works best when you save and invest on a regular basis and re-balance your portfolio only when you need to adjust your asset mix to meet your target allocation.
Now you probably came here for some sort of insight on your personal finance, but here’s some insight that doubles as a life lesson: The chaos will always be there, in finance and in most other aspects of life.
Invisible Man obviously takes a deep look into this circumstance, and the consequences of it. Lenders, consultants, and financial advisors can empathize with the above quote, as they often feel condemned for telling people things they don’t want to hear.
On the contrary, embrace this knowledge as it will enable you to be proactive in improving your financial standing.
However, when you take the time to educate yourself, you’ll be surprised and delighted at the amount of power you do have over your financial situation.
I can’t tell you it will be easy, but when you arm yourself with knowledge and put yourself in a position of power, you won’t need it to be easy. It was a brute display of bullying, and the total ease with which the adolescents crossed the ‘not funny anymore’ line is alarming to the sensibilities of even the most nonplussed “boys will be boys”-minded viewers. Second, let’s thank Karen Klein, specifically, for her saint-like patience in dealing with that situation. Money doesn’t fix everything, of course; the things that were said to Karen can never be unsaid.
By paying it forward, Karen reminds us there are more important things than money over the course of a lifetime.
Today, she’s a widely-known, sympathetic figure and bona fide internet sensation…and fast approaching three-quarters of a million dollars richer. Your report can be a bigger key to getting into your dream home than even the key to the front door itself.
Quizzle is a free personal finance site that helps you manage your home, money and credit in one spot. Simply put, this strategy associates your age bracket with a target asset allocation (proportion of stocks, bonds and cash). So if you’re in your 20s, a portfolio made up of mostly domestic stocks is a good place to start.
Do your homework and make sure your investments maintain a good level of diversification, including stocks of all capitalization levels (small, mid and large) and a variety of bonds (short-, mid- and long-term).
Those can all be great sources, but many people sell themselves short by overlooking other sources they feel are unrelated.
Do your best to accept the chaos for its beauty and undeniable ability to make life, at the very least, interesting; do not let it beat you. Say, for instance you’re late on a credit card payment but have otherwise been a reliable customer.
But I’d say the $645,000+ raised for her troubles is at least a good start in putting the past behind her. There's a web site called Quizzle that you can sign up for free, answer a few questions, and get a . And stay away from any bonds or bond funds below investment grade (let the speculators roll the dice with the junk bonds). For instance, maybe you’ve never thought of gathering personal finance understanding from Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man. Karen Klein showed us how to go through a tough time with quiet dignity and inner-strength. Don’t be afraid to call your card issuer, explain your situation, and see if you can’t convince them to call off the dogs by waiving any fees. So, besides the somewhat ephemeral connection to personal finances, perhaps the lasting lesson to take is simply this: be good to your fellow man. Don’t worry though, I did think of it, and there’s a lot of great guidance to be collected.
By keeping her composure, Karen Klein teaches us how to maintain a stiff upper-lip when surrounded by persistent problems that don’t present a simple fix.
Rational appeals didn’t work for Karen, but as long as your credit card company isn’t run by nasty, little seventh graders, you may avoid getting “bullied” by their penalties. The biggest benefit of Quizzle is that it provides users free access to their Experian credit score and credit report.
Successfully taking on responsible amounts of debt and diligently paying it off is a major part of building your credit history and scores. If your credit score is poor, but your spouse's is good, is there hope for qualifying for a better credit card, auto loan, .

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